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It was in July 2019 that I first started this Blog. I had no idea how often I’d post Blogs, what they would contain or what style they would take.

I intermittently received some early predictions from my Spirit Friends, some going back to 2011, which started the Blogs.

Then I received the first of a series of questions from a reader that really set the Blogs format, regularity and general contents structure. That reader is a regular reader, Varakai.

This page is primarily all of Varakai’s questions and my Spirit Friend’s responses with one or two other reader’s questions added.

I am extremely grateful to Varakai for the many deep and meaningful questions, especially because it was his questions that gave us the detailed information from my Spirit Friends concerning the Split Soul Process, which is also included in this list.

I hope my many readers appreciate being able to read all the questions and answers, from the beginning to end, without interruptions and again thank you Varakai and all my followers, for making what was to be a simple Blog, now an average of 200 visitors per week regular event. Thank you, Pete



Pete: One of our readers has asked me to ask you a question, my Spirit Friends:

“Love the Sam story…. I have a question… What is the difference between the spirit and the soul and consciousness?” = Patty

Spirit Friends: It depends on the context in which they are used. A horse can be spirited, the soul of the earth in turmoil is earthquakes, and the patient gained consciousness.

Words often get used in place of the real meaning so that the person asking is actually wanting something totally different.

In this instance We will assume Patty’s question is in relation to the breath, soul and spirit of a human person. The Greek word for such is psychos, and it is from this word’s meaning that we get psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysts and psychic.

The soul of a person is that part of a human that returns to the earth-plain, life after life in the form of reincarnation. And even that is a simple explanation concerning the soul, but it is suffice for now.

Consciousness is a term, in this instance, used to describe at what level a person is at in the sense of enlightenment or what they have learned from personal experiences.

The spirit of a person depends on the questioner because again it can be meant as in the horse analogy. The true Spirit of a person, is when that individual has united themselves to the Creator Energy in the form of a Oneness through their Spiritual Guidance. Their Spirit is at one with the Creator. This come from regular meditation aimed at attuning to the Highest and Purest of the Spirit World. In the old days We were referred to as the Holy Spirit.

Pete: Thank you for answering Patty’s question. Would you like to talk to the subject of attunement, in relation to the spiritual side of soul and consciousness development?

SF: Yes we would like to do that. The system you are allowing Us to teach through you to the Gin Gin Circle is the basis for this. It allows a person to determine if what they receive psychically is a Truth from their Spiritual Guidance, or their own opinion. And as you know, there are times when it is extremely hard to keep a personal opinion out of a psychic reading.

Pete: Thank you. So for the benefit of Patty, and all our readers I’ll start if I may?

SF: Yes, and we’ll repeat this exercise from Blog to Blog, from time to time, so that new arrivals can also receive this message.

Pete: So basically it starts with a question, and as you mentioned difficulties with determining whether the source is Spirit, my own feelings, or a blending of both, my question is: “Is the information I’m channelling right now purely from you, or is it contaminated by my humanness?”

SF: OK now you answer what you think is the answer to this question Pete.

Pete: I do have reservations, both as I’m directly channelling You, and later when You and I are editing. I know I’m giving it the purest possible reception I can, but I’m still human and I have doubts. Ok so now I ask You, my Spirit Friends, for Your answer:

SF: Well our reply to your question is this: The resulting or delivered message does not determine the Truth. It’s the heart of the deliverer, their best intentions and purity of connection to Us that determines the Truth.

There are many who will read what you express for us, who will know it is delivered through a Truthful channel. Those who are out of alignment, that is they don’t attune with their own Spiritual Guidance, will be picky and critical of the core message that you are offering.

And as to those beginners who are wondering if they can truly channel, at first it may seem that your answer, and that of your Guidance, is pretty much similar. But don’t be disheartened. In time, with repetition of this exercise, and regular meditation, even on the most simplest of questions, you’ll fine a variance to the answers you get compared to what We give.

Pete: I guess a good example of that is Your answer and my answer to my question are totally different. Yet when I first started doing this, almost forty years ago, the answers were either the same, or slightly at variance of the other.

SF: Yes. It’s best to look at this as an exercise, not an actual answer to questions, and that way a person won’t be disappointed. When the ‘practice’ period if over, is when the ‘shock ‘ happens. That is totally different answers to what would be assumed.

Pete: Would you like to give another example that may help those interested, showing how this system can be used in almost any question and answer situation?

SF: Yes, we’d be happy to do so.

“John” is sure there are spirit entities in his house and he’s sure it’s intention is to cause disharmony between himself and his wife.

He quietly sits in meditation for a few seconds, nothing too deep, and verbalises his own answer: “I’m sure my bitchy mother in law is trying to destroy our marriage, even though she died three years ago. She always come to mind when I’m feeling low and things aren’t running smoothly in the family.”

Ok now John goes a little deeper into a peaceful state of meditation. Again not too long. Then he verbally asks his Guides, Angels, God, whatever entity he considers pure of Spirit in a Heavenly sense, for Their reply. He says nothing. He sits quietly and waits. He then opens his mouth and says the first thing that comes to mind:

“Yes it’s my mother in law, but she’s pleading for forgiveness. She knows she was so wrong about us and can’t move on till she has me understanding that I was not wrong. She feels responsible for the family unrest.”

Second example:

Young woman admits herself to rehab after 10 years of alcohol and narcotic abuse. She’s going because of the insistence of others and the loss of friends and family due to her addiction.

She wonders if she’s doing the right thing, whether she won’t just fall back into her dependency, and that’s the question she asks herself openly for this exercise.

Her answer: She is hopeful that she will stay clean, but she doubts it after previous attempts.

Then after meditating and relaxing, she asks what she believes her ‘Purest of Spirit’ power within her to be, for an answer:

“The ball of string that is you mind, your thinking, your present status is so tightly wound that just going to rehab won’t change the long term reason for your situation. Yes definitely go to rehab, and listen to the counsellors, but also spend more time relaxing your mind.

Standard meditation is almost impossible for you because you can’t keep the mind still, hence why you play so much music to deaden your thoughts. So turn off the music, go out side or to a park, sit in the shade of a tree and observe what one solitary bird can teach you, or show you. Let the bird be your concentration, and nothing else. Though you may not realise it, in time, it will be the bird who is the one that will help you unscramble your mind.”

Pete: Thank you Spirit Friends. And thank you Patty for your question.


Thank you Pete and Spirit Friends for the answers given, but to clarify or compound the matter can I ask the following: What is spirit? Is a spirit an individual? What are spirit guides? Does the spirit have a continuous existence? Does the soul have a continuous existence? What is a soul group? What is the difference between soul groups and spirit guides? After a person dies does the spirit and soul ever separate? I hope I’m not asking to much. Patty

Spirit Friends:

The Split Soul: (Originally shared from Spirit for my book: “On The Light Path, A Psychic’s Journey.”

When a human person dies, they are similar to a seed pod with completed aspects of that life’s request being seeds that have fulfilled their purpose, and aspects still in need of intense experiencing. This is called the split soul process.

When a person first ‘passes over’, they are in a state of confusion or ‘tumbling’, but then as they familiarise themselves with this new existence, they become at peace. They are still one soul and one spirit at this point, and it is in this state that they can reconnect back to relatives, friends and psychics.

Then as they become more accepting of that life’s ending, they begin to separate into ‘seeds’. Each of these seeds has a separate spirit. These seeds then move onto other particular seeds with similar learning needs, and eventually from this a new soul is formed for a new incarnation.

The more similar the learning needs of the seeds of the original souls, the more likely the seeds from that life are of coming back again as one in the new body. This is why some people have a vivid recollection of a ‘past life’ in some aspects, but not for a full past life. Or a person may feel they have memory of a number of different past lives, when it is the memory of what were seeds from numerous, and separate, lives.

Karma: Karma is not a process that applies necessarily in one life time. Usually it has nothing to do with the person’s current life, other than what they may have inherited in this composite soul that they have this time around. This relates to the Split Soul Process. Karma is not a punishment for past mistakes, Karma is a process for the individual ‘seeds’ to re experience in this new soul. Every seed, individually and collectively in a new soul, is an extension of the Creator. It is not the Creator punishing, but the Creator expanding as we are all a part of the Creator. The seeds are from the ‘plant’ called the Creator.

Reincarnation and Racism:

The concept that a person is born, lives and then dies … as is the general belief in the world’s community now … is a concept of the past Ages.

The concept for this new Age will be the acceptance and teaching of life after life, or Reincarnation. The statement of Jesus, “The building block that was rejected becomes a corner stone of a whole new world,” is to be the building block for this Age of Aquarius.

During the Pisces age, any attempt to express or explain the concept of reincarnation in it’s purest form was soon tainted with the ‘schools’ of thought of that Age. For example the Hindu belief with it’s Class or Cast system, came about due to racism and elitism. With the Split Soul Process being a wide spread and accepted reality, there will be no person considered more or less because of their skin colour, their financial advances/disadvantages, or any other differentiation in their presentation. The new understanding that all souls are interconnected, as in the Split Soul Process, will mean more tolerance of all the differences of all people.

Every age brings a tainting of beliefs, ideals and truths. The assumption that a person who has caused harm to another in a past life and therefore must live a life of punishment, or Karma as in the Cast system, does little to improve that soul’s growth. When a person dies/passes, at a time rate they choose and feel comfortable with, that soul disintegrates into particles or seeds, each part with it’s own recollections of what they feel they achieved and what they didn’t achieve in that life time. There is no Power Ranger or God sitting in judgement of that soul. The soul itself, and only they, determine what happens next.

All new souls, coming into a new physical form or reincarnating, have a basic understanding of right and wrong. However, depending on how evolved the individual seeds are in that soul, depends how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a person may intend living that life. It is life experiences therefore, that buff away the ‘rough edges’ of the individual seeds in this new soul.

Guides, Angels, Holy Spirit:

When a single seed reaches it purest form, it no longer has a density. It is absolute pure Spirit.

Those seeds of the purest of evolutions are so light as to be difficult to return in human form. They remain as spirit, in a collective, and are referred to as the Holy Spirit Collective, Angels, Highly Evolved Souls etc.

When a person call on their Guides to help them through life’s difficulties, or who seek understanding of the Spiritual aspect of their life, it is this Collective they are tapping into. No one Guide or Angel Collective remains with a person for very long. Each new experience the person encounters, draws a Collective that best suits that person’s need at the time. As They speak as One, it is assumed They are an individual entity or a particular Angel or Arch Angel.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, seeds that are impure, with no intention of accepting Purity in any form and prefer the ‘dark’ to the ‘light, are dense seeds who attract other dense seeds and form a dark energy. It is usually this dark energy that people see or feel psychically that make them feel uncomfortable, such as in haunting, menacing apparitions or in forms of malevolence. They can often appear as Orbs, especially in photographs, because of their density.

Lost souls, such as in the case of slaughtered native people, like Aborigines or similar, are not dark energy souls. These souls are fearful souls that stay hidden until they are released by a Holy man, or Kadaicha. This happens particularly in the case of those souls who lived in the belief that they were earthbound and part of nature.

(Pete: Further reading on encounters with lost souls can be found here:



Q: I have recently started the method of three fives meditation. I wanted to ask why three fives is recommended? I feel I may need more tries to bring myself to peace sometimes. Can I do it more intensely?

SF: The Three Five Meditation is simply a recommended time. Some people need a longer time to get to ‘that level’ while those that use it regularly may only need to do the breathing once.

Also, this is not a replacement meditation for relaxing or ‘clearing a mind of mixed thoughts’, as in ‘oh I have trouble clearing my troubled mind’. It is a meditation primarily as a tool to attune quickly to that place where We … you and Us here in Spirit … can start interaction.

Q: I have been taught that you are made up of 3 bodies: your physical body, your “subtle” body (presumably your ghost) and your “actions” body, and deep in the latter, the creator resides. When you die, I think only the last body is maintained and it is that which is reincarnated. So when you are reborn, you may have certain habits that you would’ve done in previous lives, be them bad or good. So I have been told that even if you don’t reach a saintly level this life, one ought to develop the correct habits to progress in the next life. But I’m not entirely sure if this completely reconciles with Split Soul Theory, given that your complete aspects would have been absorbed away? Or have I misinterpreted something about either theories?

SF: We are speaking of a totally different concept to that which came before, for this New Age. Where as the primary person in the Pisces Age was ‘I’, in this new Age the concept is ‘We’. The Pisces Age was an age of the singular, the individual, the oneness of a person. This New Age is totally different. It is going to take quite a few years before this new concept replaces the old one. And We are simply sharing this new concept for people to mull over in advance of it’s becoming an action.

Q: This is a bit more of a philosophical question, and when I ask people, and they have no answer, it drives me nuts. If the Creator is indeed all powerful, why did he create this universe, and fashion it the way he has? I suppose the question really is, how does the Creator “choose”? It also freaks me out to contemplate that nothing lies outside the creator or his creation. From what I understand, the Creator is eternal, and exists outside time. I suppose its because I can’t grasp the essence of something being without time that disturbs me?

SF: The Creation is self Creation. It is not a power separate to its Creation. It is simply Manifesting itself. All life is NOT something the Creator sat down and started to make, like a hobbyist creating a craft. All things are an expression of the Creator. Just as hands are NOT something the human body made, but are a part of the human body. This is what Paul meant in one of his explanations to the Corinthians in the New Testament. And as to endlessness, if you are a part of the Creator, then you too are endless.

Q. In many religions and cultures around the world, people worship gods. In a lot of cultures, there seems to be quite a lot of similarity between them, despite a seeming cultural disconnect. What are gods? Are they just very high level guidance, do they exist, or are they something else entirely?

SF: The only religion that ever claimed it’s own god was the Israelites and the Christian sects that followed. No other belief claimed an exclusive Power, better than other Powers. And the word God originated from a very early German word meaning ‘especially good’. There are no gods, nor is there a God, as taught by Judeo Christians. There is a Creator and every living thing is a part of that Power, or ‘Especially Good’ force.

Q. When you reach a certain level, does all knowledge become apparent to you? I suppose I ask because the Guides you communicate have access to knowledge like the future. Another example is, famous mathematician Ramanujan used to claim “The Goddess” placed equations on his tongue to solve incredibly difficult problems without a step by step working out. Assuming that what he says is true, and referring to some sort of guidance, does that mean certain Guides understand all realms of physical and spiritual knowledge?

SF: Any level is determined by the capacity of the person. And the decision of what is given to that person is determined by the Guidance, according to what has been requested. The more a person interacts with their Guidance, the more comes the understanding of any particular matter, thought, prediction etc.

Pete: As an example, I first was given the Split Soul System by Spirit back in 2005. It is only now that I’m starting to get my head around it fully. And even I find some of my Spirit Friend’s explanation difficult for me to digest, even now.

Q. Leading on from the previous question, I wanted to ask why are guides on different levels? Does that mean they too, have progress to make? And if so, shouldn’t they have reincarnated into the human world instead of acting as guides?

SF: It is probably better to perceive Guidance as specialising rather than on different levels. Though We are separate, as in ‘seeds’ rather than in bulky form, as you are in the physical world, we still need to expand the Creator’s Creation. Those of Us that have still to reform into a new soul, can gain immense knowledge in the roll of Guidance, especially in preparation for the New Age that is coming.

Q. I was watching an interesting documentary a while back, about a tai chi master from China. He claims that he has reached a high level through Tai Chi alone and more interestingly, that he has developed certain abilities too, and certain masters of the past have too. I don’t think he believes in a God necessarily, but his character seems impeccable. I was also thinking Tai Chi method in his manner may exercise the mind in a similar method to the Three Fives Method. My question is, is it possible to develop other abilities other than psychic ones? Secondly, is it even possible for someone to reach a high state without any belief in god, and on character alone? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rr4RStuh0o is the link if you are curious, bear in mind, it is an hour long)

SF: A diamond can cause a massive argument to those observing it simply because of the reflection they see. One is adamant that the diamond is green, another that it is blue and another that it is red. It is what the reflection means to the individual observer that matters. If Tai Chi is advancing a person’s spirituality, then that is the ‘colour’ that is right for them.

As to the ‘developing other abilities’. An individual can only attune. The more the dedication in that attuning, the more usable they are to the Higher Order. Meaning, the real psychic aspect is not the person, they are only the channel.

