As I sat in meditation so as to begin this 2018 Prediction, I could hear confusion and uncertainty in the background of my mind, even though the ‘Main Voice’ sounded confident and strong.

By Wed 3rd January, the clarity returned somewhat and I received this Information:

“Our Messages to those gifted ones amongst you this past few years have been wanting to say the least. Predictions that were foretold didn’t even come close in some cases, while other major event were seemingly completely missed. This included Donald Trump’s election: We had Hillary Clinton as President, but with a most difficult of Presidencies, ending with her having to leave office because of ill health.

This is primarily because the Liar energy has enveloped the world and will continue on into this coming year. However, the Truth energy will begin to grow again so that predictions will begin to become more reliable and accurate.

What we are giving you, at this time, is the best on offer, considering said circumstances.

So to those reading any psychic prediction this year, up until August, need to understand that even the best of Channellers will have a low rating of accuracy.

The best We can suggest to you all is, survive the best you can through this troubled time until the later months of 2019 when the new energy begins to break down the Liar’s domain. Let Peace and Good Will always be your standard of living.”

So with that I’ll now, reluctantly, present to you what Spirit has given me for 2018 through to the end of 2019.

America’s political scene will continue to play out as the Grand Jury hits bumps and curves put in place by legal and political irrelevancies. This will include attempts by the White House to have the Grand Jury closed down and Mueller sacked.

By mid year the people’s attitude to both major political parties will be at the lowest of ebbs.

Calls from the media for impeachment of the President will only exacerbate the political turmoil and while Trump slips further and further into his ‘castles’ and ‘towers’, the country’s economy will slide further and further towards a slump.

Though the economy will look grim, especially towards the end of the year, it won’t spin into a recession till the following year of 2019.

In the meantime, the world will continue to shift away from the American dollar and finances, and move closer to China and Europe.

To the contrary of public statements by the British Government, Britain will not find a final solution to Brexit before 2020.

More revelations of sexual misconduct, from both sides of the sexual fence, will have the world wondering what god America has been praying to. Certainly not the One Jesus spoke of.

For those that believe in reincarnation, it seems the very money lenders whom Jesus rallied against in the Temple in his day, and who were primarily responsible for the charges laid against him by the Jewish Hierarchy, have returned with a vengeance.

They will continue to make a mockery of His teachings, using His name and religion in the worship of their god Mammon.

From mid 2018 through to 2020 Hollywood will be rocked by claims of shaky financial deals leading back to the mid ’50s and in particular cover ups of deaths of actors and other personnel during the making of movies never disclosed before. At least one claim implicates the US defence forces involved in the making of war movies.

Thanks to ‘fake news’ versus ‘media news’, and even ‘no news’, people have already started turning to Face Book, You Tube and other forms for their news source. Unlike the MSM (main stream media) where comments and letters to the editors are vetted to suit the political persuasion of that publication, people with a contrary and factual point of view will begin to be heard on a wider scale. Certain sites will gain reputation for their truthful, non biased, perspective and by the 2020s, most MSM media outlets will have developed this kind of feedback process.

News concerning Robert Mueller Grand Jury investigation of Russia’s interfering in the 2016 American Presidential Election will appear from as early as mid February 2018 and will heat up from the middle of the year. The implications will have a devastating effect on the Mid Term Elections for both the Republicans, and less so but still including, the Democrats. The American Political system will be found broken and in urgent need of fixing.

Though Trump will be a Dead Duck President, he won’t be impeached this coming year. He will become less and less active politically, leaving the day to day operational responsibility to others in the White House.

Mueller’s Grand Jury will play an ace cards in the second half of 2018 with devastating implications to those supporting the Trump camp. Members of the Trump family will be indicted on a number of charges commencing in the early quarter of 2018.

The US economy will seem to gain confidence in the earlier part of the year, even though there will be much said in the media of unfairness to the less fortunate. But from late in the year, possibly around October, the reality and implications of the tax cuts introduced in late 2017 will hit home to, not only Americans, but to other nations in the world who will see some serious implications effecting their economies.

China will continue to grow slowly in both economic as well as preference by many nations of the world, despite major accusations against her, primarily coming from within the US.

She will instigate action that will see North Korea’s leadership wondering if they have been abandoned by China.

Kim Jong Un will be very active until later in the year when he will suddenly disappear. Later, China will ‘send help’ to assist the country in the absence of its leader, but many will speculate that China removed Kim and have taken control of North Korea.

As early as late January, could see a serious earthquake and tsunami striking the north western Pacific Rim.

Increases in earthquake activity in quite a few places in the world will cause countries grave financial difficulties. China, Japan, Mexico/South America, New Zealand, South East Asia and New Guinea/Pacific Islands, will be hit by quakes/volcanoes at or greater than 5 magnitude.

Unheard of earthquakes in some places in Europe will become the norm. Even France, Germany and Britain will not be spared.

Australia will also have a quake measuring under 3 magnitude, most likely in the Northern Territory or northern West Australia. It won’t be newsworthy, but will have earthquake watchers buzzing.

West coast USA will have notable mag 5 or more shakes around the northern California area and at least three mag 4 and above shakes right across their country, including noticeable shakes closer to the east coast.

An area covering Yellowstone, Idaho, Soda Springs and right up to the Canadian border, is most likely to crack the big one with a possible mag 7 before the San Andreas Fault goes. That may not happen till the end of the year, though there are likely to be lesser magnitude quakes through most of 2018 over that area.

Government earthquake/volcano monitoring bodies, especially the USGS, will be brought into question after a number of earth quakes are miss reported, down graded, or not mentioned at all. Questions as to whether Government authorities have been hiding and adjusting seismic readings so as to protect the fracking operations of oil and gas companies will be on the increase.

Extremes in weather will continue with hotter than hot days and colder than cold days throughout the world. Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons will become more unstable and at least one low lying country in the South Pacific will be wiped out completely around March April.

At this point Spirit suggested we leave the rest of the predictions for when the ‘psychic weather’ is more conducive to accuracy. So more when it becomes available.



6 thoughts on “2018 THE YEAR AHEAD

  1. Pete I can see everything you have been told happening. We are in very uncertain and scary times, but it should make little difference to those living their true lives.
    Thank you so much for these predictions!


  2. Very “heady” stuff Pete. It sounds like, the earth has also had enough of humanity living for just greed, & not doing what is right for all. If we had of followed the teachings of traditional owners world wide, 2018 would, I am sure, been very different. We live in a time of great inventions, the most used, I would think, the internet. But like every thing else, built to make life better, is changed for criminal out comes, for a minority. Places like north Korea, is not how our planet should be treated, & it looks like we will all bear the brunt of it.


  3. It certainly wasn’t the best of predictions that I had hoped for Keith. And I’m currently receiving bits for the second instalment that I’ll post when They’re finished informing me. My concern is America and what will come out of the current debacle they call the White House. Trump could start a war just to save his Presidency, though I don’t think it will go that far.


  4. Hi J and thanks for your comments. I didn’t get anything outstanding for Canada but being next door to a ‘lunatic asylum’ you’re naturally going to have noisy neighbours *Chuckle*.


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