Looking back over 2017, and in particular the predictions Spirit gave me, and the events that unfolded, it’s no wonder I was hesitant to post them in a previous Blog that I ran prior to this one.

Like most psychics, I didn’t see Donald Trump becoming President, nor did I see interference in that election. I did however, have a feeling of dread and foreboding ahead. That foreboding increased as the Presidency was decided, and continued as the year unfolded. It’s with me still as I prepare a 2018 prediction posting for my next Blog.

As early as the Australia Day Long Weekend at the end of January my Spirit Friends told me of the mess the US, and then the world, was heading into under the chaotic direction of Trump and his Administration.

“Something of major importance exposed within a week or two in America. They didn’t hide it well so it won’t be brushed under the carpet. Political interference, Russia involved. Mammon, the money god, has bought this Presidency.

On January 15th came the news that Trump’s top aid was fired for holding back information concerning a Russian connection from the Vice President.

Two days later came the accusations that Trump was associated with the holding back of information concerning Russian interference and that possibility this has been going on for 12 months or more.

On January 17th, while meditating prior to going to bed, I received this message from Spirit:

“The Russian matter isn’t going to go away. Calls for impeachment, heads rolling, news will out over time that some Republicans in Congress and the Senate were aware. More disclosures next three/five days. Media smells blood. Big gun in media getting active. Exposure hits press big time late March through to June/July. Major exposure at this time. Grand Jury. Trump implicated. Sackings, rumours. Rotating staff in White House brings progress to a halt.

And so it went on, and with more exposures came the awareness that the US had either elected a fool, or ‘others’ had manipulated his election so as to protect their interests.

The constant news of broken promises, including building a wall between the US and Mexico, for which the Mexicans would pay. A banning of certain nationals entering the US, a declaration signed in The White House that, to this time, has still not been enacted as originally intended. Deliberate insults in the form of offensive and sarcastic remarks of and to other world leaders and therefore insults to the countries that elected them, including Australia’s PM.

And of course his many ill informed Tweets, based on Conspiracy Theory nuts, one of whom he originally employed, and then sacked.

Spirit also warned of major weather as global warming increases and in particular:

“For most of this year through to at least September 2018 magnitude 6 earthquakes, and possibly a chain of quakes, will fire off around the Pacific Rim. New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand will have large seismic activities. Japan through to Alaska and down along the Canadian, US, and South American west Cost will have more shakes than usual. This will intensify towards the end of the year and into 2018. There will be sizeable quakes in the US, particularly south and east of Yellowstone and around Soda Springs Idaho. Calamity starts from here around mid Sept and quakes will be felt as far east as Washington and close to New York.

In a final message for the year, Spirit said that the US was being destroyed from within. Not only was big money controlling Government at all levels, oil and gas explorations had peppered the US so that they had created mini volcanos, one of which would erupt and cause severe danger, but this was most likely to occur late 2018 or even into 2019.

In my own case, two months after my February birthday, I had a serious fall and smashed my left Femur. This basically wiped off the year for me, and allowed me the time to set up this Blog. It was also a time for me to realise just how special friends and family can be. I owe them what money can never buy.

Now that the year is over and much of what I received from my Spirit Friends has occurred, I will start working on what They have/are giving me for this up coming year of 2018. I hope to have that ready by the end of the first week in the New Year.

Happy New Year To You, One And All.


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