Q. Though theoretical questions like those are interesting, I probably ought to ask more questions about my own development. I generally feel like I am a conflicted person, and it is frustrating. I feel like I know what is correct in my eyes, but I am not always strong enough to prevent wrong decisions, especially when the obvious wrong choice is persistent. When I feel like I gather momentum to try and develop myself, those wings stop flapping after time, either because the necessities of life get in the way, or things like doubt, or just in trying to keep your closest happy and avoiding conflict. How do I gain the strength and consistency to strive to develop myself, rather than let myself get wrapped up in everything else?

SF: If you look at your question, as if from someone else’s eyes, you will see the answer: You are too close to the subject to be able to create an informed understanding of it. You can’t be guided if you don’t call on your Guidance. Obviously the first step is to build that bridge, tower or elevator between yourself and the Guidance Team best suited to your need. You do this by regularly meditating. Even if you were to work on stilling your mind as you enjoy your first coffee/tea of the day. And in the evening, spend time in a thankful mode to Guidance for things that went well … and yes mull through the good things of the day. Start a communication within your imagination. Talk to yourself, but remember it has to be positive. This is when your Guidance will start to interact. But it takes time and it must start now if you want answers for ‘tomorrow’.

Q. I apologise for so many questions, and if my apology is not accepted, then I will take it as licence to ask more. Again, I am very grateful for the wisdom on your Blogs and any advice you could give. Thanks!

SF: Your questions are excellent, and both Pete and We here, would appreciate any further questions. But maybe you would first like to try asking yourself a question, and then give yourself an answer . Then ask yourself, ‘What would my Guidance say to this question?’ The stronger you build the bridge between yourself and your Guidance, the stronger will come the answers from Them. That is how we started with Pete, and many others.


Q. As per your advice, I have tried doing the meditations and asking myself questions, but so far, I don’t think I have heard anything from my guidance. How will I know if they have given an answer and its not me playing along? Is there something I should expect which may help me differentiate, or at least realise they are trying to communicate?

Pete: I’ll take this one for you. You won’t ‘hear’ anything or ‘feel’ anything differently to your own thoughts and feelings. Our Spirit Guides are not external to us, but make Their connections internally, via our imagination, thoughts and our own persona. I started first with the meditation, then asking simple questions that didn’t relate to myself such as ‘What will tomorrow bring us in the world’ and then I write down my own projections. Then I meditated, I’d ask my Guidance for the answer and again write that down. Nothing sensational happened, but on re reading back a few months later, over the many answers they’d give me for the many questions, I could see a definite different pattern to Their reply as opposed to my own. It will take time, practice, persistency and consistency.

Q. I’d also like to ask what it really means to attune your mind to the highest. Would that not depend on how you perceive the Creator, where your understanding could be basic or more advanced? Also, if I want to focus my mind on the Creator, what do I focus on? Unlike things in this world, I can’t put the Creator into a definition box, nor is my understanding of the Creator expansive.

Pete: Again I’ll answer this one. The highest is the highest that you choose to attune to. You set the height that is necessary for you at this time. They know your needs, your questions and your level of absorption. My level, or the level of others, is irrelevant to your quest. You are Their priority at the time of your asking. No levels, just you striving for Truth and Perfection that you can attain at that particular time. Therefore that Truth, that Perfection you are attuning to IS the Creator.

Q: Could you clarify more on Spirit’s answer to my second question previously? Do they mean that the old reincarnation theory is wrong, or do they mean its changing? If it is changing, how? Does that mean in different ages, the theory will change again? Secondly, in regards to reincarnation, is it a possibility that one can be reborn in the future or the past? And if that were the case, would they not be subject to the reincarnation theory of the age they land in? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something here.

Pete: It is not that the original reincarnation theory was wrong, or that it will be changing, it is that the humanness that interpreted reincarnation, especially in the Aries and Pisces ages, limited our understanding of it in it’s fullness. With the coming of this New Age will comes the understanding necessary for us to expand reincarnation in it’s true form.

Spirit Friends: As to your second question, ‘one’ as in a new soul, cannot be reborn into the past. However seeds from a past pod, as in the Split Soul System, can be reincarnated forward or back to the past. But that is a very, very deep concept to absorb in its fullness that this time of the human collective consciousness.

Q. To be a bit clearer on my 4th question beforehand, I meant to elude to “gods” as in Greek/Roman ones, as in Zeus, Hades, Poseidon etc or Hindu ones, like Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh etc. Would you know what these are, or do they merely hold a perception based role as personifications of aspects of the Creator?

SF: The complication from your question comes from the complication of those who have gone before who have tried to ‘statue’ or make solid that which was so complicated for them in a time when superstition, beliefs and differences in understandings were kept simple due to the lack of ability for those with the knowledge to share it in it’s fullness and complexity in those early days of creation. So basically yes, they were a “perception based role as personifications of aspects of the Creator.”

Q. As a follow up to their answer, does that mean Spirit invalidates all “religion” or just the Judeo-Christian tradition?

SF: It not that ‘Spirit invalidates all “religion” etc’ but that without corrections or adjustments over so many, many hundreds of years ago, such beliefs and spiritual practices were able to live a full journey. In doing so, the ’cause and effect’ of such beliefs and practices is what is causing those such as yourself to look beyond what has been accepted as they no longer serve the level of understanding the collective conscience is now searching for. There is no right or wrong, only growing. And yes, this does apply to all beliefs.

Q. How do different spirits influence/interact with us on a day to day basis? Do all living things have guidance, or just humans?

SF: Firstly you need to see ‘spirits’ as you are referring to them, as One and not individuals. Guidance of the Higher Order does not come to a person as separate entities, but as One Voice/Thought etc. They are the Voice of the Creator to you personally.

As to your question, They tend only to come to us when asked, or when you have given them the authority to intervene in an action you may make that you could regret. Then again that is rather a hard question to answer fully as there may be some areas in your life that you’ll have to handle on your own, as part of your particular learning curve this time round.

And yes, all living things have a form of Guidance that isn’t necessarily the same to all species. Again another very complicated answer needed here.

Q. Out of curiosity, what is your role in this world? Why do you make predictions? Does everyone in the world have a role to fulfil?

Pete: Not sure who you’re asking so I’ll give my reply. I have been a conscious medium all of my life, which got me into very serious trouble as a young person. Teachers don’t like to be told they are incorrect. But I survived to the point, in my late twenties, when I was able to differentiate between my own thoughts and feelings and that of my Spirit Friends. I don’t make predictions, of course, but my Spirit Friends do pass on information through me from time to time. Yes I believe we all have a role to fulfil when it comes to raising the collective consciousness. The more we learn intuitively, as opposed to external teachings, the more the level will rise.

SF: Our answer is that in the same way that people learn as they teach, so too do we. We here in Spirit experience as We interact and so We then can expand The Knowing or Knowledge to the physical world the more We’re asked question, such as the excellent and well thought out ones that you are asking. Thank you.

An analogy best for your question on predictions is that when a wild pack of horses are running into danger, or are heading into an area that is not conducive to their best interest, the trained horseman will skirt the pack and gently lead them to a safer or more beneficial area at that time. Predictions are basically a means of causing people to think beyond their current status at any one time. We agree with Pete’s answer with a slight variation: The role is not just to raise the conscious lever, but also to raise the consciences level as well. Purity of thought, personal morality, achieving personal peace and Good Will is the role each should be striving for.

Q. In some Indian originating faiths, there is a belief in 4 yugs, or 4 ages, from sat yug – the age of truth, to kali yug – the age of darkness. The understanding is that we are currently in kali yug, the darkest age. The way Spirit defines the ages is different though, so are they two independent descriptions of an age, or is the notion of 4 ages incorrect?

SF: The term age can relating in many ways. It can refer to a person’s time on earth or to the Age of Aquarius. They aren’t incorrect so much as being different time spans, but they are both ages.

Q. I think that’s all I can remember to ask for now. So thank you again for providing a forum for me to ask these! I am not from an Abrahamic faith background, so admittedly, some biblical references can be lost on me. Again, apologies for asking this many, and I’d be grateful for your response! I’m sure I’ll have more somewhere down the pipeline.

SF: You are more than welcome to ask further question on such matters. By doing so you have allowed us the opportunity to answer the many, many questions others haven’t posed that you have. Thank you.

Pete: Varakai, when I first sat down to look at your questions I didn’t expect any interaction from my Spirit Friends and hence why I started to answer. Then They came through in abundance and ‘We’ virtually completed the answers in less than two hours. They know you’re questions, and you, are genuine, and They even had me up out of my recouping chair and at my computer so as to answer you directly, and I didn’t have any pain or discomfort of any kind. And I endorse what my Spirit Friends say: Your questions are more than welcome. Pete


Varakai: When I first read the way in which Spirit helped you to answer my questions, it was so surreal to me, and also inspirational, so again thank you for the wisdom provided, it always makes my day. Of course, I have some new questions I’d like to ask if you wouldn’t mind.

Q. I noticed you’ve mentioned the “collective conscience” a lot, but I’m not sure what this actually is. Is it just the general mindset of people in this age?

SF: The meaning can vary and can apply to many aspects of the connection of the collection of people to any one ideology, perspective or thought. Currently in the US the major collective consciousness has got to be concerning Donald Trump, his Presidency, the impeachment processes being taken against him and the general attitude of those supportive or opposing this whole matter. This collective consciousness has a major influence on the actions, feeling and intentions of the individuals in that collective, especially with how they will vote in the next American Presidential Election. Basically the term applies to the uniformity of support or opposition to any matters that are political, spiritual or general.

Q. “The more we learn intuitively, as opposed to external teachings, the more the level will rise.” – by this, do you mean more self-introspection as opposed to learning in a classroom about the world etc? Also, would the wisdom you bring here be considered as an external teaching too?

SF: Classroom, university or other teachings processes allow a freedom of self-introspection within the parameters of that which is taught. Intuitive teachings is often where many ‘eureka moments’ have originated from, such as those marvels from the likes of Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkins and others in the scientific field. So basically most original concepts, ideas or discoveries don’t come from what is taught in the aforementioned places of learning, but are from an ‘I had this incredible idea’ moment.

Pete: As to the second part of that question, the wisdom itself is of course from my Spirit Friends using an intuitive process. I then pass it on to whomever in interested in reading and mulling it over, and that then becomes an external teaching. In your case, as an example, you have taken the information beyond just reading, storing and expanding on it via your questions. In that process, you are most likely to have an intuitive process start for you. You are already confirming the information Spirit is passing on to you through me right now, as if it was a foregone conclusion.

Q. From my understanding, when Spirit speaks through you, that is the Creator speaking through you. So then, at least when Spirit is talking through you, is there really any difference between you and prophets of the past, or even the Creator himself? Or would there still be a level of “humanness” interfering with some message?

Pete: As I understand it, any ‘intuitive’ information relating to matters of the Spiritual or the Higher Realm is coming from the Creator via the ‘channel’, which is my Spirit Friends. So the Message itself is a pure Truth. However, being human with human feelings, reservations, doubts etc I am always concerned that I may unintentionally contaminate the purity of the message. This is the discipline I’ve had to use over many years to ensure the message stays as True as is possible.

SF: Yes we concur with Pete on this. Usually, in the event that Pete or other psychics may unintentionally contaminate a Message, the message will be re sent but usually in a different way so as to make clear what the original message is saying.

Q. How would you describe your relationship with Spirit? Isn’t it overwhelming and surreal to think the Creator looms over your shoulder?

Pete: Oh no quite the opposite. The Creator is non judgemental, non interfering, and extremely loving in it’s Oneness, so there is never a feeling of control or dominance from the Creator via my Spirit Friends; the deliverers of the Creator’s message. It is like I’m in a constant state of Peace, even when there is turmoil all round. This comes from years of having had this feeling of Protection proved to me over and over again when times have been terribly tough.

Q. What is karma, and how does it fit into split soul theory? I also remember reading about your encounter with Mark and how he used to be fascist in a previous life, so would that be an example of memories due to only some of the “seeds” which make him?

SF: Karma is actually an instinctive need that the individual seed has, after the seed pod has broken open, to improve and better itself from where it was when in a past soul. The pacifist may feel a need to be more active, or the active a need to be more passive in a future soul.

Pete: I would have to check back to see what I wrote, but I don’t recall Mark being a fascist in a past life. The spirit that entered him, at the time of that spiritual circle/encounter/trance, was a fascist in its real life back in the 1940’s but then chose to join the partisans. Hence why he was shot. Mark wasn’t a believer in spiritual matters until his lady friend and I introduced him to it. Now he does on line psychic readings and has a decent following down in South Australia.


Q. From my understanding, anything that satisfies the Creator is “good”, and supposedly the opposite holds for “evil”, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s quite right. Ultimately the issue is whether morals are subjective or absolute. Is “evil” and “good” just a perception? Do actions lie on a spectrum, or are they black and white, either bad or good?

SF: Right and wrong are instinctive in all new souls. The environment into which they are born then determines which seeds in the new seed pod become the stronger. As an example, if a child is born into a bad parent family, the need to not be totally truthful, as a means of protection, dominates that soul’s decision making. As the child enters school, university etc they have ample opportunities to correct those errors. However, as making money becomes the priority and the need to adapt to societies needs, it becomes very difficult for that soul not to err in favour of societies norms. The good seeds within that soul are then pushed back in preference to those seeds that are encouraging that material lifestyle.

Q. If everything is emergent from the Creator, and an expression of the Creator, why would the Creator favour “good” over “evil” or any other deviation?

SF: The law ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ is the same in Spirit: So in earth, so in Spirit. The very actions of the Creator, in Its expanding, will cause action – reaction. Imagine a blind man water-skiing behind a fast moving boat. Then the towline to the skier is severed in a way that the skier doesn’t sense. He still feels like he is moving forward, which he is, but only on the momentum of the last time he was connected to the boat. Finally the reality is made obvious when he starts to sink. Those that start from a very early age justifying their faults as parts of their character, or who don’t bother to check themselves based on the fact they get away with their transgressions, are like the blind man who doesn’t realise the boat has long gone. If we are constantly checking our actions against what we know as our moral and conscience value, that is we follow what is truly right and avoid the wrong, we will never loose the rope towing us behind the boat.

Q. In the case of great tyrants of the world, were they destined to become so? Did their guidance try to put them on the right path, or is the role of a tyrant just preordained, and someone must fill the mantle regardless? Were prophets also preordained to be here similarly?

SF: If a soul, freshly born into a physical body, finds they can manipulate and bully those around them such as their parents, siblings, etc then they will continue with that bullying right through life. In that process of bullying they will naturally come across others who will challenge them and so that then becomes a challenge for the bully who has learned that lying, manipulation, corruption and a total disrespect for others gains them respect amongst their piers. Everyone is born with an understanding of a moral and conscious basis, some less so and others more so. It all depends on the type of seeds currently gathered in this new soul as to which moral direction the person takes, the early influence on that soul and the environment they are nurtured in over that particular life.

Q. I recall reading an older Blog post about how a house which was built out of wood from an old brothel messed with the thoughts of those who lived there. How do inanimate objects carry the “memory” of what transpired around it? Would that also mean there are places which can influence one’s thoughts positively too, and thoughts/actions which can influence your surroundings positively as well?

SF: The best way to answer you is in the way we showed Pete way back in his early days of psychometry. Tools used by psychics are focal points for interaction between the psychic and their Spirit Guides. Tarot cards don’t have psychic answers to questions, but instead are used as interpreters of the message. Same with when a psychic holds an article belonging to the person and passes on a message. In the case of the building you referred to, Peter and the family members who were living there, were all sensitive and so when they either made touch contact or just were in the presence of that room/house etc a conduit/contact was made to Guidance/spirit and the manifestation then began. If an article were to ‘carry a memory’ alone then a Tarot reader would have to discard the pack they were using after each session.

As to places which can influence one’s thoughts positively, definitely. Natural settings are obviously a primary area of serenity and calmness and a perfect place for deep meditation with Guides and Spirit Friends. Churches are also a wonderful place for some. Memorial places, such as where deceased family members or friend gathered prior to their passing can also be pleasant and positive spiritually.

Q. In what way does the position/motion of celestial bodies affect us? Is the effect merely physical or does it transcend that too?

