I’d like to start by thanking the many people who visited my site for the last Blog.

A total of 400 views and 254 visitors. It may not be a staggering number for most recognised sites, but for a small fry one like mine, that huge. Thank you sincerely for you interest.

This Blog continues on from where the last one ended, but firstly I’d like to add some predictions we received in our Circle around early December just gone:

This is from Helen’s predictions:

1) Major snow storm this winter (US),

2) Flooding and earthquake but not sure when.

2) Iceberg near or under a major bridge in the US. San Francisco/New York?

3) Major catastrophe in New Orleans.

4) Tragedy befalls Prince Harry and his fiancé Megan.

Thank you Helen.

At that time I got:

Major earthquake USA in Feb 14th inland west coast. Not sure which year.

Prince Harry and his fiancé Megan will face some obstacles that will put serious stress on their new relationship/marriage. I see them living separate lives, but still seemingly as a couple.

And so now a continuance of what Spirit sees for the world for the next two to three years. I received this information in raw form from Dec 31st 2017 through to Jan 3rd this year:


Terrorist attack airport transit system … Heathrow …. vague/not clear. Very large explosion, much carnage. Mid to late northern hemisphere summertime.

Major storms, totally out of season for Britain. Flooding causing much damage to old structures. Priceless buildings damaged and irreparable.

Britain becoming less and less interactive with the US on many fronts. She will be seen to scatter her eggs into many baskets including joining new International Partnerships.

Extremist party rises from the ashes. Violence, aggression and racism noticeable.


Major quake measuring above 7 mag will cause serious tsunami. Many lives lost. They are highlighting Feb through to April without a specific date.

Handshake of a positive nature between China and Japan. Tentative trade talks at first, solidifying further in time.


Germany looses Chancellor Angela Merkel as primary leader. If still leader, then in very minor capacity.


Though not directly implicated in the Trump affair, companies associated strongly with the Russian Government will be found complicit in money laundering, sales of contraband goods and clandestine operations between those high up in their Government and Trumps ‘buddies.’

Even though there will be sabre rattling from the US, nothing seriously will be done as previous administrations will have been found to have also been involved.


The continuing slow change of the guard in China towards a more liberal and open society will take a major step forward over the next few years. China will lead the economies of the world as the US economy goes into decline. China’s old guard will continue to be replaced by new thinking and younger members of the Communist Party. Threats against Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and other claimed territories will ease as China throws more olive branches toward them. With China’s overthrow of North Korea and a replacement of that Government with less aggressive power, the North and South will finally ease their hostilities towards each other.


With an ever increasing population, a poor level of hygiene and an increase in diseases and epidemics, the WHO will call for urgent assistance. Food will need rationing in places and a strong call will be made for birth control. A virus that starts this year in Europe/US, will devastate some of the poorer regions on the planet. India region will suffer dearly.

New Zealand:

A major quake will hit the north of the South Island destroying at least one east coast town, somewhere near Motueka. Possibly Motueka itself.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern throws a curly ball that has both the opposition and her party into a spin. Shades of Gough Whitlam, but she succeeds where he didn’t.

A new island appears in the west Pacific, possibly north east of Vanuatu/Tonga.

Australian politics:

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull faces an uphill battle again this year. Conservatives grow in number/voice, but the more moderates are growing louder. He will be in the middle and the whipping boy for both sides.

Tax changes from this year’s May budget will turn the people against the LNP.

Labor continues to rise in the polls, but because the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is not the Aussies pick, the ALP will be relying heavily on preferences.

The Greens will pick up a small increase in their votes but not much.

The Nick Xenophon Team will seem to be lost with votes slipping Federally.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party continues to stumble along, but without much ground gained.

Bob Katter’s Australia Party gets a bit more of a poll boost, but only in National Party areas where it is obvious voters have no real alternative.

Possibility of shock resignations of Nationals in Qld, WA and NSW due to ill health seriously spooking the Coalition prior to the next Federal Election.

America’s Presidential crisis will become more an issue in Aussie politics, especially with the ALP calling for Australia to take stronger and more decisive actions against America’s Trumpism.

Rupert Murdoch takes ill towards the third quarter of this year. This sees him having to leave the media business and in late 2019 or early 2020 his health seriously deteriorates. He won’t make mid 2020, and could go earlier.

Australian TV continues to sink slowly into oblivion with more people finding other forms of entertainment.

Racial tension will continue to grown, especially in the Victoria, with strong conservatives demanding a white Australia, without actually saying so.

A cyclone will form of the northern tip of WA later summer and will cause major flooding through to Queensland.

Queensland with have two cyclones forming late summer with one fizzles out and the other grows erratic as it heads for the Pacific Islands.

There seems to be a similar occurrence happening in the northern Pacific Islands as happened in 2017 in Porta Rico…..serious cyclones and earthquakes.

The Winter Olympics has a scare that is possibly terrorist related. A bus or shuttle transport service area is in strong focus.

As I have already posted Spirit’s prediction for the US, I will leave America for now. However, as a general addendum:

Concerns for Donald Trump’s mental illness increases as he makes more erratic statements, undermines America’s credibility in the world and sacks, or tries to sack, important people in and outside of the White House.

Robert Mueller will pull at least three surprise witnesses to his investigation over the next six months, including a member of Trump’s family. These witness testimonies will create fatal cracks in Trump’s ‘wall’. 

It will be found in years to come that Trump’s totally chaotic running of the White House left the nation in a dangerous state with staff, totally out of their debt,  left running the country and serious mistakes made.

Spirit informs me They will continue to upgrade predictions for the rest of this year.


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