What’s It All About?

How well do we know our mind? The thinking, discerning, processing aspect we use when making decisions? Are our decisions made solely on our own discernment, our own input, or do we ‘follow the flow’ of what we read, hear, get taught etc from outside of ourselves? Do we even know the difference.

By challenging standards, teachings and the perceptions of others, we run the risk of being ‘outside of the norm’ and this can be rather daunting for many of us.

However, isn’t it this very process, this going against the grain, that has caused inventors to create the new? The scientists to re invent and improve? The theorists to create the future norms?

My hope is this site will have us all challenging that which we, to a particular point, used as our ‘norm’, especially relating to the many aspects of our thoughts, spiritual beliefs or lack of them, and generally the meaning of our specific and individual lives.

Hope you find your personal journey less challenging and more awe inspiring as a result of what you might find in your mind, through reading at least one of my posts.

Thank you for reading,