SF: If you mean celestial bodies in the sense of planets, stars and the physical galaxy, the simplest answer We can give of an extremely complex matter is that every action created has an equal and opposite reaction: Ying yang, positive negative, up down etc. In Astrology, the vibrations of the planets vary and affect each other. That vibration can be felt and sensed by all living creatures, not just on earth. It is a very deep subject, as you can no doubt understand.

Q. This may be slightly personal again, so I hope you don’t mind. What/where are you being guided towards in life? Is there some sort of end goal for you and Spirit?

Pete: As I’m heading more towards the end of my life, rather than the beginning, I believe the work wanted of me is mostly done now. That isn’t to say my Spirit Friends don’t have other goals for me. I have always left my future direction up to my Spirit Friends, that way I can’t over ride Their intentions.

SF: Those that follow Spiritual Oneness are like snails that leave a trail for others to follow. It is not the responsibility of the snail for people to follow the trail but those asking and searching.

Varakai: I appreciate I’ve asked probably a few more complex questions than before, and from a wider range of topics, so I apologise. I’m perfectly content if you choose not to answer some, or take much longer than usual. Thank you and Spirit again for providing such a forum, and I hope your recovery continues smoothly!

SF/Pete: Your questions are stimulating and very much appreciated. By all means please keep them coming.


There is no doubt that Varakai’s questions have stirred a lot of discussion in our Spiritual Circles here in my hometown, and in particular a need for a clearer explanation from Spirit of what the Split Soul System is all about. And so I’ve dedicated this Blog to Spirit’s reply to those questions.

Helen’s Question: Thanks Pete and Spirit, these questions are interesting and the answers even more interesting to read. The seeds that are referred to in the seed pod, are these from many different souls, or are they a part of the one soul that was created from the Source Energy at the beginning of that souls existence.

SF: The original Soul is the Creator. So in that sense all creation is from the one Soul.

Helen: Thanks Pete I knew that would be the answer because I got exactly the same thing, but it’s not what l meant. Ok so a soul is made up of billions of particles of the Source, when that very first group of billions of particles is first formed out of source, this forms A soul, l will call this my original soul formed from source particles. So my question is when l die and the seed pod breaks into billions, is it these very same billions of particles that will form my new Soul essence for my next incarnation, or will my new Soul be formed from bits of particles from other people’s Seed pods. I hope that is clearer.

SF: Because the Source Soul is the Creator, all seeds of the many souls interact with other seeds. This is how experiencing and learning is spread from seeds to seeds in the process of born, live and die as you know it.

Helen: So if we have bits of other souls with us that means we must also have the soul memory of all those particles, which is called the collective consciousness for us to draw on. So l read that as being every part of my soul pod has access to every single thing that has been learnt by every particle, and that they all come together in my Soul this incarnation to have the same experience, which in turn will be part of their consciousness when they incarnate again in a new Soul. I think I am beginning to grasp the idea of the split soul theory.

SF: It is better to refer to the seeds from those other souls rather than the souls themselves. And yes the seeds are what We referred to as the collective consciousness in this instance. The souls are the seed pods and so are discarded.

But to throw another spanner in the works in the form of a question: Do all seeds from your past lives dwell in your current soul? Some do, but the majority are what you tap into when you interact with Us as We explained through Peter in your last Circle. The more you ask of Us, the more open the channel to that past knowledge. And it is a pure Truth.

Helen: I’ve read/heard that we always come back with the same personality. How can that be with the split soul system?

SF: Because each new soul is made up of seeds from previous lives, and not necessarily from the same seed pod of old, then the new soul/seed pod would not have a previous personality this time round.

Pete: So Spirit Friends, is this why photos taken a long time ago show people with a much different bone structure, looks etc from current people or is it just a coincidence.

Spirit Friends: There are many factors as to why a person of old looked or acted differently to people current. One aspect is the energy of the particular age in which they were living and this therefore indicates the effects of Astrology or the influence of planets and the physical universe over a generation of people. Physical build is very much affected by diet, health and general input to the person’s physical form. The same applies to the input of other factors, such as planetary energy.

Alarna: We know inanimate objects have an essence or a vibration; do seed pods also have their own essence/vibration?

SF: So in earth so in spirit. It is the same here in spirit as it is in earth and therefore there is essence/vibration in all things.

Pete: So what is this essence made up of?

SF: In the Bible it is said that, “In the beginning was the Word and the word was God.” There couldn’t have been a ‘Word’ because words need to be expressed through a physical form. However, it is understood that the Bible writers were referring to the Supreme Thought. This Supreme Thought is the Supreme Essence or Vibration of all things.


Q. You mentioned once that spirit guides regroup from time to time as different spirit are needed for different task? Could this be another reason for their silence?

SF: We here in Spirit, as We answer your questions right now, are made up of uncountable Entities that come together as One voice. Each individual Entity, so tiny as to be impossible for you to compare Them to, unify as a specific One, based on their qualifications/accepted knowledge of the subject that you’re questioning. They are not locked into that Oneness, so that when you ask your next question, depending on the subject, the entire team of Entities could be a totally different conglomerate. If there isn’t enough Entities with the given Answer to any matter, or the information is not to be released at that time, silence reigns till The Creator has passed through that information. Currently there are far too many variable for a fair and honest Prediction Report to be given to those asking. Hence why very few psychic mediums are giving reports with confidence at this present time.

Q. As for the collective consciousness of the world…. So many on different levels of awareness…. Vibration…. From the lower dark to the higher light energies… I find myself living with a somewhat dark energy person… I find it hard at times to stay positive… This is just one isolated incident of higher vibration entity trying to over come the influences of a lower vibration entity…. I wonder how this relates on a global scale…

SF: Again we need to remind you of what we said previously. The collective consciousness of the physical/human world and the Collective Consciousness here in Spirit are light years apart. The human collective consciousness is currently very low and has been for around sixty to seventy years in some places. Currently that consciousness is changing, hopefully for the better, hence why We are waiting for it to stabilise in one direction or another before we can pass on any relevant information.

Q. Different thoughts run though this mind I don’t always get to write them down…
I had a dream yrs ago …at the time the person I was with in the dream was far away someone I thought I would never see again… A few years later we are working at the same motel … So my dream we are standing in a parking lot somewhere downtown looking to the northwest lager dark cloud on the horizon she ask how much time we have I replied about 2. ..2 and a half hrs…. One day while smoking a cigarette I remembered that dream and realized this was the parking lot in my dream…. We’ve been working together at this motel for almost 11 yrs now …. I feel this event will happen…. My question is should I try to leave or stay where I live? And how much longer before this event happens?

SF: You may not realise it, but in actual fact you are asking us a totally different question. You won’t find your path to any happiness, or event waiting for a dream to manifest. Your mind is the receptor and meditation is the way to still it and attune it so that We, here in Spirit, can help guide you to where you are best suited to be.     We don’t see your dream, that you described, becoming a reality. But we do see you dramatically changing your life style towards the latter half of this year. Attune to Us so We can best guide you on that new journey.


Q: Relating to the Split Soul System, how many spirit particles are in a soul/seed pod

SF: It depends on the needs of that particular incarnation’s soul. Some souls, such as say Pete’s, need a lot more because the ‘spiritual’ thirst is greater than most. On the other hand, some souls may need more at particular times of the physical life of that soul. For example a person who has a majority of seeds from a previous life, which was, as a physical form, severely disabled, will need quite a lot of new seeds in this new life for the initial instigation of that life. Others may be in a ‘rest life’ after a gruelling life of major challenges.

Q: Are all souls new or are there old souls as well?

SF: Obviously, if the soul is made up of seeds and those seeds are a mix of new or old or both, then the soul can be variable. The term often used as ‘old souls’ actually refers to a higher level of ‘wisdom’ seeds in that soul’s make-up. This soul would be one inhabiting a learned or teacher type human form. A young soul on the other hand can be a soul where many seeds of differing opinions, and therefore learning needs, are encased together as a learning tool.

Q: Are there Aliens or beings from other worlds and if so are they involved with the development of the human race?

SF: There is definitely other intelligence forms ‘out there’ but most of what is referred to as ‘aliens’ or ‘space beings’ are remnants of past life forms. The intelligent forms we are referring to are unseen to the naked human eye.

Q: Do Aliens also have seed pods souls like ours?

SF: This is a very difficult question to answer in just one posting. Suffice to say that the forms we refer to as Alien are less to no soul formation and more of just seed conglomerates. Ghosts or ghostly forms, Orbs and wayward spirits come into this territory on the lower level side, while We and Higher Level Entities are on the opposite side. The denser the seeds the easier they are to see, while the purer the Seeds, the more the concentration needed to Commune with Them/Us.


Q. Who am “I”? In the context of split soul theory, and when I hear people saying “In my past life I was a….”, I’m a bit confused. For example, Eric says he was the Oracle of Delphi in a past life. Does that mean “he” was the soul pod? Or partially the same conglomerate of souls? What distinguishes that person as the same person?

SF: Split Soul System is for this new age. It is new and it is still unfolding, even here in Our Spirit World. That does not mean that the old was wrong, but that the comprehension of those in the that past Ages couldn’t comprehend the fullness, even then, of what had been offered to them.

Specifically to your question: “Who am I?” and “What distinguishes that person as the same person?” The whole purpose of ‘life’ and ‘living’, in whatever form, is NOT for the benefit or gratification of that entity, or in the case of a human person, a soul pod or individual. The intention is to expand the Creator into every possible extension that these different cells, pods etc can expand. I the Bible come the statement ‘there is no beginning and there is no end. All is expansions of the Core/Creator.

Therefore, there is no set pattern as to how a new soul is formed and into which goes what entities, whether from previous incarnations or from totally new entities. Eric, therefore, could be primarily a pod from past lives that were mediums of that time. This also explains why there is a possibility of Jesus ‘coming again’ because, if it is the intention of the Creator, a person with much of the past life of Jesus, will be needed to help in activating this New Age.

Q. What is “spirit law”? I used to wonder why analogies could be drawn between completely different subjects, and so it got me wondering whether there are general principles, which transcend the borders of different topics or subjects, like reaction and action. Is it perhaps related to that?

SF: To fully understand Spirit Law one has to understand the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We are the Holy Spirit, and we must ascertain fully what each of those Gifts mean before We can be elevated to the lever of Guideship. It is not just enough to know patience, kindness, tolerance etc. Each living aspect of the Creator will experience the pros and cons of every aspect of those Gifts as a process of expanding the Creator.

Q. What is the realm of Spirit like? Are there any other realms? Is this one and the spirit one realm completely linked or is it only the livings things within this one, which are the link?

SF: Imagine a mass of people, trillions of them, all in a confined area (just to help explain this) and they are all travelling in totally different directions, paths, patterns and with totally different needs, purposes and intentions. There are no boundaries for Spirit other than intent and purpose of their being. Just like this mass of people, We don’t interact with other entities or souls unless they are part of our particular learning at that time. Or put simply, We are not necessarily conscious of those other entities, unless they have need of us, or We of them.

Q. My old notion of what karma was similar to destiny. We were taught the reason why we end up in certain scenarios was because of some actions we had done in our past lives. But I’m not entirely convinced about it because of split soul theory. But then I’d like to ask, what is it that dictates that some person will be born with debilitating conditions, or inevitably encounter very negative experiences, through no fault of their own? Is that set for a soul to learn?

SF: Our answer to this is pretty much the same as the answer we gave to your first question above. If you’d like to ask further questions, or this one in a different way, please do. And thank you for your questions.


Q. What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit you mentioned last time? Why are they interconnected with spirit law?

SF: The Gifts, taught as the ethical basis of Christianity are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. These are basically the same as We understand them, except in a much broader form.

Wisdom, understanding, knowledge and Counsel are all interconnected. Counsel is the process Pete is using right now to ensure he is receiving Our message and not his own interpretation.

Pete: The dictionary description:

Counsel: A sort of supernatural intuition, to enable a person to judge promptly and rightly, especially in difficult situations. It perfects the cardinal virtue of prudence.

Fortitude: Is called upon when the Gifts, as received by the individual, challenge what is believed and taught by human teachings.

Piety and fear of the Lord/God: Piety is to be totally respectful of self and of others. If within the mind a person has reservations concerning a moral matter, erring on the side of caution is being pious.

(Fear of God is an example of how words changed their meanings over time. Awful, to be in awe, has become a terrible thing, as in ‘the meal was awful’.

Respectful of the Creator and all within It is what was intended by being fearful of the Lord/God. )

SF: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are the basis of Spirit Law. It is the roadway for the seed’s growing and expanding spiritually. Without impatience, there can be no understanding of patience. Life after life the seed experiences the many, many variables there are of patience/impatience. And of course this applies to all of the Gifts. Whether in physical form or in spirit, the seeds are constantly encountering the pros and cons of these Gifts. It is not exclusive to those seeds/souls in physical form.

Q. When you say “the comprehension of those in the past Ages couldn’t comprehend the fullness, even then, of what had been offered to them.” is that because of the nature of society or the people themselves?

SF. It is a combination of many things that limit growth in a particular time. In the more recent past, as an example, women were very limited in their growth because of a paternal dominance. Since then, women have started to ‘stretch’ into so many new areas, which has them now learning that which their mothers/grand mothers etc couldn’t. Yet there are women who still choose to be dominated by men, particularly their partners.

Q. What puzzles me even more is that split soul theory is new and still unfolding even in the Spirit World? How can that be? I would have thought all is known within that realm?

SF: As an example, if We here, as Pete’s Guides, were to know everything and Pete were to ask Us a question that, for whatever reason, he was not to know the answer to, then We would be lying by denying. We cannot deny an answer to the question the person is asking. However, there is a process that allows the passing of important and necessary information, through to Guides from the Creator, that are of most importance to the enquiring person at that time.

The Split Soul Process was not a part of the knowledge pack for the Pisces Age. Now that the New Aquarian Age is kicking in, and the Split Soul Process being a very important part of that New Age, We are being enlightened and informed enough to pass on to all, both in the physical and in the Spiritual Realm.


Q: Would a good indicator of the sort of guidance you’ve drawn be your mindset or mood, or vice versa?

SF: If you ponder over what we have given you (last week) concerning the Gifts, you can see that Guidance are more interested in imparting balanced information in that sphere, rather than ‘should I buy a lotto ticket?’ as an example.

Q: What does it mean to complete or fulfil a “seed”? Do these completed seeds then become one with spirit?

SF: Seeds ARE Spirit. Your Guidance is made up of relevant ‘seed’ that best suit your needs. As to completing or fulfilling a seed, the learning never ends. The Creator has no beginning and no end. All living things are expansions of the Creator and so the evolving continues.

Q. Before being a guide, what do spirits do? Are there other roles too? Are roles like being a guide delegated?

SF: There is a period of time, after a soul has passed over and the seed pod has burst open, when the particles just enjoy the Peace. Then the inquisitive side kicks in and in that process they become part and parcel of the ‘corporation’.

As an example, when you enter a huge company’s business, say Wal-Mart, you approach someone for information about a particular article, goods etc. You aren’t asking Wal, you are asking one of his employees. They then direct you to a particular area, and in turn, are given the information/goods etc that you have asked for.

This is how it works when you ask Guidance for assistance, only instead of you having to go to different ‘staff’, Here We come to you.

Q. I feel often when I ask questions, they merely aim to satisfy some random curiosity that may have popped up. I’m not sure whether they’re worthwhile questions to be asking. Is there a point of even knowing this information?

SF: That depends on the one asking. ‘Ask and ye will receive’, but what you do with the answer is up to you: Dismiss it, or ponder further, that is the question.

Q. I recently starting reading your book. I absolutely love it so far! At the same time, I’m hesitant to ask more questions until I’ve finished reading it, in case the answers are already in the book. At the same time, I wanted to ask whether your opinions or mindset have changed since writing the book? Also, I really loved the poems; why did you include them though?

Pete: Thank you for your wonderful comments. As to asking questions before completion of reading the book, I’m sure my Spirit Friends would love the challenge, so ask away. I have an atrocious memory when it comes to what Spirit passes through me because I’m in trance state at the time.

As to my opinions and mindset having changed since writing the book, absolutely. I was totally and completely dismissive of the Split Soul Theory, as it was then, and had considered not adding it.

And even now, thanks to your continued questions, the information I’m receiving from my Spirit Friends for you, have me completely dumbfounded at times. There is no way I could possibly impart what you have been reading from ‘Me’ these past few months.

As to the poems, they were the markers in my life that got me thinking about, what is now, my Spiritual life. Each one tells a story in my development along the way, though at the time I didn’t always know that.

Q. This question is a bit more personal. A few months ago I got a reading from a psychic. But I was surprised to hear that I had a specific message from someone in spirit with a “masculine middle aged” voice and “take no shit from no one type attitude”. I have never known anybody who may have passed away like that. Do you know anything about who this is?

SF/Pete:  Because we are more interested in expanding Spirit’s Message rather than personal readings, We’d rather not answer you, and do recommend a full session with Eric Lee Pink whom you know.

However we can give you this exercise. Write down on a separate pieces of paper the possible answers to your question.

It could be on one piece of paper “No the psychic was totally wrong”, on another, “Yes the psychic was totally right” and on another. “Is it important that I know who it was,” and so on.

Mix the sheets of paper up so that you don’t know what is written on which and put them aside for a day or two. Over that period, do your simple meditations and attune yourself to your Guidance, even if you don’t know who They are … They know you.

Then on a day that you feel ready to try the exercise, lay the sheets of paper, writing down, on a table. Go back into a deeper meditation and in that state, ask Guidance what They want you to know, not what you want to know. Then select the sheet of paper you feel drawn to the strongest.

It would be a good idea to include a sheet saying “The answer is not important at this time,” so that They can get back to you as you become more attuned, with regular meditations, for further question on any matters you may wish to ask Them later.

Varakai: As always, thank you and spirit for your posts, answers and patience!

Pete: Thank you Varakai. There are many who read Our Blog and I’m sure many of them read your questions and Spirit’s answers. It is a wonderful way of spreading Spirit’s messages and I am truly grateful to you for your persistence. Pete

SF; We fully endorse what Pete has said. Your questions are stimulating, especially for Pete and the many who visit his site. Remember you aren’t just asking questions for yourself, you are posing questions others haven’t thought to ask. Thank you.


Q: When is life as we know it conceived?

SF: When a soul animates the embryonic form is when human life begins. Though you haven’t asked the question, We assume this answer would be appreciated. Relating to the argument as to when best to terminate a life, in the sense of abortion, that does not even gain a mention Here in Spirit. Whether by abortion, or deliberate taking of a human life (killing) the soul simply returns to a status to be reprepared for a new life. The one taking the action is a totally different matter altogether and relates to the person’s morals and conscience basis.

Q. Does every cell in our body have an independent collection of seeds running them, or is the body as a whole run by one soul?

SF: The seeds are the primary that create the soul, not the other way round.

Q: I recall you saying (correct me if I’m wrong) that we are protected by spirit whilst being conceived. How would our souls be damaged otherwise?

SF: The previous question was relating to interference that could/may threaten a new soul. In that instance the majority of seeds would be very new and in more need of assistance than for a new soul made up of older, more experienced, seeds.

Q. Does spirit want you to do something particular in life, or do they guide you on particular life choices you’re making?

SF: Neither actually. Before forming into a new soul for reincarnation, the seeds themselves have determined a general layout of why they are returning. It is a collective decision. Guidance therefore supports and honours that layout planned before the soul is reincarnated.

Q. Have you ever felt that you yourself diverged from spirit (rather than them being quiet)? If so, what brought you back to them?

Pete To Spirit Friends: I don’t know. What would you Guys say to that?

SF: No you’ve not really diverged by choice. More that the dictates of the family you were born into, the society, the schooling, the worth ethic etc caused you to have to put your deepest intention on hold.

Pete: And so wouldn’t that be the same with most people?

SF: Yes. Take the life of Frances of Assisi who was born into wealth, but whose life’s calling was quite the opposite. Varakai is not quite at that threshold yet (Smile).

Pete: Do you mean Varakai will become another Frances?

SF: (Laughing) no! But their life choice made before reincarnation, as opposed to the choices made for their by circumstance, are on the threshold of change.

Pete: Thank You my Friends.

Q. Out of curiosity, do you always ask your guides how you can improve yourself and your connection, or are you in a stable place in relation to that at the moment?

Pete: HAHAHAHA. I guess you’ve just witnessed the answer to that question. I ask Them everything, be it simply a rough outline of the day ahead to the more concerning decisions.

As an example, this week I had to trailer my small tractor on my car that has a very low towbar. The one hour journey involved some very worrying dirt loads. My feelings were to get my friends to come over with their bigger vehicle, for which I’d pay them. Spirit said it would be slow going but ok to use my own car.

With the exception of one of the two chains supporting the tractor to the trailer coming loose, the journey was totally uneventful.

Q. I don’t understand the concept of God’s will. Usually I hear it being said when things happen in people’s lives (often which are out of their control) as a means to come to terms with what has happened. Not that I necessarily doubt that, but wouldn’t that imply some sort of destiny or some sort of master plan?

SF: Society’s god is primarily a Jewish one. Even the god of Jesus was that of the Jews, though he tried carefully to distance himself and his teachings to his understanding of the Creator Force. Even then he was claimed to be blasphemous.

Native beliefs were more in keeping with the true ‘God’.

As to the sentiment as you expressed, in the situation where someone is hoping to console another’s loss, under the circumstances, it is probably better than nothing. Same with ‘thoughts and prayers’. These are basically caring sentiments at a time of grieving.

Q. I recall in Eric’s Blog (https://worldwidepredictions.com/) he referred to his guides as family. This seemed quite strange to me at first, since I would assume family is a human concept. Having said that, it reminded me of a chapter you wrote in your book; “So in Earth, So in Spirit”. So I would ask whether you perceive your spirit guides as “family” too. I would naturally think that being assigned to a “family” in spirit would be restrictive in the sense that you’re stuck with only them. How can spirit still have attachments and identity?

SF: The human ‘family’ is separated from ‘friends’ due to the physical form. Without the physical body, all is related: All are family, all are friends. Pete refers to Us as his Spirit Friends. Jesus referred to Us as His Holy Spirits, which over time became Holy Spirit. Eric’s reference to family is no different. If the human race could see itself as ‘at one’ separated by physical covering, there would not be the racism currently destroying the world. Another way to help you understand, imagine all of your friends and family, enemies and friends, rich and poor etc without physical form. To start with, half the antagonism has gone and the list of your friends would increase a thousand times. That is the ‘family’ and ‘friends’ we have up here.

Q. Although in honesty I haven’t done as much meditation as I would like to recently, I wanted to ask how to keep motivated. Although I know it should be a committed effort and will pay off, sometimes it can seem like you’re making no progress at all and it feels like the process is a little futile.

SF: What are your expectations? What are you wanting from the meditations? These are what you have to determine first. Pete started, as he said in his book, by asking Us a set of daily questions which he wrote down. Then he imagined what We would say in reply. It was from that process that you are able to commune, via him, with Us here today.

Remember his song that he mentioned:

“What will tomorrow bring, snow or sunshine?”

Sky’s blue, a frost is due, tomorrow will be fine.”

Try starting in a similar way. Right now. Ask a question and write it down. Then either now, or later, imagine what your Guides would answer.

Build slowly, don’t expect miracles. Pete’s song above was a simple question with an obvious answer.

Those answers aren’t so obvious today, are they?

Q. What are chakras, vibrations and auras?

SF: We assume you are asking as to whether we agree with said energy centring. Yes we do.

The Chakras represent the quality of energy a soul is emanating at any one time. This is also referred to as a person’s vibration, which creates the Aura colours seen by those gifted with psychic sight.

If the majority of seeds in a person’s soul are more interested in security, material gain/wealth or have fearful concerns etc but with little to no Spiritual striving, then the overall vibration will be low and show that person is working primarily from the base Chakra upward.

That does not mean they are bad people, quite the contrary. That description would cover the majority of the world’s population.

Those of a higher vibration are most certainly in the minority, and hence why We said in previous QandA’s to you that it makes it difficult for Us here in Spirit to make contact with you all so as to inform you of up coming changes. Even good psychics can be operating from the lower Chakras. Their readings will reflect this.

This is why We are encouraging you and all of Pete’s readers to this Blog to lift their Auric energy field via regular meditation, so that We can instil more Truth into more of you in the physical world.

When a person is working from the highest vibration, they still have fears and apprehensions, but they also have an inner Strength that hold them in great stead when and if worrying challenges arises.

Q. People from cultures around the world sometimes use psychedelics as a means of having some sort of divine experience. Are these legitimately spiritual experiences, and do you and spirit have a view on them, because I am not really sure what to think of them.

SF: A seed collective (soul) has a form of freedom of choice when in the physical plane. But not all choices are necessarily in the best interest of that soul’s journey. As an example there are a number of the Deadly Nightshade family that people consume every day, while other variations are killers in their natural form. By discerning the proper use of each of that plant’s family, encourages the expansion of knowledge concerning that plant family.

Many of our modern medicines are based on plants and minerals etc that, if consumed in their natural form, would kill the patient.

So too with the use of hallucinatory drugs, what is the purpose of taking such a ‘mind bender’? Is it for a Higher Spiritual purpose by an individual, or in the case of experimentation by a collective, the overall well being of that collective?

Not all things on earth are necessarily meant to be used. Atomic fission is one such devil that should have been left alone.

Q: In the culture/religion I was brought up in, we were taught the idea that the soul goes across 8.4 million life-forms, where the human life form is said to be the most valuable. Would you be able to shed any light on this?

SF: Obviously, from the many answers we have give you, we have a different perspective to that opinion. It is the spirit realm that is the most valuable. All physical life forms are aspects of the expansion of the Creator. A learning school or place of experiencing if you will. The ‘return’ to the spirit world is where the ‘oh I get it’ light bulb moments occur.

Q. Why is it that communications often come through in the form of visual imagery for psychics. Surely that can often make predictions more ambiguous?

SF: Above in this string of QandA’s, Pete and We had a conversation. That conversation was instantaneous. It happened as he was typing Our answers to your questions. That was done via a ‘memory bank’ or as some people call it, the Akashic records.

The information was already know to us at Our Guidance level and so was easy to pass on. However, when Pete is asking for specifics to events as yet unknown, like world predictions, We have him in a very deep meditative state where We guide the Truth, in a visual or imagery form. These then become current releases and so general information.

There is the assumption that all things are known to all in Spirit. That we Guides know all that is possible, but as Eric stated in one of his Truths (Truth: Precognition. https://worldwidepredictions.com/2020/06/09/truth-precognition/)

“It’s the past and the future that create the present.”

Creation is a living expansion that creates it’s own railway track as needed.

It is ‘the Head’ that determines what direction the body will take.

Imagine someone high up over the ocean observing a very large school of fish trying to determine which way they will turn with every passing movement of change in ‘current’. That is a rough idea of how hard it is to predict the direction of the world, especially at the moment when the sharks of the world are deliberately unsettling this school of people.


Tony: Other than physically, are our children connected to us? Can it be possible that our children have absolutely not ‘soul’ or ‘spiritual’ connection to either parent?

Spirit Friends: Here in Spirit, all are at one and related. This family is so huge as not to be comprehensible from physical thinking. In the human/earthly/physical form, there are limits as to how many people can exist in any one place. Here in Spirit there are no boundaries or restrictions on this family other than the level and degrees of learning of individual seeds. There is no hatred or dislike here, no superior or inferior, only understanding and total tolerance.

Tony: So are the seeds from the souls that were really bad people, like Nazis, floating around up there along with the seeds from Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela?

SF: Yes. However, not all the seeds that made up Hitler’s soul, for example, were evil. The complexity of the gathering of seeds that form a new soul, such as was the case in the formation of Hitler’s soul, is similar to a gathering of people where the dominant overrides the more peaceful. There were some beautiful seeds included in that soul who tried to mellow Hitler’s intent. How far could Hitler have gone had he not had those beautiful seeds mellowing some of his more evil intentions.

AR2D3: According to the Institute of Medicine every cell in our body has a sex, which means men and women are different at a cellular level. Does the same apply to the seeds in our seed pods/souls?

SF: Sex is an earth form, not a spirit one. We here have recollections of our emotions and feelings since our multiple reincarnations as both sexes from when in human form and become more balanced the more the reincarnations. Seeds whose souls shattered prematurely, such as early deaths from accidents, illness, wars etc still hold a tendency towards that past sex. This particularly if the old seed, that never completed it’s learning, returns pretty much with the same seeds for a new life.

After WWII, many of the men killed in that war, returned as women and hence why the strong attitude of women towards equality and justice this time round. They still held the very strong emotions towards bringing ‘peace’ that caused them, as men, to fight in the war in the first place. Even the enemy soldiers believed they were justified and have bought that tenacity with them.

Christine: I was wondering how long after we pass are we reincarnated and are we all reincarnated at some point or is it by choice.

SF: As we have said in answer to Varakai’s questions previously, when a physical person ‘dies’ their soul stays intact until they are ready to release and so that can be anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the state of preparedness that soul has been to what happens when they pass over.
It is after that soul has accepted it’s status that it splinters into individual ‘seeds’ and then depending on each seed’s need, it will either remain for a period of time here in spirit or it will be so keen that it will be attracted to similar seeds in need of more learning in a physical form and create a new soul.
Most seed-returns, in the form of a newly created soul, don’t reincarnate immediately but choose to remain here.
The exception is where large numbers were killed in wars or other major events where many souls were released prematurely.
As to your ‘having to reincarnate or choose’ question, there is no force or demand here in Spirit. But because everything is a particle of the Creator Force, those particles which make up seeds, are driven to want to expand knowledge and experiencing.

John: There has been something on my mind for a while, and that was the notion of “Rapture” that was said to happen during the last days of Man. I’m not a fundamentalist, but I’ve been thinking of this from the perspective of what Eric (https://worldwidepredictions.com/) has said, and from what my logical mind says of where the earth will head to.
It is believed by the devout that this will be the time that people are taken off the earth by God before the apocalypse. Given the large number of people who are departing the world now, I suspect that some people may be putting up the flag now.
But, my mind keeps thinking that the “rapture” isn’t an event where people are saved, but I’m thinking that it refers to an event that causes people to be taken off this world, namely the big famine. It doesn’t take much intuition or foresight to see that Western Civilisation’s over harvesting, over-consumption and waste of food is going to leave future generations starving, with the decimation of many of the species of fauna and flora on this planet. Eric has also mentioned that the world will face famine as well. China’s expedition into the South China seas is systematic of the potential of nations to go to war to protect their own food sources.
What do your Guides say about this – was the “Rapture” just myth, does it have any truth as a message representing people being taken off this world by other beings / angels, or is there more of a logical foundation to this message, that it represents some other large event (natural or man made) that will happen to the world that will cause a massive die off? Thanks again for all the wisdom you bring.

Pete: The Bible and it’s full contents actually applies to the Jews: Jesus was a Jew as was his early followers. Does the Rapture, and other references in the Bible, relate only to that family of people? Also, there are those who believe that Israel was NOT the promised land, but that the current United States was. Could the Rapture, and other Bible references, be relating to the high level of Jews who have made the US their home? Pisces was the Age of the Judeo Christian faith and we are entering into a New Age of Aquarius, an age with a totally different perspective to any of the Ages that went before.

SF: Pete has answered as we would have answered. As we have said previously in predictions the human population will have to be reduced dramatically to allow for the New Age and what it encompasses. There will be nothing remotely the same at the end of the Aquarian Age, compared to this ending Pisces age. Over the first hundred years, the world population will be greatly reduced by illness, natural disasters and wars.

As to the Rapture and other Biblical predictions, like the predictions of Nostradamus, most of the early writings that made up the Bible were liberally sprinkled with opinions, interpretations and personal needs of those giving out the information. In order that the Judeo Christian expansion dominated all other beliefs of all the other tribes on earth, interpretations had to be unquestioned. This was done with the declaration of the ‘One True God’, the ‘Ten Commandments’, and the ‘Word’ or Bible of God for His people. All of which was very much Pisces in nature.

That is not to say that there weren’t truths in those predictions and compilation of writings known as the Bible.

NOTE: Because this is relevant to John’s question, I have added this answer of my Spirit Friends from Blog 6:

Pete: So will there be any Spiritual interaction? Will ‘God’ finally come down on a cloud and ‘bring the righteous to his glory’, as so many believe?

SF: The end of time was the term used to describe the end of the Age. That age was the Pieces age. That end time is now. The ‘coming of Jesus’ was not what that message inferred at all. It was that the teaching structure, system and belief that Jesus used to interact with His understanding of God, is what you and many mediums are doing now. It would have been impossible for mediums to survive in the Pisces era, and even towards the end, from around the 1950’s onwards, it was still extremely unhealthy for anyone to claim they were speaking the Words of the Creator as Jesus claimed.

Native people of all the lands had special people who channelled the Creator’s message to their people. But the dominance of the Judeo Christian belief, based on human’s interference in and of its origins, made sure those channellers, those mediums and Shamans, were deemed witch doctors and savages and their teachings superstitiously based.

What you are writing here now is also being spread throughout the world from other conduits, mediums and channellers. And more individual people will be channelling this Truth as the New Age grows stronger.


Q Christine: Thank you and spirit friends for answering my question on reincarnation. I am most grateful.
It is a complicated subject for me as one speaks of new and old souls and the fact that two or three people who were in a previous life together could one day be together on earth again but not in the same relationship, ie, Mother daughter etc. and time frames seem infinite.
There is one thing, your Blog certainly brings out the intellect in your followers.
The questions are not easy and you do answer them in an understandable way.
Sometimes I am astounded at the complexity of the questions. Well done.

Pete: Thank you Christine. The difficulty would be more that we are now more open to information that has not been available to us before. We may not realise it, but we have been opening up to new dimensions spiritually over the past few years and this has created confusion to what we’ve already believed to be the truth. The more we open our mind to the new, the easier it will be to understand what is coming. As to your example of previous lives, try going the other way. Can you recall any of your past life family members? Can you relate to people now who you and they both claim, independently, are relations from past lives? Generally speaking, that would not be the case. But within you, there is the possibility that you have a recall or recollection of past events of a previous life. That would occur because either your old seeds from past lives, seeds from past family lives, or seeds that passed suddenly are now stronger in this soul you have.
And yes I agree, it is extremely hard to get your head around this rather challenging new information. I have the advantage of having an interaction with my Spirit Friends to sort out my queries. I just hope that people will continue to do what you and others here are doing, ie posting questions so that I can pass on what my Spirit Friends have to offer. Pete

Q John. So, if the soul splinters off, with the seeds forming part of other body, does this mean that the soul is not internal? That it decomposes and then recomposes with a conglomeration of other seeds from other souls that have fragmented?

SF: As a means of explaining the Split Soul System, in the very early stage of Our answering questions for Varakai, we used the simple explanation of the soul as a seed pod. In actual fact when the soul leaves the human body, it has completed its purpose and in it’s ‘splitting’, leaves nothing. In other words, the seeds are the matured pod.

Q. So, do any of the seeds have more knowledge and memory than any of the others? If people remember past lives, whose past life are they actually remembering – from which of those seeds? The oldest ones or the ones with the loudest voice?

SF: As we have explained in past answers, there may be more than a number of seeds from a previous life that have returned into this new soul. If there was a particular memory, event or occurrence that would have remained in that collective from that past life, it will fire up in this new life. Hence why a current physical person may have recollections of past lives that aren’t necessarily in a past life of one of those old soul pods. A possible easier way to comprehend this is how more than one person now could make the same claim of a past life. How many, over the years, have claimed to be Jesus in that past life?

Q. Over a lifetime, do the seeds form into another soul?

SF: What do you mean by ‘lifetime’? If you’re referring to a human life, then yes the seeds become a new soul.

Q. If it is a collaborative affair, what happens if some seeds want to get out as they find that the reality that they thought they were committing to didn’t end up the case due to the effect of the other seeds, or other worldly circumstances.

SF: The purpose of the seeds wanting to become a part of a pod/soul is to learn. As seeds, their desire is what causes them to be within that pod. So that soul’s journey, in this new human form (or in animal form also), has already been determined to encourage that seed’s learning over that time frame. What it hasn’t fully achieved in that life time, if that is the case, causes them to move to a new soul formation after this soul has done it ‘life’ in that particular incarnation.

Q. I presume reincarnation applies to all living things?

SF: Yes, however there is complex learning and simple learning that varies the mix of the seeds to each new soul.

Q. Some religions believe in backwards reincarnation, for instance in the case of intense animal cruelty, a soul goes back so as to experience what it was like for the animal. can this happen?

SF: The seeds in that particular soul that instigated or encouraged that cruelty will return life after life, in new soul form, until they understand the fullness of life. In rare cases if the need for those seeds is that they will comprehend much quicker if they return as an animal, then yes that will happen. But it is usually a future event, rather than a return to an old animal life. The circumstance will be the same.

Q. The more you think about it, the more complex and intricate is the universe that we cannot see or even vaguely contemplate. I think Life is wasted on us, as the majority of us have absolutely no idea of the significance of what we are here to supposedly see or learn. John

SF: Or put another way, isn’t this the very reason why there will be continued life, in it’s many forms, from Ages and Ages to come? Those souls, in human form, who accepted a god sitting on a cloud around the planet Earth creating way past this planet, and who would return and bring peace. Surely they have a lot of turns around the wheel before they gain the realisation of, as you said, ‘ he complex and intricacies of a ‘universe’ that cannot be seen or even vaguely contemplated’.


Varakai: I recall in your book (On the Light Path: A Psychic’s Journey), you gave a “mothership” analogy for the soul as well, where cells can leave, but return eventually (correct me if I am mistaken). This seemed like the closest comparison to a whole, unique soul to me. Do you still believe in this?

Pete: I was fascinated when I rechecked back to the section in the book you referred to Varakai. There is no way I would have said, “I believe we are a combination of both.” I am still stumbling with the Split Soul Theory, even now after all the QandA’s both my Spirit Friends and you have put before us all.

My comprehension came with the realisation that I was writing the book in ‘trance’ state most of the time, and the ‘I’ was more a reference to that ‘combination’ of my Spirit Friends’ information and my writing it up for the book.

So as I have no idea how my Spirit Friends will ‘sort this out’, I’ll leave it to Them for the explanation, as I sneak off stage to watch the performance. Top question Varakai, and thank you.

NOTE: For those that haven’t read my book, here is the actual extract:                 On The Light Path, A Psychic’s Journey Pg 257/258: Published 2010.

 “An obvious question therefore is what happens to the term “my soul?” Is there a true soul, or are we all made up of soul cells? Does the soul only exist while there is human form, and then after passing over into spirit, only cells?

I believe we are a combination of both. From when we originally started way back before the physical universe. We were a complete soul made up of imperfect or raw cells. This original complete soul or mother ship has within it, other evolving souls or ships. As each cell evolved from one life form to another, even if they have incarnated in combination with other cells from other ships, as they separated after that incarnation.

They return back home to the original ship or soul. It is this soul-ship that holds the memory of all past lives of each of its’ individual cells. And it is this soul-ship that determines what incarnation the next cell collective and new soul should take.

Spirit Friends: Yes, to be fair to Pete, this information would have been given to him between 2005, when he first started putting the book together, and the publishing time of 2010. This was very early days of Our channelling such information to anyone on the subject of Split Souls and was only intended as a means of broaching the subject for Pete’s book. Thanks to you Varakai, We have been able to expand more on the Theory, but even then, it is only a fraction of what will be passed onto humankind over the next thousand or so years.

So, the explanation to what may seem a contradiction to what We put for the book and what We are saying now?

The Creator is the ‘Whole, Unique Soul’ we refer to, (but sadly the capitols were removed in the editing process) with a massive number of ‘motherships’ within it. Some of these ‘mothership’ contains souls that contain seeds that haven’t, as yet, formed into ‘living life’. Other ‘motherships’ contain cells and seeds associated with other ‘places’ in the universe. And of course there are the ‘motherships’ containing seeds/cells from all forms of life known to those of you in human form. From the living cells that cause a tree, plants, spores etc to be ‘alive’, right up to animals, birds etc including humans., evolving and growing from experiencing and learning.

They return to a ‘mothership’ or ‘place of contentment’, usually from whence they last existed before incarnating, till they are ready to move onto a new challenge or physical life form. It is this ‘mothership’ that holds memory ‘of all past lives of each of its’ individual cells.’

How many people remember their ‘life’ as a bug, crushed by a swatting animal or human? That memory would only exist in that ‘mothership’ the bug originated from until the bug/that ‘mothership’ had no further need of it.

However, this is not the ‘journey’s end’ for all cells/seeds/particles of Creation. It is a ‘respite’ or haven and it is here that cells could reunite with ‘loved ones’. But as the Creator is continuous in Its expansion, that ‘journey’ never ends. Too many adventures, experiences, needs-to-know, draw all those cells/seeds onward and upward.


Ladyatraina’s Questions:

Q. You/Spirit Friend have said we incarnate into this physical being to experience and learn. Is it because in spirit where there is only love light and bliss spirit can not experience the negative things and emotions that are experienced in the physical realms?

SF: Two thoughts come to mind to explain this. One is that too much icecream/good things no longer makes them a treat, and the second is the thirst/yearning to know and expand drives the seeds to reform into a new soul for return. The seeds are always yearning to journey/expand/learn.

Q. And how much is it desired to experience the negative things ….emotions of the physical….
SF: The seeds don’t see negative/positive but rather growth as opposed to delays and restrictions. The easier the learning experiences the less is learned in the sense of details. The greater the difficulties faced, the more is learned and the less that soul’s contents (seeds) need to revisit that particular ‘fine particles’ area again.

Christine’s Questions:

Q. I would think that people believe, or would like to believe, that the soul of our beloved is one soul. It seems hard to grasp, certainly for me, that the soul will split into seeds.

SF: Yes it is a difficult system to absorb, especially after the different beliefs that have been standard for so long. It is not necessarily acceptable to everyone this time round. As an example, the Australian Aborigines believed their souls became part of trees and living matter. Science now knows that nothing of a physical nature ever ends, it just changes into another form. Ashes to ashes in the case of the physical form. So in a way, the Aboriginal belief was partially correct.

Q. If our loved ones can see and hear us, and I hope they can, (I talk to them every day but I don’t feel answers as I am not psychic) how is that possible when what we believe to be a ‘whole’ has disintegrated into seeds. The person we wish to contact would not be as we on earth think of them.

SF: In previous QandA’s we explained how a soul’s ‘mothership’ held the memories and encounters of a departed soul. When you pray or interact with the memory of a departed soul, they still receive your loving thoughts and feelings, via this system. Some souls split instantly, others may take years before they separate.

Q. Maybe it takes a long time for a soul to split.

Pete and his psychic friend Danny assisted their departed friend Sam across when Sam died of cancer, a few years ago. Sam didn’t believe in an after life and so stayed as one soul for more than twelve months till finally, after many encounters with both Pete and Danny, Sam happily released into his particular part of Heaver/mothership.

You can read the full Sam’s Encounter here: https://wordpress.com/page/petemediumspsychicteachings.wordpress.com/603

 Q. I know sometimes that ancestors who we have not met in the physical world can come through in psychic readings. This is sometimes when the recipient thinks the psychic has got it wrong because they don’t know the person.

SF. This is the information We mentioned in an answer above, where the memories and feelings of departed one remains in ‘mothership’. A bit like a personal Akashic records or personal Universal memory bank.

Steve’s Questions.

Q. This recent explosion in Beirut immediately reminded me of the shock waves and devastation inflicted upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki and remarkably, it happened around the anniversary of that incident. Do your Spirit Friend see this as a coincidence? Was the timing of this a reminder of what we may face in the future or simply an act of stupidity?

SF: In a sense, events are cyclical. The Astrologers keep records of events that have had similar stellar patterns and so yes, there will be similar occurrences. However, in this Aquarian Age the world is entering into, many of the old patterns will no longer be atop the pile for considering, compared to the past. The war/money cyclical of the Pisces Age, now dying, will be tempered with care for people/need for war/money?

Christine’s Question.

Q. If we see a butterfly, robin or white feather is it a sign that a spirit (of a loved one) is close? This morning and a small white feather appeared at my feet which I didn’t notice before. I was inclined to keep it but thought maybe I would trap a free spirit.

SF: These are signs from your Spirit Friends that have you now searching for answers to matters that weren’t so important to you before. This ‘enlightenment’ will be happening a lot from now on. It is starting you on a journey above the normal ‘born, live, die’ structure of this past Age. Yes, Spirit is always close, but They are part of you: They are your Guidance. Sit and talk to Them in your mind, just as you’d chatter on to a friend on the phone …. who has long since hung up *Smile*.

Q. I have also heard that when you mourn someone passed and keep crying the spirit cannot settle until we do.

SF: Yes that can be the case, especially if the one left behind is a child or person that was in the care of the one departed. Until they realise they have passed, before they split into seeds, they will sense the sad emotions of those that have been left behind and will want to comfort them. Best to think peaceful thoughts of the one departed, as if they have simply gone on a holiday, but that you can talk to via ‘Heaven’s Phone’.


Q. As I understand it, the inner part of me, the inner child, the deeper self, or inner spirit, are all names for my soul. If my soul has been created by the Perfect Creator, Who cannot create imperfections, how come the seeds in my soul are flawed and need returning into another soul to correct those wrongs?

SF: We will answer you with a question. Is the process of expanding or manifestation, a form of correction of the first Creation? Is growth a sign of imperfection? And if there is no growth, expansion or manifestation, isn’t that death?

The answer of course is the Perfect Creator, in It’s expansion, is converting, not correcting.

Now the hard part to get the head around is, what was there, if anything, prior to the Creators manifestation? Was/is there an emptiness that is being filled, or is the Creator actually ‘the beginning and the end’?

Q. Isn’t my physical, human, the visible part of me that makes me a person, created imperfectly? And again how can Perfection create imperfection?

SF. It could be said that every tree, plant, animal, every thing that has been created, is imperfect. But that is because, from a human perspective, imperfection is seen a weakness in the making or creation of something.

From the very earliest of Creation, the ‘products’ have been perfected, improved, expanded, and will continue to be. It is not imperfection of the Creator, it is the expansion of The Word. And as We have explained in other answers, The Word is actually the projected Thought of the Creator manifest.

Q. If the Creator loves us, why are lost or low level souls not scooped up immediately and brought to a place of contentment, instead of floating around in a state of pain, as was the case with The Sam Story?

SF. The choices made by a person in any incarnation determine all aspects of both the soul and the seeds of that incarnation. There is no blame or retribution in a soul’s learning. When a soul passes over from the physical world to this Spiritual world, they can be still carrying the pain, hurt, and in some cases aggressive bitterness that dogged them, or that they created, that particular incarnation. What may seem like a few moments, or even longer here in Spirit, may be years, even a generation or more to those of you living in the physical world.

Human life span is but a flash in spirit time. What seems like lost or low-level soul activity to those of you living in the physical world, is actually the remnants of the cooling off of the soul here in Spirit, including memories from a yet to be distinguished soul.

In the case of those who have deliberately and wilfully offended others while in the physical world, those you would refer to as bad or evil persons, the time frame for them to come to the realisation of this new world to them will take much, much longer.

Q. You are obviously open to the Voice of Spirit and so I assume you don’t, nor have, got into serious trouble in your life. My question is why do some people have easy access to Guides or Guardian Angels, while others always tend to get into trouble.

Pete. I’ll just say that from a very early age I had family and friends who put the care and welfare of others above material gain. I was also raised a Catholic of the Franciscan ideals, that is, we were more the followers of St. Frances of Assisi than those that believed wealth was a sign of God’s love.

SF: Everyone gets the opportunity to live an honest or pure life, even those that are born into hardship, bad environment or dysfunctional communities.

We call this The Gap. There is an emptiness in the soul of those that haven’t found the Serenity that the Oneness with their Spirit Friends or Guides brings, and so they search for a solution. Eventually The Gap is filled with either bitterness, hatred and ‘black dog’ depression, or with contentment, understanding and acceptance that only the Highest Peace can bring.

It is in the process of searching for the Highest of ‘Fillers’ for the Gap that the soul of that person recognises their many parts.

Q. So is the Gap like a dividing wall where the soul’s knowledge is denied them?

SF. The soul is always attentive and open to input, because it is the recorder that returns with information back over here in spirit form. However, if the material world has a stronger influence over the person this particular incarnation, then those natural human emotions, such as fear, apprehension and personal safety, over ride the Spiritual Friend’s voice of ‘Fear Not’.

As the person’s human aspects override the soul’s seeds, the soul will retreats away from the Guidance and Directing their Spirit Friends offer them.

Even those that claim to follow the teachings of the Great Teachers, such as Jesus, try to straddle the fence with a foot in both camps. “You begin to love one and despise the other” was the answer Jesus’ Spirit Friends channelled through Him, way back then.


Q.) In Blog 39, you mentioned an event involving black holes that would reshape our solar system at least. Is there any update on what this is?

SF: It has already started. It’s first wave was very small, around the time of WWII. However as it grows in momentum it will send other, different magnitude waves, out across the universe. The effects are best explained as being similar to solar flares that currently effect the earth, but on a much larger, and far more reaching, scale.

Q.) Does spirit feel emotions, and if so, how do they differ from human emotion? It seems as though you don’t experience anger or enmity (or perhaps I’m wrong). But you are also patient and can have a sense of humour.

SF: Yes We do have emotions, but nothing like those of the physical form. Anger and enmity in the physical world are expressions of frustration, and We don’t have that here. Emotions of bliss, contentment, joy, understanding, kindness and collective love are the primaries. However, we are referring to the state of the seeds after they have splintered from the seed pod and have moved away from the influences of that now-past physical life. Souls arriving here, and before they splinter into seeds, still very much hold the earth emotions.

Q.) I wanted to ask about the role of genetics, the parents we have, and in general, initial circumstances. Are these independent of the seeds in the pod, and is it the seeds which influence them, or are these a planned choice given our seed composition?

SF: You are broaching on a very deep and expansive part of the Split Soul System that is best answered in separate and specific questions.

As a simple and generic answer, as part of the learning process, when the new seeds of a forming soul begin to create that new soul, and even before the conception of that soul’s future physical form, links or connections relating to the parents of this new physical life, their families, important acquaintances, as well as multiple connection here in Spirit, which includes Guidance, have prepared what is necessary for the learning/experiencing that this new person will need for their growing this reincarnation.

Q.) I was a bit concerned about a friend, and was hoping you could give some advice. She used to talk to what must’ve been a lower level spirit, until she realised it seemed to leech of her. I suggested she do the attuning meditation you gave, however the spirit seems to disturb her whenever she tries to do so.

SF: This situation happens when a person in the physical world locks onto spirit entities that are ego based and refuse to move on. As an example, there are people who claim Archangel Michael, Raphael or similar past Biblical Angels, are their personal guides. Those ‘Angels’ have long since moved on and been replaced by Teams, such as We are for Pete. Your friend will need to be persistent and consistent, and regular, in doing the Meditation we suggested. She has to build the conduit, or ‘stairway to Heaven’ in order to create a safe form of interaction process for both herself and her Highest Guide team.

Q.) I grew up in a Sikh household, where our spiritual knowledge would come from the Gurus (in the form of scripture). As I learnt more here, I tried to reconcile it with what I knew through that lens. I’d say I ended up treating what I once knew and learnt here as separate languages, where it isn’t worth forcing a translation from one to the other. So I’d like to ask who these Gurus were.

SF: In a similar way as we have referred to the Judeo/Christian Bible ‘Angels’ above, so it applies to Gurus, Masters, or Prophets of old. The teachings They offered were for that time. But as We have said in previous QandA’s, The Creator is ever expanding, growing and manifesting. So too does the expansions of the information given previously. Within your ‘soul’s consciousness’ lies the truth, that is, when you marry up the information We are sharing with you now, compared to that of the past Gurus and Masters, your own discernment will determine what your soul’s needs are, in relation to your own personal growth, of the past, and now present, information.


My Spirit Friends have suggested I take you back to a trance session I had with Them around 2001 that They titled The Gap. They reason that it will helps to fill in aspects of the Split Soul System that current QandA’s may be missing.

Considering the time frame from then to now, I’m amazing at the consistency.

Q. I have heard that some people are soulless, that is, they were never pure beings and came here deliberately to disrupt and create chaos. Is that true?

Spirit Friends: Everyone has a soul. The term is more a description of what the person’s soul chooses to follow. When a person allows the physical world to overrule the intentions of what their soul/spirit knows is right for this incarnation, the Element of Goodness within that person’s soul/spirit is not able to spiritually direct the person. Therefore the soul/spirit looses its way. When that soul pass over into the Spirit World, they have to sort out this confusion before they can feel ‘worthy of Heaven’.

Q. Does that mean that when such a soul passes over into spirit, that they then cause interference to those of us still in the physical plane as low-level energies, ghosts or poltergeists?

SF. Soon We will be introducing to you and deeper understanding of the reality of a person leaving the physical world and journeying through to the place of Contentment or Rest. However, for the moment, we’ll answer you this way.

If the individual allows the physical aspect of the world to overrode the intended journey of the person’s soul/spirit’s, for that particular incarnation, then that soul returns here to Spirit with a great amount of physical density still around them. One way such a soul may think it can loosen that density is to try and find answers in the physical plane, especially amongst remaining family members. They would therefore be described as dense-seeking or low level entities. They’re not bad, just confused and searching in the wrong places for the right answers.

Q. So can Spirit or other forces, such as people’s intervention via prayer, meditation or psychic circles be used to bridge this Gap for this person, or are they beyond the reach or help?

SF. All forms of care, optimism and hope or any form of will intended to positively assist the person, most certainly helps. However, in some instances it may be that the Gap is so great that the soul has to be left to themselves, so as to fathom out their own process of gaining enlightenment and feeling worthy to move onto the next level.

Q. So can a person who is still in the physical world, and with such a Gap, bring illnesses and diseases to themselves, because this sounds very similar to what is currently being suggested amongst certain practitioners within the alternative community.

SF. Firstly as you know, foods are necessary for the physical life’s existence. Depending on the majority of activity of that particular person’s, depends the type and style of food they need to consume. A person sitting in an office working primarily with their mind and not their physical body would be best suited to light meals more often than the standard three big meals a day. A farmer, or person in a very physical occupation would be happy with the three meals.

Within everyone is a trigger process that allows Guidance, of all levels, to assist a person to choose what foods best suit for their needs. This ‘intuition’ or ‘gut feeling’ is a basic form of Spiritual Guidance. Most people will eventually realise they have to make dietary changes when they find their health is, in some way, being effected.

In the case of the Gap, the ‘conduit’ or ‘wiring’ or ‘internet’ between the person’s soul and this ‘hunch’ system, has been severed by the person. The soul can no longer receive the most basic of warnings and so it is not passing on vital messages, subtle messages, concerning the person’s dietary anomalies, illnesses, or other matters that the person may be unknowingly creating. Because fear, apprehension and concern are overriding the spiritual message, the physical form becomes dis-eased.

Currently the word disease refers more to viruses, but the true meaning of the word means tension, stress and other manifestations that eventually cause serious problems in the heart, and the physical mind and body of a person.

This may be difficulty to understand, but from our perspective, it is much better that such a person’s soul/spirit be returned here to Us, here in Spirit, so that they can have another chance of carrying out what that soul was meant to experience, in another physical form. 


Steve’s Question 1: Concerning the Biblical Story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and the people turning into Salt. This destruction of that city did not appear to be a natural disaster (fire or storm) as they were warned the night before to leave, so it looks like the destruction was a planned event – a bomb attack? Someone turning into salt, seems to be an extreme way to die, not a normal death. A planned attack, with enough destructive power to turn people into Salt? Was this an atomic bomb that was detonated? Who had the capability to do this and why would this have happened?

SF: We could be succinct and simply say, you are right, it was a story. Most Old Testament stories were based on reality but embellished to ‘sell’ a particular ideology for the Jewish people of that time. There were many earthly upheavals that they could not explain back then, but that help promote the cause of one belief against another … then Jesus came along ….

Steve’s Question 2: Over the recent weeks you have mentioned about the dissolution of the soul, with sparks then regrouping to cover the next life journey when reincarnated, and a similar process occurring with other animals. What happened with the Dinosaurs? Given the climate changed, and the ability to reincarnate was no longer available to them, where did the sparks go? Did their Mothership/s move onto another reality, with all the lessons having been learnt? Or are they still here with the birds (their genetic descendants). I guess that a similar fate has also happened where Man has made other species extinct.

SF: You’re confusing the ‘external cladding’ with the ‘internal spirit’. The seeds, or ‘sparks’ as you refer to them, don’t just remain in one physical form. If the learning in that particular physical appearance suits the Creator, then those seeds move into other physical forms. In the case of the extinction of any creation, usually the learning in that form is no longer of interest to the Creator.

Steve’s Question 3: In Blog 39 your SFs mentioned that there was a cosmic force beyond the Earth that was going to have a major impact upon the world.  Two black holes colliding have been measured via the detection of a millisecond signal.

: https://news.mit.edu/2020/ligo-virgo-gravitational-wave-0902?
Is this what your SF’s were referring to, or is there something completely different that they were talking about, and are we are talking centuries before all this happens?

SF: The commencement of anything ‘discovered’ by human science is not necessarily the actual beginning. Other collisions have happened millions of light years away which are causing constant ripples through the entire universe. The ones We mentioned will be the first sited by human science. They will slowly build over the entire Aquarian Age and into the following Capricorn Age. Those currently living in human form will only encounter the early ripples. This will be in the form of more serious earthquakes, severe weather patterns and natural buffers to the changing climate that human kind has created.

Steve’s Question 4: Eric Lee Pink (https://worldwidepredictions.com) is suggesting another 150 year before the Ambassador arrives and sets things straight. Then, at that time, all the “Lessons” will have been learnt and the slate wiped clean by this cosmic event so that we can then move on with learning a whole new set of lessons. Does your SF’s see it this way also?

SF: We would like to start our answer by stating that there are no lies or mistruths passed on from Spirit Truths to those that have truly dedicated their lives to delivering Truth. Eric is passing on a reflection of the Truth to one audience, while Pete passes on the same Truth in a different way.

Our interpretations of the Truth, as given to Us for Pete’s audience may be at variance to what Eric’s audience needs. But all in all, it is the same Truth. 

Christine’s Question 1: When we are born is the date of our demise already set, for example the number of years on earth are predetermined?

SF: No. There are too many variables, from too many sources etc for it to be possible to set such a predestined departure.

Christine’s Question 2: If we are here to learn lessons and don’t learn them is it because of missed opportunities we haven’t been able to recognise.

SF: As We have answered in previous QandA’s, you are not here to learn lessons as a form of personal correction. Life is an experience, expansion, extension of the Creator. All life forms are ‘sensors’ of the Creator, experiencing all that can be experienced in that particular life form and time.

Christine’s Question 3: We all hope to meet our loved ones again but do we also meet the people who caused us unhappiness in life and wouldn’t necessarily want to see again?

SF: No. Once that experience has ended, that is, once both parties have completed their physical time on earth, they return to their own ‘mother ship’ where they are totally at peace. In that state of peace, clarity and purpose of that past life become obvious to them.

Christine’s Question 4: If our loved ones reincarnate or the soul splits there must be a time when they no longer are able to send us messages on earth via psychics and meditation etc and their spirit seeing and hearing us on earth and knowing what we are doing. We must lose contact at some point. Is this correct or is it linked to the memory concept.

SF: The ‘mother ship’ of that person’s soul holds the memories, even after they have split into seeds. The interaction therefore continues on for a time, but as we’ve said previously, human time and Spirit time are totally different. So that by the time your friend/family member has moved onto another life, you could be well and truly be on your way to your ‘mother ship’.

Dot’s Question 1: Did we who are reincarnated to here on earth now pick this particular time for a purpose, or were we sent like good soldiers to fight on either side.

SF: Because the future is only vaguely known to the Creator, the future of any individual incarnated soul is not predestined. It’s a bit hard to explain, but if the world’s people are part of Creation, and choose to form aspects as is the case with the world currently, change won’t come until the collective understands it’s cause and effect.

Dot’s Question 2: How much free will is involved before and after birth?

SF: The free will here in Spirit is far greater than the free will claimed to be in the physical world. The physical world is built on boundaries, be it resources, laws, conditions etc. Therefore the collective of humans, in the physical world, has much more freedom than the individual because the actions of the collective limit the individual. Those limitations do not exist here in Spirit.


The latest blog at my new site will show the format of future blogs where I interact with my Spirit Friends. I am hoping to make them a weekly event. If you want to have a direct link to the new site, please fill in the email details at the base of the page at the blog site, as I will only be linking to this site for a short time. Please feel free to comment at the base of each blog, and please respect my opinions, the opinions of others and of course my Spirit Friends. Thank you, Pete



I am not the most computer literate and my many attempts to set up this site so that you could put comments directly to the Blog had me spending hours getting no where. Hence why the long delay in posting this.

But I’m happy to say I now have a new blog site set up with a posting from an old prediction for 2011 that I have put up as my first Blog. I’m still experimenting and so the initial Blog is quite raw.

I will keep this Psychic Expressions site until I’ve finally got the hang of the new site, so feel free to continue visiting here.

The new Blog Site:On The Light Path



At one of my regular session in Hervey Bay, a woman asked me questions concerning her family, in particular her 13-year-old daughter. I said I could see the daughter had isolated herself in a darkened room, almost as if the walls had been painted black. The mother said the daughter had painted the walls and the windows black, and rarely left the house. She said she and her husband had taken the daughter to the family doctor, who referred her to a psychiatrist, but nothing really changed. I said to the mother that I could see a dark young man in spirit who had befriended her daughter about 12 months previous to this visit, and the mother confirmed that the daughter’s condition had started around that time. She added that the daughter’s condition was getting progressively worse and asked if I did house calls. I said that I did but she would have to asked for her daughter’s permission first. I explained that though the mother and father had legal rights over the child at that age, I would need the daughter’s permission because I would be getting her to remove any negative or unwanted spirit energy that may be causing interference in her life. The mother said she would try.

The next day I received a phone call from the quite surprised mother to say the daughter had consented to me visiting. I set a time for the following weekend.

I arrived at the semi-rural property, about 15 minutes out of Hervey Bay, around three o’clock on the Saturday afternoon. The home was an old Queenslander, built on polls above the ground for both ventilation and monsoonal flooding, I was greeted by the mother and introduced to her husband and eldest son. Though the male members of the family were cordial, I could sense their reservation with my kind of work. After pleasantries, a few obvious questions, and a cup of tea, the mother took me to meet the daughter. She lived in a small ground level add-on to one side of the entry steps to the main house. As we approached her door, I could hear the sound of music coming from within the room. The mother rapped lightly on the door, called her name, and cautiously opened the door. Though it was a bright sunny day outside, there was little to no light in the room, and it took quite a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. The mother asked the daughter’s permission to turn on one light, but it was more of a command as the mother didn’t wait for the daughter’s reply before turning it on.

The girl was surprisingly pretty and well developed for her age. Had I not known her true age, I would have assumed she was at least 18. She was dressed in a black sleeveless tank top, black shorts, a black studded dog collar, and was wearing very dark eyes shadow and mascara, which matched her dyed black hair. Her Gothic appearance was reflected in the poster that took up two thirds of one wall. They were of the deceased actor Brandon Lee from one of his darker movie scenes, and from the same movie in which he was accidentally killed. Brandon Lee was the son of Bruce Lee, the Teo Jeet Kune Do master and actor. Both were accidentally killed while making movies. We chatted for a few moments, mostly on trivia associated with Brandon and his life, which she knew much about. She was totally convinced that he was in the room with her, as the protector. Psychically, however, I was seeing another, totally different, energy around her and in the room. It was an energy of death, lacking life or a life force. The energy in the room was so overpowering that I had to leave the room, her mother follow closely behind. Once outside, the mother said she rarely went into the room and was stunned at what she felt when she was in their. I suggested she go make us a cup of tea, and then when she left, I call on all that I knew in the Spirit world of the Highest calibre to come to my aid. I immediately felt Peaceful Energy building within me, and spreading out into the girl’s room and the surrounding property. After what must have been about two minutes, I went to re enter the room. She was coming out as I was going in. She was very concerned that when I had left her room, it may have been that she had upset me. It had been the first time she had left her room in daylight hours in 12 months, and the fear of being outside show on her face. We went back into her room but I left the door open.

I explained to her what I was psychically sensing, seeing, and feeling, and suggested she followed me in a simple and exercise, one which I use regularly for people who are not fully in control of their mind, thoughts, or action. It took quite a few attempts before she was relaxed enough to continue. With the aid of a visualisation exercise, I got her to remove all energy around her that was not of the highest and purist, and to replace it with the energy of peace, serenity, goodwill, and honesty. In other words her highest guidance. As she awoke from her self induced, trance-like state, she looked around the room like she was in a new place.

Almost on cue, her mother arrived with 3 cups of tea and a small plate of biscuits. She was stunned as she watched her daughter pull back the shades and curtains, and made a quick attempt to find a place for us to sit.

Some months later, the mother came to visit me with news that the daughter had returned to school, cleaned up her room and was interacting with the family again.

In an aside, she said she had taken the daughter back to the psychiatrist for a reassessment. When the psychiatrist stated that the daughter’s recovery was ‘miraculous’, the mother told him of my intervention.

She laughed as she told me “The psychiatrist seriously warned my daughter and me to stay clear of such psychic mumbo jumbo as it would only cause her harm further down the road.”

Sadly, the psychiatrist is a well respected member of the medical profession in that field, treating hundreds of cases of people with a ‘possession’ he refused to believe exists.


My humble apologies for the delay in my posting this Blog. Being winter and shorter days down here in Australia, combined with a backlog of activities I must complete before we get a really cold snap, has me forfeiting some activities, and preparing this Blog has been one of them.

This is a short one that I hope will sustain you the regular readers until I can put in time for the more detailed ones I’ll be posting as soon as I get them completed. Enjoy Pete

It was April 1997 and I was biting at the bit, because for five years I had been told by Spirit that I’d be moving to Maryborough in Queensland. “You will be living where the whales birth their young”.

As it turned out, the whales birth their young in Hervey Bay, where I eventually lived for a few years, but I made my living doing psychic readings in a health food store in Maryborough, the next town.

A few years earlier I had given my friend Sharon a reading in Mudgee saying she would be moving to Queensland, and that somehow I’d be ‘involved’ with her up there.

As it turned out, she met the man Spirit had promised in a reading I’d given her, and early in 1997 they invited me to visit.

And so on that day in April, with a totally over packed yellow Lite Age van (that I called my Yello Peril), I left Gulgong for Bundaberg in Queensland where I stayed with Sharon and Mike till I moved to Hervey Bay in the July.

Not long after arriving in Bundaberg, in fact only two months later, my family contacted me to say my dad’s health was slowly deteriorating and to be prepared for the worst.

One morning, around 7.00 am, I was sitting on the toilet, or the Tardus as Mike, Sharon and I call it, so named after the British Dr. Who TV Show and because, just like that Tardus, we seemed to enter a different world whenever we went there. It

was quite common for us to return back to the others after a visit there, with a lot of psychic information.

In my state of meditation, I had this feeling that dad was around me in a spiritual way. I spoke to him in my mind and asked him why he was there. “I can’t raise the flamin’ nurses” was his reply. Flamin’ was a common expression of dad’s. I could visualise him walking up the corridor of the hospice where he was staying, using a support frame, and dragging his intravenous drip and looking lost. I said, “Dad go back to bed and I’ll send a nurse to you.” He said OK but that I’d better hurry up, as he was busting to go to the toilet. He seemed to slowly fade away from me.

Surprised at that encounter, I asked my Guides what that was all about, and though I didn’t ‘hear’ Them in reply as I do now, I just knew instinctively that my dad had passed over, or was in the process of passing.

My suggesting he go back to bed and that I’d call the nurses for him, was Spirit’s way of reassuring him that all was well with his passing.

When I had finished my business in the Tardus, I went out to Mike and Sharon, without giving them any details and asked if they could get any information relating to what had just happened. They both became emotional and shivery and said they felt my dad had just passed over, or was in the process of passing over. I hadn’t told either of them what I had experienced in the Tardus. Around 10.00 am I got a phone call from my family to say dad had passed over peacefully around the time I had encountered him in the Tardus.

I was never close to my dad, or at least he was not close to me. He and I had clashed on almost every topic, though we both had tried to find common ground, which I had hoped one day we would.

With his passing came the reality that there could never be a reconciling of our differences.

Even the fact that he had come to me psychically before he died, and not to my eight siblings, I had thought would bring a new ‘contact’ between us after his passing. But other than that one encounter with him, I never had him visit me again.

The gap that was created between us is extremely difficult for me to deal with, even now.


Mark: I just read the copy of what will be your next Blog Pete and it sounds great. Don’t see myself as a Mark, hard to get used to that *lol*. It all rang true to me as if it was just yesterday. It also reminded me of my first ever Healing I had with you and Sue, when I almost fell of the lounge laughing my head off from the effects. I tell a lot of people about that kind of Spiritual Healing and what a great feeling it was. Go for it Pete with my blessing. Nothing I’d change or add to it. It’s just as I remember it happening.


It was the late nineteen nineties when I received an invitation from Sue to visit her in Queensland. She had been living in Mudgee and had moved up to where family were living, not far from Bundaberg. She had met Mark and they became a couple.

My moving, with all my bare essentials stuffed in or strapped to my Lite Ace van, is a story in itself. I called the van my Yello Peril because on arriving at Sue and Mark’s place, we discovered fuel had been spraying all over the motor. I shouldn’t be here.

Sue obviously knew of my psychic gift, but Mark was initially sceptical, but totally polite. As a means of stripping away the sensationalism of what I did, I suggested we have a regular Circle, based on the Three Fives relaxing meditation that Spirit had shown me down in Gulgong.

After a couple of weeks as the Circles progressed and a comfort zone was reached between us three and Spirit, Mark quickly began to show signs of medium-ship, with tingling sensations around the back of his neck, a feeling of euphoria, and an overpowering light headedness. Assurance by both Sue and myself that all was well and that he had no need to be frightened, Mark started to allow his Guides to expand this gift for him. It was during one of these sessions that Mark had his first full trance. We had been meditating as per usual and not really expecting anything as nothing much had happened for quite a few of the previous meditation sessions. Suddenly Mark started to act in a restless manner. Sue and I both looked to find him with his eyes closed, and his hand holding his neck and we both knew he was in trance.

From questioning Mark, we ascertained this soul was from a period in Fascist Italy of the 1940’s. I was transformed back to visualise a dark and narrow cobblestone alleyway, winding between old stone or brick buildings. In this imagery I could see a young man, possibly in his mid twenties, sitting in a small corner of this alleyway. He was holding his hand high up to his right shoulder, near his neck. He kept telling us he was OK, that he just needed to get his breath back. He knew he had been shot, but that he would be OK as soon as he had rested. From what we gleaned from our conversations with him as he spoke through Mark, he had been an active Fascist, but had then realised how wrong the Fascists were, and had tried to change camp.

He had been accepted by the underground resistance till someone recognised him, and assuming he was still with the Fascists, took him to this spot and shot him. He still believed he was alive, and that he could reconcile himself with the underground, just as soon as he got his energy back. My guides told me he had refused to move on to the light till he had put things right with the underground members, as he didn’t consider himself worthy of the Serenity and the Light that They offered, till that reconciliation had occurred.

It took quite a time to convince him he was in spirit, and that the war had ended more than fifty years earlier. Finally, and this would have been because Mark’s own guides would have reassured him what we were saying was the truth, his soul was released from his locked-in status, and we saw him heading towards the Light.

Mark returned to his physical form, and like anyone who has tranced for the first time, experienced the unique emotional aftermath of such an awesome occurrence. It was the one and only time Mark has had such a trance session that I know of. He has had many encounters with lost souls, but not coming to him in such a manner.

Mark and Sue moved to South Australia a few years back and he is now a well respected psychic medium in his own rite, with a well worn track of clients to his ‘computer’ door.



Over the year I receive complementary comment, statements of opposing belief and sometimes opinions that are not fit for print.

The kind comments are listed at the end of the main pages in the comments sections and I very much appreciate them, especially from you regulars.

There is other correspondence that comes in emails and that is questions relating to the particular Blog. I happily reply to all of them and also encourage you to send me more.

I have delayed printing them in the Blog till I had enough for a page. Hope you enjoy.


Q. Does everyone have a different destination when they die?

A. We determine where we go when we pass over in the sense that if we pass over in a state of contentment, then we find our passing over quite pleasant. If we have no belief of a life after, as was the case of Sam, then there is a ‘tumbling time’ or time of confusion. We are the power of our own destiny when we pass over, so it is important for us to be in such a state of peace as is possible.

Q. Where are the Spirit Guides, past family members, Higher Spirits, Temple builders etc?

A. That is a very broad question and can be answered in so many ways. When a person passing over in a state of peace, there is a tumbling sensation. This confusion is where you are finding your ‘new feet’ as it were. Assuming you have an open mind spiritually, you will soon ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ a state of contentment and peacefulness. Within that peacefulness will appear those loved ones, friends and those souls you know to bring you contentedness. Include in that appearance will be your Spirit Guides.

Q. In the Sam encounter, was he earth bound?

A. Temporarily yes. His stubbornness and contradictions confused him. He kept dismissing the belief that there is life after death and yet expecting his wife to be waiting for him. With his Guides using Danny and I as basically mirrors of his contradictions, and there were others, he was able to come to terms with those states he had created before he could move on.

Q. Are the Spirit Guides you contact a reflection on your own knowledge and advancement and as such, couldn’t you reach the Higher Realms?

A. Guides, Angels, Holy Souls, or Advanced Spirit are all the same. They are the Highest available to us at our particular level. There are billions of Them acting as One Voice to assist and guide us. We can ask for specific Guides, or holy Icons, however is it our need that dictates the Team best for us at any given time. They don’t remain with us forever, but constantly change as our needs arise. Some psychically gifted people can sense a change in Guidance, but most don’t feel any difference at all.

Q. I spent mostly all night and morning reading Sam’s Encounter. Fascinating. Now I want more. Hoping maybe you have other Blog posts maybe of other psychic encounters with other spirits. And any Blog posts about the things you know about the afterlife because you seem to be really well educated in it.

A. Thank you O. To be totally truthful, I have no idea what is coming next. Today, in less that 4 hours, I’ll be linking up for a meeting with ‘Danny’ and another psychic friend to discuss the matter. Thank you again for you interest.

Q. Thank you for writing Sam’s Encounter and sharing it with us. Will this be in a book form someday?

A. The cost of publishing books in Australia is prohibitive, hence why I prefer to give my material free to those who appreciate it. Thank you for your kind words.

Q. I was concerned that readers may think their destiny is the same as Sam’s. Maybe you could express that for them in future works.

A. Sam’s story, and stories I plan to share later on, are not the case for all who pass over, and I’m sure the reader’s understand that. The encounters I’m publishing are individual not general ones. In the case of Sam, as was explained, he refused to believe in a life after passing over, yet he was expecting his wife to be waiting for him. That contradiction alone held him back. If we work now to sort out what we believe in by reviewing our moral values, our purity of self and our admitting to our faults and failings but continuing to create a better self, we have absolutely no need for concern when the time comes.


Q: I’m wondering why the souls were trapped by the old apple tree?

A: Aboriginal belief was that when we passed over, we became a part of nature, usually embedded in a tree. Hence why I made reference to the first visitation to that property having happened around old trees that would have been there before white invasion to Australia. Just like Sam’s encounter, what we believe when we pass over is where we stay till we ‘wake up’ to the fact that our belief wasn’t true. Again as in the Sam encounter, time in Spirit is nothing like time as we understand it. Spirit has no way of knowing a year to a hundred. They think they’re sleeping, as Sam thought in those first few months.

Q. When the Aboriginals were murdered, why didn’t other higher souls come to rescue them, especially the children?

A. Again using Sam’s encounter, my Guidance and Danny’s Guidance came to him on numerous occasions. They used our imagery to try and move him on. But his belief, and his confusion, held him back. This happens with those souls who have a specific belief and strongly hold to it. In the case of the Aboriginal children, they would have clung to their mothers, unaware that both they and their mothers were decease. Attempts would have been made by Higher Entities to help them ascend, but the belief of the parent would have been too strong. In this instance a Powerful Force was used, that the souls would have believed in, that caused the release. As the old Aboriginal Elder indicated, there needs to be more people offering to release these souls. We here in the earth plane have the will. Prayer was a means, but those have become more wistful rather than the determined ones necessary to start Spirit rolling.

Q. A lot of excellent psychics say that angels, guides or higher realms spirits will meet you at the moment of your death, others say they come to you just before you die.

A. They are right, but again, if the soul doesn’t believe in Them, or have different expectations, nothing changes. Hauntings and ghosts are real. Low level Orbs floating around cemeteries are real. Strange spirit happenings that cause fear in the living are real. Eventually those lost souls will move on to a more peaceful state and place. It just happens in a different time frame to our time frame here in the earth plane.

Q. These souls by the apple tree, had to be more advanced than we are now spiritually, but they were trapped.

A. Again this relates back to time. Earth time and Spirit time are totally different. My friend Danny has had encounters, out at sea, with pirate Spirits. He has called on his Guidance to help to release them a hundred or more years after they ‘died’. To them it would have felt like weeks or months.

Q. It does scare me to read souls could be trapped, as the ones around trees, and not be freed to reach their spirit home.

A. Your perception is based on the premise that those souls were conscious of their status for the past hundred or more years. Most trapped or lost souls have no concept of time … no sunrise and no sunset means time there is totally different. What we know as a very long time, to them seems very short.

Q. I felt a lot of emotions as I read your encounter of the Apple Gum trees and the souls locked in them. I think it is so sad that other humans couldn’t set those souls free. You have made me realise just how big a problem this could be. Thank you so very much for your posts!

A. Yes it was an extremely hurtful experience at the time, and less so but still hurtful sharing it in the Blog. As to why other humans couldn’t set free those souls, too often we hear the ‘thoughts and prayers’ mantra when there have been tragedies. Though it is a nice sentiment, it would be far better if we could sit quietly in meditation, after any tragic event, and concentrate on sending Good Will healing those souls that have passed at that time, and to the bereaved families. Spiritually, it creates a chain reaction to other souls who are also locked in the earth plane, not just to the ones we may be concentrating on. The Healing Energy manifests and spreads. That was what the old Aboriginal Elder meant about lost souls being locked into other places in the world, and how the Cleansing of those ones We were working on, can spread that Healing to other places as well. Basically, and in our ignorance, we send out far more bad will on a regular basis than we do Good Will. This ‘non positive’ energy, in turn reduces the level of Higher Level Goodness available to us all. Which is why we have to concentrate on the Greatest Good/Creator Force every time we meditate or call on Them for help and assistance in our daily lives. It is like we have to rebuild the Channel every time as a form of protection from the anti energies.

Q. Hi Pete. Can a spirit attach itself to someone, when they are very young, and not
know it?  I know, all thru life, that I had a lazy brain,  never could concentrate, nor can I visualize, but sometimes, thoughts come into being, that are a little neg, and not on the subject, that I am thinking of. I really appreciate, your posts, as I do learn so much from them. 

A. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, spirit energy can negatively influence a person’s thinking or feelings. However, it is how the living person deals with that thought or feeling that determines if it will grow to a control or possession
status or whether is will be dismissed.
For what it’s worth, I was exactly the same as you when it comes to ‘lazy brain’ and lack of concentration. The same with visualisations, Danny from the Sam story can actually see psychically, but I’m more feelings and ‘imagination’.
I believe some of us who are gifted are usually using up large quantities of the brain area that normally holds short term memory. I could NEVER remember names, phone numbers etc. And what was worse, I had no idea that I was psychic. My suggestion to you is assume your thoughts are good thoughts, that is they are coming from a good Source. In this way you are actually reaching out to Good, and Good will come to you. Jesus said “What Father, when the son asks for bread, gives him a stone. The inference being that The Creator Force/God is always attentive and listening. So by putting out trust, even thought you don’t know what you’re trusting, that Trust will come to you. ‘I know mine and mine know me’ …. another of Jesus’ saying relevant here. Do you do regular meditations? And if so, are they deliberately geared
to connecting to the Highest Source? Hope this helps.


Friends of Mark and Joyce who lived in Gulgong would visit from time to time while I was there and sometimes, Linda would join the Circles.

She said she was pretty impressed with what I was getting, especially a message I gave her concerning entity interference at her sister Sue’s home at Bellingen, coastal northern NSW.

Some time later, Linda and her husband said they were planning a holiday over to visit the sister, would my son and I like to join them.

The two of us had been keen to get away from the peering eyes of my ex wife who was looking for any opportunity to ruin me in my local community, and so without hesitation we took up Linda’s offer.

The journey was a long but pleasant one, and it was a wonderful sensation, not just the arriving, but to be confronted by such an amazing home.

Sue’s husband Graham built alternative style homes in rural settings, and had used their place as an example of his work. It was in every sense of the word unique.

It was constructed on the side of a hill, with five levels and a central stairway from the first and lowest room to the top, and back, of the home. It was made of recycled timbers, glass, and other materials he had scrounged from building sites in a number of places in and around Sydney many years earlier. The first room was a large general room that served as lounge, kitchen and study. The next levels, separated up the centre by the steps, contained two large size bedrooms, the left room being Sue and Graham’s, and the right room where Linda and her family bunked.

Next came two smaller rooms, with a spare on the left side and the one my son and I shared on the right. Above these was the wet area level, with the bathroom on the left and laundry on the opposite side, and above that a storage area on the left and a firewood stack on the right. At the top of the stairs, was a door that opened out onto the top of the hill.

It was an extraordinary building and one I took to the minute I saw it.

Sue mentioned in passing that she would be sleeping in the room opposite the one my son and I were in.

Linda asked her sister if she was still having troubles sleeping in the main bedroom, a level below. She said she was convinced it was haunted. She said there was never any problems while her husband was home, only when he was away.

My friends looked at each other with a knowing glance and then said,

“We’ve never been comfortable in that room, any time we’ve stayed there.”

Sue said that when her husband was away, she would have doubts about his fidelity, yet when he was home, she had no doubts about him at all.

Knowing of my psychic skills, Linda asked if I could sense anything.

Though I had done psychometry and sensed areas of land where aboriginal people had been massacred, I had never done anything like this in the presence of others.

Using my outstretched hands as antenna, I slowly stepped into the room. Immediately I felt like I was back in Sydney in the 1920’s. I could feel the presence of some very nasty women and men. The women had total disrespect for the men, and the men were extremely cruel towards the women.

I was confused. This house was only a few years old, and nowhere near Sydney. I asked Sue did she know where the main timber beams, the main beams that held the weight of the rooms further up the incline. She said they had come from an old three story building from around the docks area in Circular Quay Sydney. I asked if she knew what the building was used for, and she said originally it had been a bond warehouse, then converted into accountants offices, and then a brothel.

I felt, but didn’t say, that the brothel had been a particularly nasty place catering for the worst of bestiality and similar.

I asked my Guides if there was anything I could do to remove the remnant energy. Suddenly I started raising my hands out on either side and slowly moved around the room, as if I were ushering an unseen force to gather. Then without warning, my hands came together in a mighty hand clap, as had happened in Mudgee some years before. I actually felt the building vibrate, but it was a psychic not physical, vibration.

Linda, who was standing at the door, let out a loud exclamation while her sister Sue let out a scream.

I immediately felt light headed and dizzy and went to lean against the wall. The wooden wall was electric, like it was charged with an electric current. Not bad for wood.

As I walked unsteadily back down to the kitchen for a much needed cup of tea, I could psychically hear a faint crackling sound around different sections of the building as I descended the stairs. It was a most extraordinary feeling.

A few days later, as I was strolling around the hill country where Sue and her husband lived, my Guides told me that the dormant energy of the souls from that time in the brother, were re energised when Sue, who was psychically gifted, dwelt on doubts or concerns she had about herself as worthy of the relationship, and of her husband’s possible infidelity. It was like a light switch.

While her sister, husband and the kids went down town to get takeaways, I shared what I had received from my Guides to Sue.

She confirmed that she didn’t feel worthy of her husband and that she was sure he was having more than one affair when he was away. The day we were to return home, she called me aside and said that for the past few nights, something had definitely happened for the better. Not only had she gone back into her bedroom and slept soundly, but she had lost all concerns of her husband being unfaithful.

A week after we had returned to Gulgong, Linda phoned me to say she had just heard from Sue. Sue’s husband had come home a day or two before, and they had had a huge sharing. After Sue shared what she had thought, concerning her husband’s unfaithfulness, he confessed that he had prepared an apartment down towards Newcastle because he was convinced that Sue was having an affair, and had planned to leave him.

Sue had told Linda that after that sharing, she and her husband returned to the bedroom like they were newly weds.

From that time on, Linda informed me, they had no further events of a negative nature.


Joyce had been so taken by the encounter we had with her nephew, from the last Encounter, that she went searching for, and found, an old friend who used to do medium-ship work in Sydney. Joyce and her husband Mark invited this medium to visit for a few days and on her arrival, I was invited to join them for a meal and a Circle.

I arrived in the late afternoon of the day the medium arrived and Joyce, Mark and myself shared our interpretation of the encounters we had been having, especially the encounter with Joyce’s nephew.

This medium explained that she had never come across such a ‘system’ as we had encountered, rather she would go into a full trance and then she would allow a particular soul’s energy to enter her.

This medium had also brought along with her a female friend who hero worshipped this medium, to the point that it became uncomfortable as we moved into the evening and then dinner time.

After the scrumptious meal Joyce had made for us all, and with some gentle coaxing, we opened up a Spiritual Circle. As we had gained more confidence in forming our Circles, Spirit would inform me when the Circles were fully attuned or when we may have been a little off our guard. This night the energy was definitely off guard, thanks to the medium’s friend, but after almost a half hour extra meditating, the Peace necessary was created. I could sense the energy gradually growing in the Circle and noted that though it was quite good and no hairs were standing out on my neck, it certainly was a different sensation in the room to our usual circles.

I watched as the medium slowly drifted into a tranced. Her breathing was very slow and she was definitely in a peaceful and still state. Then slowly she began to rise slightly in her chair as she changed from a very quiet and sombre, middle aged woman, into a very youthful and almost hyperactive young man. In trance state, she took on this teenager’s personality, scratching and itching constantly, moving about in the seat, eyes darting around frequently and distracted when the questions didn’t suit him. I was convinced that this was a definite trance. Not just because of the woman’s ‘acting’ but because I had my Guides telling me so. Though I was uncomfortable with the process, I was also mesmerised by it.

Initially the medium’s woman friend started to ask trivial questions of the lad, like what’s the weather like in Heaven and had he met God yet, to which the youth stayed silent.

Then Joyce, sensing the uncomfortable situation, asked this youth his age, his country and could he describe for us the landscape. From these questions we were able to gleaned that he was from either rural France or England at the time of the Black Plague. He was about thirteen or fourteen, didn’t have family and lived in the fields to escape the authorities. He would sneak into the towns late at night and eat the scraps that were left in the streets for the rats. He said he had pet rats and they helped him find food. He wore cut down left overs that were thrown out from the rich as clothing, but mostly ran naked. In the winters he would find open windows in basements or barns and would keep warm there. It was also obvious, from the way he dodged some of Joyce’s questions that he wasn’t a complete innocent. Robbing and pick pocketing were his forte he said, especially amongst the very rich who owned carriages. He said his greatest trick was to steel the oil out of the lamps at the back of the carriages, where they had them, and use the oil to stare fires to keep warm in the winter.

It didn’t take too much of an imagination to understand how he died. The incessant scratching would have been from his flea infestation, the carrier of the Black Plague.

I felt uncomfortable with the whole event because there was no attempt made to release the lad, who I was sure was a lost soul. I was a guest in the presence of a medium whom was placed well above our encounters and our statue, simply because she had ‘been very big in Sydney’. Such was the insistence of the medium’s friend.

It’s true that I went with an open mind and was hoping this medium might give me a few pointers, but as the reality hit me, I realised that I was the ‘Knowledged One’ in the room. At least the Guides instructing me were.

The session ended, the medium came out of her trance, the youth returned to his bug ridden rats and we had a cup of tea as the medium’s friend rattled on incessantly about her friend’s channelling.

The next morning I returned to Mark and Joyce’s for morning tea and a general chat with the medium. I asked her how she had felt, after she had come out of the trance and she said she was very drained and tired, hence why she had gone to bed early the night before. She said she hadn’t been doing much trance work because of the after effects from some of the ordeals she had to go through. I asked in my innocence, should she feel tired and drained if her protecting Highest Guides had sanctioned the source she was channelling, for which I was severely admonished by her bubbly friend?

Later, when Joyce and Mark had taken the bubbly one out into the garden, the medium approached me and we had a very good and long chat.

She asked me how much I knew of trance work and I embarrassingly said very little, other that what came into my head.

She asked me what I thought of the encounter the night before and I confirmed my belief to her that the event was genuine, but that I was concerned at how she would know which souls were genuine and which ones were lower level entities.

She said that she has always used the White Light in her Meditations before such encounters, but that over time she wondered if she was fully protected. I blurted out (Spirit through me often does this) that her Guides weren’t strong enough against the energies people brought to her performances asking for a ‘show’.

I also voiced my concern that we didn’t ask the lad, or at least his Guidance, if he wished to be released from that repetitious past. She said she hadn’t ever thought about that, and added that my ‘Knowledge’ wasn’t coming from human sources. At her request, we went into the meditation that Spirit had previously showed me, which I call the three fives Meditation:

It is a series of five deep and slow breaths. The first five to relax, the second five to attune to the Highest Spirit Energy and the third five is the state of total openness to Spirit of the Highest Order.

Being a quick meditation means that lower entities soon get a short shift from the Higher Angels that are called upon to Guide us.

After exiting the meditation, she seemed to be a totally different person with more vigour and life than before.

She then said she could see a huge positive energy around me when I spoke, and that I would be doing a huge amount of psychic work within a few years. She also said I would be moving further north, though she didn’t specifically say Queensland, which is where I ended up.

The last I heard of her was she had not only stopped doing trance work completely, but that she had stopped doing all psychic work, which is quite sad as she was a very good medium.



Those of you who have been following my Encounters, will recall from The Wiradjuri Man that those happenings started after my visits to a couple out on the Old Barney’s Reef road in Gulgong NSW back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Because of the sensitivity of the Aboriginal man at the gum tree, the releasing of the lost souls and the whole Kadaicha matter, and in respect to the couple, who were of Aboriginal heritage, we rarely discussed Aboriginal subjects.

Joyce, her husband Mark and I would regularly hold a psychic circle in their home and often received interesting instructions from Spirit, particularly as to how to hold a Spiritually Guided Circle.

On one occasion, while visiting Mark and Joyce I psychically sensed there was a spiritual presence in the house, particularly around Joyce. We asked Spirit to checked her aura and were told she had an angry and aggressive male spirit energy around her. Joyce was mildly shocked to think there had been interference, considering she prided herself in her particular White Light protection.

It was when I started to describe the character in spirit that she really was shocked. The description Spirit was giving was of a young man who Joyce said sounded like her brother’s son who had been killed some years earlier in a bike accident. Joyce had heard that both her nephew and his girl friend had been decapitated in the accident in New Zealand.

Joyce began to address her nephew as if he were there in the room, and instructed him to go to the White Light. When he became more aggressive, she backed off.

Being confused and upset, she asked me to try and communicate with him. After entering a very deep meditative state, my Guides through me started to talk to him.

They asked him to explain where he felt he was, how long he’d been there and why specifically he’d come to Joyce and Mark.

I was sensing, from Their questions, that They were trying to get him to sort out his ‘thinking’. It was as if his confusion was due to his having separated matters into individual boxes, and none of them were making sense to him.

We were almost into a hour of this interaction when Joyce noted a strange energy build up. I didn’t sense anything till suddenly I received this incredible sudden jolt that had me dazed and a little shocked.

I looked over at Joyce and in total amazement she said, “My nephew. He just punched you.” Though I was aware something dramatic had happened, there were no serious side effects.

Unsure what to do next, the three of us immediately moved away from him, back to the Circle protection, and waited further instructions from Spirit.

Joyce got the message that ‘Peaceful Souls’ around her nephew had told him They were happy to help him, but if he wasn’t interested in cooperating, They would have him removed from contact with us till such time as he was willing to behave properly.

She then said that we were to break the circle, have a cuppa and to wait Their further instructions.

About a half to three quarters of an hour later, the three of us felt we were to re open the Circle.

Joyce’s nephew was there and far more settled than he had been, but still angry. It was suggested that I stay away from him, and I left the encounter to Joyce and Mark.

He told Joyce that he couldn’t go to the Light till he had found his girl friend. Mark said he could hear the girl friend from somewhere in the Light calling to him, but he was still chatting away to Joyce.

Joyce interrupted her nephew and asked if he could hear her calling to him,

“Of course I can. Her voice had been driving me mad. I search and search but I can’t find her. That’s why I talk over her cause it’s so painful not being able to find her.”

“Have you looked up?” Mark asked.

“Don’t you think I’ve already tried that? Don’t you think I would already have looked up there for her? It was the first place I looked.”

“Didn’t you see her there when you looked up?” Joyce queried. How could he not see her?

“Well of course not,” He replied angrily, “Or I’d have gone to her.”

“Then why is it she can see you, and you can hear her, but you can’t see her?” Mark asked simplistically.

“How do I bloody well know,” his anger increasing, “You’re the one with the answers, you tell me.”

“It is your anger,” My Guides, through me, stated quietly. “Her Guides won’t let you anywhere near her while you are in a state of anger. You would unintentionally damage her.”

It was the first time my Guides, through me, spoke to him after his attack on me. I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

At first he stayed silent, then replied, “Well I have every right to be angry. One minute she is there with me, the next thing I know, I have lost my bike and she has gone.”

“Are you aware you were both killed in a biking accident in New Zealand?” Joyce interjected.

“What? Bullshit,” he replied angrily. “If I’m dead, how come there are no angels around me, just this pitch black night.”

“It is because you won’t accept the obvious.” Joyce, who had slipped into a trance state continued. “I’m your aunty, Mark is your uncle, Pete is a friend. We are all psychics. We are channelling the very Angels you’re looking for. They can’t get near you until you accept you’re no longer in the physical world. Stop fighting them, in your thought, and you will be free.”

“The darkness is of your own making.” My Guides and I.

“We’re in Australia now, not New Zealand, and it is now five years since you lost your bike and your girlfriend.” Mark interjected.

“Is this true?” He asked Joyce.

“Yes it is.” She replied with tears in her eyes. “You both died in that tragic bike accident in New Zealand.”

He went silent.

“It is definitely true.” Mark added with genuine reassurance. “Why would we all be lying to you?”

“OK, then what am I supposed to do?” He said finally.

“Close your eyes and take some long, deep, peaceful breaths.” Joyce copied the very same meditation we had both been given by Spirit that we used when starting our Circle Meditations.

For at least a half hour, both of us in trance form, worked with him as he started to let all his fears, hurts, and sadness lift away. It was slow, tiring and quite a few times repetitive, as he slowly trusted that we weren’t ‘leading him down a strange path’.

At times we wondered if we wouldn’t have to come back another day, and do this all over again, so redescent was he.

I then had the sensation he was starting to slowly open his eyes and look upwards.

That was when we both felt a tingling sensation and a deep emotional feeling.

Joyce burst into tears, and it was all I could do not to join her.

“He can see her, he has found her.” Joyce blubbered, tears rolling down her cheek.

Slowly we felt him ascending towards her in the light, till he had finally gone.

The room was electric with emotion and there wasn’t a dry eye amongst the three of us.

A week later, I called back to their place and during the discussion Joyce sensed something was happening in spirit and so we opened a Circle and tuned in.

Her nephew was back holding the hand of his girlfriend. She was nursing a baby. They were both dressed in white and we were told they had just been married.

Joyce didn’t known that the girl had been pregnant when she had passed over from the accident.

It was not unlike the encounter in the movie Ghost where Patrick Swayze’s character leaves Whoopee Goldberg and Demi Moore for the last time.

Some weeks later, Joyce phoned her brother and the father of this young man, who was quite sceptical of psychic matters, to tell him of our encounter. He hung up halfway through the conversation.

It was almost a month after that phone call that her brother’s wife wrote Joyce and Mark to say the phone call had shocked her brother so much that he couldn’t talk to anyone about it. She told Joyce it wasn’t common knowledge the girlfriend had been pregnant when she had died.

She further said that two days after Joyce, Mark and I had our final encounter with Joyce’s nephew, the young man had visited his father to say all was well.

Joyce’s sister in law said that since then there had been a massive change in the ‘air’ in their place. A sense of anguish, dread and sadness had completely lifted and that she and Joyce’s brother were working on slowly starting to re build their lives again.

If you wish to read the Continuance of My Encounters, and this one has been added to the bottom of the list, please go to: