As I sit here at my computer preparing for the predictions Spirit gives me for 2019, the world is fixed on the US and the mess that country is in.

As 2018 ends, one cabinet secretary resigned in disgrace, another cabinet secretary resigned in disgust at the removal of troops from Syria and a former national security adviser to the president faces jail. Then over Christmas Trump stubbornly refused to compromise on the funding for his Mexico Wall, shutting down the government and leaving tens of thousands of government workers without pay, seriously shaking the stock market. And that is all in one week.

On going, of course, is the speculation around Mueller’s Special Council’s investigation into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election of Donald Trump as President and the possibility of his impeachment in the new year.

There is some hope for the new year for the US, with the house of Representatives coming under the controlled of the Democrats on the third of January. However, the President still has two years remaining in his term, and the Senate has an increase in Republicans.

So, it is with that awareness that I slip into my meditative state, remove my own dread, and concentrate on what Spirit has to pass on to us all for the year ahead and beyond.


 Spirit’s predictions for the next few years is focused primarily on the US.

Shock and awe, with sudden and unexpected resignations, charges of corruption of the very highest in businesses, financial institutions, and the different Government branches within the US are Spirit’s highlights for the next few years.

In the more immediate, ongoing revelations from Robert Mueller’s Special Council will have the US reeling by the time we reach the 2020’s.

Spirit has said America, and indirectly the world at large, had to have a Trump in order to bring the American people’s attention to the massive corruption that got him President in the first place. The entire legal profession, especially their honesty and moral scruples, will come under close scrutiny. If not for the corruption, the deception, the lying and the powerful manipulators of the law, whose vile power has infested the world, there would not have been a Trump, or those that have supported him right through his life.

It will be Trump’s Presidency which will cause the numerous investigations, hearings, and specially instigated tribunals necessary for a complete review of the American Political System, including the deliberate undermining of the American Constitution, and all that America originally stood for. It’s effects will ring loudly all around the world, toppling corruption in Governments and generally bringing a new ‘status of honourable thought’ to the peoples of the world. He was and is the necessary evil needed to bring about the coming changes in the world over the next twenty or more years.

People, like God, are slow to anger. But as the Truth becomes more evident, the corruption more obvious, and the reality a strong and constant thread through all of humanity, change will come. How violent that reaction is not yet known.

As to the immediate, the primary and ongoing concentration of the world’s focus for at least this new year will be the US and in particular Donald Trump’s Presidency, his interactions with world leaders concerning trade and trade agreements, his stubbornness to compromise with neighbours, particularly Mexico and the Southern countries, and his continuing creation of instability in the White House.


After the 3rd January, Trump starts the New Year by continuing his confrontation with the new Congress. Nancy Peloci in particular will be his primary focus for insults and bullying attacks. Democrats attempts to compromise on the Wall will be seen by Trump as a Peloci – Chuck Schumer instigation. He sees them as the Democrats Achilles’ heel. His tweets increase dramatically to incite his supporters against her specifically, with Schumer seen as her lap dog and then the Democrats generally following their leader, as the Democrats plead for sanity.

Within the first few months however, the Democratic machine’s previously prepared multi pronged confrontation with Trump, will start in earnest. They will stand their ground. Trump’s media mouth pieces and the obstinate Republican Senate will be called to account.

As the year progresses, the Democrat hearings and investigations will start causing consternation in the heartland of the Republican party, it’s supporters and in particular the source of money the party has been receiving. The Democratic Machine will be seen as anything but weak, while the Republicans will been seen as scattered and weak.

As public outcries for the Republicans to confront Trump increase through the year, splits within their Party begin to increase with some cautiously sliding towards the Democrat’s perspective when it comes to legislature. Retaliation from the conservative right media, especially against Mueller’s Special Council, pushes a further divide between the pro and anti Trump Republican supporters.

Muller’s Special Council: The first of Mueller’s actions start in January, with continuation of close court filings, subpoenas and surprise witnesses carrying on through to February and beyond.

Mueller’s Special Council itself will face serious, though ill founded allegations, and as was the case in 2018, numerous attempts will be tried to close the investigation down. Support for him and his work will come from an unexpected and highly respected source. He and his Special Council will not be closed down.

Initially I predicted that members of the Trump family would be indicted on a number of charges commencing in the early quarter of 2018. Spirit has said that Mueller is deliberately holding all charges against Trump and his family until some specific cases, currently before the courts, have been heard. The new evidence that came out of Cohen and Flynn’s testimonies towards the end of last year, changed the whole intent of when Mueller would release his full report. May and beyond seems to be quite significant concerning Mueller pouncing. So it seems the first major indication of action from Mueller concerning Trump and his family will be mid year, possibly June.

Even though there will seem to be enough damaging proof against Trump, enough for his removal or impeachment, it will not come to fruition this year. The rumblings amongst the American people, stirred on by the ‘close the enquiry’ brigade, won’t get their satisfaction till at least 2020. The longer Trump stays in the limelight of the many enquiries, the more the American people will turn against the conservative spin machine that has undermined justice in the US for too long, Spirit said.

Spirit said last year that Trump will move more and more into isolation, with the old song ‘Come down, come down from your ivory tower’ ringing out in the streets.

His mental instability will become more into question, with calls for him to undergo an independent psychiatric assessment, which he will refuse.

The House of Representatives hearings will also be damaging for Trump, his family and the Republicans generally, but will not conclude this year either.

High calibre heads will roll towards the end of this year and into 2020 and beyond. I could see someone, such as Rudy Giuliani, high on that list.

Russian tentacles will be found to have reached extremely sensitive sections of the American political system, not just in the White House. Much action in eliminating those involved will not be totally made public. Both sides of the political persuasion will be found to have been involved.

From the publics perspective, there will be sudden and unexplained resignations and the dynamics of the Congress will be changed. This will be within the next two to three years.

Put simply, the combination of Mueller’s Special Investigation, the Intelligent hearings run by the House of Representatives, and other significant sources will shake the US to the core.


 As America’s economy continues on it’s roller coaster ride, and heading more downward than upward, world finances will show serious signs of concern. I could see the American economy in the form of an aircraft in trouble. Rising a little, then plummeting towards the ground, only to limp back up and then return in a nose dive.

The world will be seriously implicated in this totally unnecessary financial crisis and the US won’t be easily forgiven, as it has been in the past, for causing such chaos.

Against all advice, Trump will continue on his crusade for increases in tariffs, especially with China.

Canada and Europe will also be a part of his future attacks, as will a broadside against nations that have signed up to China’s Belt and Road program.

Mexico will definitely flex her muscles under the leadership of their new President Obrador towards the US, and in particular Trump, his wall and his racist migration policies. The Democrats will negotiate with the Mexican President, leaving Trump out of the loop and livid.

As the tariffs against China start to more seriously hit mid America, complaints from farming and regional business groups will become more vocal.

Housing, manufacturing, stability of employment and welfare of the needy will also be increasing throughout the year.

Investigations into the 2018 Mid Term elections will have at least one elected person toppled from grace, and action taken to improve the fairness of the election system generally.

(As I was writing this up, I had a flash of thought of a stunning announcement or surprise coming this year. It felt like a major turning of the tide, as if something happens politically that causes the Democrats to gain more power, possibly in the Senate. Not getting much clarity, I’m wondering if this may be for 2020.)

Meanwhile Trump’s attitude towards Russia’s confrontation with Ukraine, the deteriorating situation in Syria, the continuing unease in Saudi Arabia, and numerous other world events, will show Trump’s White House as being totally incompetent in foreign diplomacy.

There will be headlines, later in the year, concerning the operations of at least one young corporate high flyer having a serious run in with the law. (Musk? Zuckerberg?)

As Spirit shared last year, China is the nation of the future. It will slowly bring the world from the brink of collapse, but not before many nations, including China, suffer badly from Trump’s mismanagement of America.

The successful experiment of nuclear fusion last year is now China’s primary focus for the years ahead. And electrical developments, particularly in the area of electric vehicles and battery systems is also their primary projection for the future.

Claims of wrong doing by telecommunication giants Huawei and ZTE will eventually be found to be false.

China also has resistance from within. Since mid 2018 China has been undergoing unrest as the old guard, who blame Xi Jin Ping for moving too quickly on free trade, and other progressive actions, called for a slowing down and partial return to the old ways. These details have been kept secret and may remain so well into the future.

In mid year, for reasons not yet known, all restrictions against Xi Jin Ping’s expansionism will be abolished, giving him a free reign to continue his progressive programs. Spirit says the world needs Ping’s direction for China, and later, for the world.

Last year’s prediction that China would instigate action concerning North Korean is still on the books, Spirit says. However, China will be very supportive of North Korea with it’s attempts to heal the divide of the two countries with South Korea. Kim Jong Un’s future is very much an unknown and he may still disappear from the political scene, voluntarily or otherwise.

The world economy enters 2019 far worse than we have been told. The stock market will rise and fall erratically for most of the year, but panic and fear begin to filter through the world’s economies. Again May come up as a month from when something dramatic happens.

The previous prediction concerning a major quakes in the US covering an area from Yellowstone, Idaho, Soda Springs and right up to the Canadian border, could occur any time from this year through to 2022. It will depend on how much pressure is released in and around the Pacific Ring of Fire as to when it will actually occur.

Other quakes, volcanoes and tsunamis will continue to increase as the earth grows more and more restless. At least one major event will see another island disappear into the sea, like the under sea collapse that wiped out Anak Krakatau volcano over the Christmas, creating a tsunami that killed in excess of 400 people.

Britain: Whatever decision is made concerning Brexit, it won’t be final. As I understand it, a decision must be made by the end of March 2019, but Spirit doesn’t see that finalising Brexit.

Spirit’s prediction of an attack on an airport in Britain did occur over Christmas when drones, flying over Gatwick Airport and initially thought to be a terrorist act, closed down the airport. However, the rest of that predicted terrorist attack is still on the books. Initially I had an airport transit system, but now I feel it is a large mall or similar centre with an interconnecting rail, bus or possibly ferry terminal. I’m still told it will happen in the northern hemisphere’s summer months. There will be a very large explosion and much carnage.

Still on Britain, I am told that major storms, totally out of season for Britain, will cause severe flooding and much damage to old structures and priceless buildings and that some old structures will be irreparably damaged.

Another prediction still on the books for Britain is of an extremist party rising out of the ashes in Britain within the next two years. It feels like it is related to decisions made on Brexit.

Japan: A major quake that Spirit predicted for Japan, is about a year and a half away. Spirit originally suggested February through to April, and they are suggesting this time frame for 2020. Again the Japanese quakes, like the American ones, depends on the general activity of the major flare up points on the Pacific Rim of Fire.

Japan’s economy and trade balance will suffer this year, with highs and lows finally leaving here under par by the end of this coming year.

Japan and China continue their cautiously developing friendship with trade and economic stability between the two a major area of discussion over the next few years.

India: A bird carried virus will infect some regions in Indian over the next few years. Poor hygiene will turn the diseases into an epidemic. The World Health Organisation will call for urgent assistance to prevent it spreading world wide.

Hawaii and Guam: Both American Islands have a hard time of it again this year, with another volcano eruption in Hawaii and a serious earth shake close to Guam. A serious storm again batters Hawaii.

South Pacific Islands: The prediction for a major quake to hit the north of the South Island of New Zealand is still on. Motueka or that vicinity seems the most obvious.

Fiji will continue to experience ever increasing shakes with one, to the north of the main islands, causing a medium size tsunami.

Tonga, New Caledonia, and surrounding islands will all have sizable quakes this year, but with low level of damage of injuries.

The prediction of a new island appears in the west Pacific, possibly north east of Vanuatu/Tonga, is still on the books Spirit says. It won’t be this year and probably not next year. However, there will be signs of the forthcoming event occurring off and on over that time period.

South East Asia: Indonesia and the Philippines will again bear the brunt of further deadly earthquakes, volcanic reactions and therefore tsunamis throughout this coming year. I have been shown peaks of activity of concern as early as January, then March, May/June, August/September/October and through to the end of the year. The major peak seems to be between May and September.

Italy: Further earth shakes and volcanic activity will cause concern for residence, especially around Mt. Etna and Mount Vesuvius.

East Coast South Africa: I see a number of serious quakes rattling the islands off Madagascar. Especially in the Mayotte and Comoros area.

Australia: The Great Southland will call it’s Federal Election mid year and change her Government. An increase of Independents replacing National and Liberal in what were strongly held electorates for them, will spell the end of the LNP stronghold in Australia. The smaller parties will do better in the Senate than in the Reps.

Tony Abbott will either loose his seat, or be delegated to a lower position within the Liberal Party. Peter Dutton looks to loose his seat to an Independent.

Shock jock lies, Internet ‘fake news’ and Rupert Murdoch’s media will hound the ALP almost as soon as it wins government.


As of 18th Dec 2018:

  1. Lake Eyre, something will happen to it.
  2. Pennsylvania flooding.
  3. Whale slaughter makes headlines. Around the ice poles.
  4. Something going on between, Turkey, Istanbul and Chechnya. 
  5. Bullet train becomes airborne.
  6. I saw a lot of wind and huge waves, palm trees. Hawaii will be battered by huge waves.
  7. Hurricane starts on the east coast of the USA and comes around the bottom to hit on the west coast. I see houses dropping into the ocean.


On Wednesday 3rd January 2018, as I sat in meditation so as to begin the year’s predictions, my Spirit Friends gave me this message:

“Our Messages to those gifted ones amongst you has been wanting to say the least. Predictions that were foretold didn’t even come close in some cases, while other major event were seemingly completely missed. This included Donald Trump’s election: We had Hillary Clinton as President, but with a most difficult of Presidencies, ending with her having to leave office because of ill health.

This is primarily because the Liar energy has enveloped the world and will continue on into this coming year. However, the Truth energy will begin to grow again so that predictions will begin to become more reliable and accurate.

What we are giving you, at this time, is the best on offer, considering said circumstances.

So to those reading any psychic prediction this year, up until August, need to understand that even the best of Channellers will have a low rating of accuracy.

The best We can suggest to you all is, survive the best you can through this troubled time until the later months of 2019 when the new energy begins to break down the Liar’s domain. Let Peace and Good Will always be your standard of living.”

 This prediction most certainly continued into 2018 effecting at least three well known psychic mediums who predicted for this year. The best, in my opinion, Eric Lee Pink, though very accurate in may of the events he predicted, was less accurate to where he has been in previous years. And of course it has nothing to do with Eric, no me for that matter.

Pinpointing catastrophes, accurate dating, certainties of dates and places alluded the best of us.

Eric’s site: https://worldwidepredictions.com/

 So how accurate were the Predictions 2018 which Spirit gave me?

I’ll leave it up to you to determine.

If you wish to check the originals, printed at the beginning of the year, they are still listed below. These predictions and results are exactly the same, with no corrections of the originals. Enjoy the read.

 Predictions printed at the beginning of 2018 for that year and beyond:

 America’s political scene will continue to play out as the Grand Jury (Mueller’s Special Council) hits bumps and curves put in place by legal and political irrelevancies. This will include attempts by the White House to have the Grand Jury (Mueller’s Special Council) closed down and Mueller sacked.

By mid year the people’s attitude to both major political parties will be at the lowest of ebbs.

Calls from the media for impeachment of the President will only exacerbate the political turmoil and while Trump slips further and further into his ‘castles’ and ‘towers’, the country’s economy will slide further and further towards a slump.

Though the economy will look grim, especially towards the end of the year, it won’t spin into a recession till the following year of 2019.

In the meantime, the world will continue to shift away from the American dollar and finances, and move closer to China and Europe.

To the contrary of public statements by the British Government, Britain will not find a final solution to Brexit before 2020.

 Even I am impressed at how accurate this prediction has been. At the time, many were saying that Muller’s Special Council, that I had mistakenly called a Grand Jury, would wind down from the middle of 2018 and be closed before the Mid Term elections. Thank you Spirit Friends for the accuracy.

 More revelations of sexual misconduct, from both sides of the sexual fence, will have the world wondering what god America has been praying to. Certainly not the One Jesus spoke of.

 The MeToo movement, though it had been in the public arena in late 2017, became more vocal in 2018, receiving more publicity and further declarations of sexual misconduct against women. In April the America President, who claimed to be a Christian, had more of his dirty linen exposed to the world when prostitutes claimed they had been paid hush money prior to the 2016 Election.

 For those that believe in reincarnation, it seems the very money lenders whom Jesus rallied against in the Temple in his day, and who were primarily responsible for the charges laid against him by the Jewish Hierarchy, have returned with a vengeance.

They will continue to make a mockery of His teachings, using His name and religion in the worship of their god Mammon.

 This prediction is ongoing it seems. Money is the ‘god’ of the current America, and particularly the current Administration and Congress. Hopefully the new Congress will bring that ‘devil’ to it’s knees and support the poor, as Jesus said, instead of the rich, as Trump says.

 From mid 2018 through to 2020 Hollywood will be rocked by claims of shaky financial deals leading back to the mid ’50s and in particular cover ups of deaths of actors and other personnel during the making of movies never disclosed before. At least one claim implicates the US defence forces involved in the making of war movies.

 This hasn’t started yet, though considering the Democrats are about to take over the House of Representatives and with the ongoing investigations, by many legal departments on the current Presidency, anything could end up being exposed.

Thanks to ‘fake news’ versus ‘media news’, and even ‘no news’, people have already started turning to Face Book, You Tube and other forms for their news source. Unlike the MSM (main stream media) where comments and letters to the editors are vetted to suit the political persuasion of that publication, people with a contrary and factual point of view will begin to be heard on a wider scale. Certain sites will gain reputation for their truthful, non biased, perspective and by the 2020s, most MSM media outlets will have developed this kind of feedback process.

 Though this prediction is in it’s infancy, there are signs of more involvement of the readers taking place at such places as Politico, Solon, Alternet, and similar web news places.

 News concerning Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury (Special Council) investigation of Russia’s interfering in the 2016 American Presidential Election will appear from as early as mid February 2018 and will heat up from the middle of the year. The implications will have a devastating effect on the Mid Term Elections for both the Republicans, and less so but still including, the Democrats. The American Political system will be found broken and in urgent need of fixing.

On 19th February 2018 Mueller issued an indictment outlining charges against the Internet Research Agency LLC (and two related entities which had “various Russian government contracts”) and 13 Russian individuals: The Conversation. The Democrats had an overwhelming win in the House or Representatives, but due to Gerrymandering, lost the Senate to the Republicans. Old guard Democrats fought hard to silence the up coming new voices and Independents but were outnumbered. There is a continuing call amongst the new Democrats for improvements to the democratic system, especially after they limited Nancy Peloci’s time as Speaker.

 Though Trump will be a Dead Duck President, he won’t be impeached this coming year. He will become less and less active politically, leaving the day to day operational responsibility to others in the White House.

 At the time of writing this, the call for impeachment was very strong amongst his opponents, especially in the media. It was reported, from early in the year, that very little work was being done by the President and that he spent many hours playing golf or entertaining guests at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

 Mueller’s Grand Jury (Special Council) will play ace cards in the second half of 2018 with devastating implications to those supporting the Trump camp.

In mid June Mueller filed an indictment in U.S. District Court in Washington linking Manafort to Russia intelligence agent Konstantin Kilimnik. In July Mueller indicted members of the Russian GRU cyber espionage group known as Fancy Bear, responsible for hacking the 2016 Democratic National Congress’ emails. In the same month, Mueller referred the Special Council’s investigations into Trump’s personal lawyer Michael to the US Attorney’s office of the Southern District of New York. And there have been a string of ‘ace cards’ played by Mueller’s Special Council, and there are far more to come.

 Members of the Trump family will be indicted on a number of charges commencing in the early quarter of 2018.

 This hasn’t happened yet and may have been for 2019, in view of current developments. On Fri 14th December 2018 the fifth floor of the DC federal courthouse was shut down, as requested by Mueller’s team. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit held a secret and mysterious argument about a grand jury subpoena challenge. Speculation has it that the Trump family are implicated in this.

 The US economy will seem to gain confidence in the earlier part of the year, even though there will be much said in the media of unfairness to the less fortunate. But from late in the year, possibly around October, the reality and implications of the tax cuts introduced in late 2017 will hit home to, not only Americans, but to other nations in the world who will see some serious implications effecting their economies.

 The American business world was quite vocal and in support of Trump’s tax cuts for the rich in the earlier part of the year, but with his tariff imposition on many nations, especially those that bought goods from the US, such as China and its complete cutback on buying soy, the mood changed. This Christmas, with the shut down over Trump, Congress, and his wall, the economy has tanked, causing extreme concern with the world that American economy is heading us all into a frightening 2019, financially.

 China will continue to grow slowly in both economic as well as preference by many nations of the world, despite major accusations against her, primarily coming from within the US.

 Though the US tariffs have hit, not only China but the world, China has continued to expand its Belt And Road program across Europe, down into south east Asia and across to the Pacific Islands. It’s home growth is also on course, though delayed by a few years.

 (China) will instigate action that will see North Korea’s leadership wondering if they have been abandoned by China.

If this has happened, there has been no exposure of it yet.

Kim Jong Un will be very active until later in the year when he will suddenly disappear.

 Kim Jong Un was very vocal and active for most of the year, but as of late he has gone quiet, though there is no sign that he has disappeared.

 Later, China will ‘send help’ to assist the country in the absence of its leader, but many will speculate that China removed Kim and have taken control of North Korea.

This hasn’t happened yet, but could be the scenario for the next few years.

As early as late January, could see a serious earthquake and tsunami striking the north western Pacific Rim.

Increases in earthquake activity in quite a few places in the world will cause countries grave financial difficulties. China, Japan, Mexico/South America, New Zealand, South East Asia and New Guinea/Pacific Islands, will be hit by quakes/volcanoes at or greater than 5 magnitude.  

All year there had been quakes, volcanoes or earth shifts and minor tsunamis. Some were deadly. Mainland US was very quiet, however Hawaii had a volcano melt down and Alaska had a 7 mag and major aftershocks at the end of November. On Sat 22nd Dec at least 400 people were killed on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra when a tsunami struck areas around the Sunda Strait late on Saturday following a sub-sea landslide caused by a volcano.

 Unheard of earthquakes in some places in Europe will become the norm. Even France, Germany and Britain will not be spared.

Britain had a 3.1 magnitude quake at Newton Aycliffe, Durham in September. The South Coast of France had a 3.2 down graded to 2.9 in December. Greece had a 6.8 in October and Germany had an under 3. mag just after I wrote up the predictions last year, but I think this prediction is ongoing.

Australia will also have a quake measuring under 5 magnitude, most likely in the Northern Territory or northern West Australia. It won’t be newsworthy, but will have earthquake watchers buzzing.

 Australia actually had 10 quakes measuring under magnitude 5.

2 – Southern West Australia, 3 -North Coast NSW, 2 – Northern South Australia and 3  Northern inland Western Australia. And as recently as 17th of December West Australia had a 5.8 mag quake, 206k north west of Carnarvon.

 West coast USA will have notable mag 5 or more shakes around the northern California area and at least three mag 4 and above shakes right across their country, including noticeable shakes closer to the east coast.

 There were numerous small quakes right across mainland US throughout the year, with the largest being a 4.5 in Nashville Tennessee a few days ago.

 An area covering Yellowstone, Idaho, Soda Springs and right up to the Canadian border, is most likely to crack the big one with a possible mag 7 before the San Andres Fault goes. That may not happen till the end of the year, though there are likely to be lesser magnitude quakes through most of 2018 over that area.

 This has not happened in this time frame, but is still likely to happen within the next few years. The worrying aspect of this is the longer it takes to explode, the more damaging it will be to the world at large.

 Government earthquake/volcano monitoring bodies, especially the USGS, will be brought into question after a number of earth quakes are miss reported, down graded, or not mentioned at all. Questions as to whether Government authorities have been hiding and adjusting seismic readings so as to protect the fracking operations of oil and gas companies will be on the increase.

 I cannot find verification for this, other than my observations and the observations of other who monitor earthquake activity. Earlier in the year a mag 5 was registered with the European Monitoring System, the EMSC but not with the USGS. And this is one of a number of examples. So I guess this is neither proved or disproved at the moment.

 Extremes in weather will continue with hotter than hot days and colder than cold days throughout the world. Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons will become more unstable and at least one low lying country in the South Pacific will be wiped out completely around March April.

There is no doubt the world has embraced extreme weather this year, a just a quick Google search got me this information: A massive Hurricanes wiped out Hawaii on Oct 26, not the South Pacific as I had predicted, and according to Wikipedia: The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season was the third in a consecutive series of above-average and damaging Atlantic hurricane seasons. The worst wild fire in America’s history wiped out large swathes of California in November and weather generally, in all places in the world, is recorded as extreme compared to twenty or more years ago.

 Britain: Terrorist attack airport transit system … Heathrow …. vague/not clear. Very large explosion, much carnage. Mid to late northern hemisphere summertime. Major storms, totally out of season for Britain. Flooding causing much damage to old structures. Priceless buildings damaged and irreparable.

 Gatwick Airport was shut down over Christmas, with claims of a terrorist attack, using drones. The rest of this prediction is still to come within the next two years.

 Britain becoming less and less interactive with the US on many fronts. She will be seen to scatter her eggs into many baskets including joining new International Partnerships.

 In view of the disaster that is Brexit, Britain has moved to sign new trade deals with other, not European countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Extremist party rises from the ashes. Violence, aggression and racism noticeable.

 In June the British Government warned that right-wing extremism are on the rise in Britain, citing the role of social media in their radicalisation.

 Japan: Major quake measuring above 7 mag will cause serious tsunami. Many lives lost. They are highlighting Feb through to April without a specific date.

 There was a number of serious quakes throughout the year in Japan, one reaching 6.2 mag. However, there haven’t been any deaths nor has there been a serious tsunami.

Handshake of a positive nature between China and Japan. Tentative trade talks at first, solidifying further in time.

 September: Officials from China, Japan and South Korea are in negotiations concerning a free-trade agreement between the three north east Asian economies in the face of escalating trade pressures from the US.

Europe: Germany looses Chancellor Angela Merkel as primary leader. If still leader, then in very minor capacity.

After loosing it’s majority in the Bavarian state Parliament in October, and steadily loosing support amongst Germans, Chancellor Angela Merkel resigns as leader.

 Russia: Though not directly implicated in the Trump affair, companies associated strongly with the Russian Government will be found complicit in money laundering, sales of contraband goods and clandestine operations between those high up in their Government and Trumps ‘buddies.’

 This of course, is still ongoing with a number of Russian business persons, associated with the Russian Government, having either been charged by or are currently facing, Mueller’s Special Council.

 Even though there will be sabre rattling from the US, nothing seriously will be done as previous administrations will have been found to have also been involved.

 This is something for the future, as the new Congress doesn’t take office till the first week in January 2019

 China: The continuing slow change of the guard in China towards a more liberal and open society will take a major step forward over the next few years. China will lead the economies of the world as the US economy goes into decline. China’s old guard will continue to be replaced by new thinking and younger members of the Communist Party. Threats against Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and other claimed territories will ease as China throws more olive branches toward them.

 All of this is in train now. Xi Jinping has already removed many of the old guard of Chairman Mao Zedong in rural provinces, build major infrastructure throughout the country, including a major sea road to Hong Kong and has indeed offered olive branches to the disputed territories and the South China Sea.

 With China’s overthrow of North Korea and a replacement of that Government with less aggressive power, the North and South will finally ease their hostilities towards each other.

Though there has definitely been a thawing of hostilities between the North and the South, China has not as yet overtaken North Korea.

 India: With an ever increasing population, a poor level of hygiene and an increase in diseases and epidemics, the WHO will call for urgent assistance. Food will need rationing in places and a strong call will be made for birth control. A virus that starts this year in Europe/US, will devastate some of the poorer regions on the (planet). India region will suffer dearly.

 This has not come to fruition as yet.

 New Zealand: A major quake will hit the north of the South Island destroying at least one east coast town, somewhere near Motueka. Possibly Motueka itself.

 Though a number of psychics have since made the same prediction, this has not happened as yet.

 Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern throws a curly ball that has both the opposition and her party into a spin. Shades of Gough Whitlam, but she succeeds where he didn’t.

 This has not happened as yet.

 A new island appears in the west Pacific, possibly north east of Vanuatu/Tonga.

 Though there have been some severe earth quakes and volcanic events in this region from about mid year, this event is still on the list for the future.

 Australian: politics; same old same old. (PM) Turnbull facing uphill battle again this year. Conservatives grow in number/voice, but the more moderates are growing louder. He will be in the middle and the whipping boy for both sides.

 This prediction happened.

 Tax changes turn the people against the LNP.

 Scott Morrison’s Federal Budget this year certainly added to the Government’s demise, with regular polling showing less and less satisfaction with the LNP Government. However, the real change that turned the majority of Australians came when a sudden in – house election toppled Turnbull as Prime Minister and replacing him with the Treasurer Scott Morrison. The LNP are on a major downward slide as a result.

 Labor continues to rise in the polls, but Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is not the Aussies pick.

Labor looks likely to win the next election, held in the first half of 2019. Shorten is not liked, but his Party is the major preference of the two parties. 

The Greens will pick up a small increase in their votes but not much.

 They did pick up small numbers in bi elections and some State elections, but they are not faring well towards the Federal Election.

 The Nick Xenophon Team will seem to be lost and votes slipping Federally.

 Too early too tell on this one.

 Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party continues to stumble along, but without much ground gained.

 Again too early to tell.

 Bob Katter’s Australia Party gets a bit more of a poll boost, but only in National Party areas where it is obvious voters have not real alternative.

Again too early to tell.

 Possibility of shock resignations of Nationals in Qld, WA and NSW due to ill health seriously spooking the Coalition prior to the next Federal Election.

 Though there were no resignations as such, the year started with the Barnaby Joyce debacle and his removal as leader, followed by Fiona Nash’s leaving, and at years end Andrew Broad debacle has his future under a cloud. With the Federal Election due by May, maybe there is more to come.

 America’s crisis will become more an issue in Aussie politics, especially with the ALP taking a decisive side against Trumpism.

Again too early to tell. Possibly the case after next year’s election.

Rupert Murdoch takes ill towards the third quarter of this year. This sees him having to leave the media business and in late 2019 or early 2020 his health deteriorates. He won’t make mid 2020, and could go earlier.

 This hasn’t happened. This is more likely in 2019.

 Australian TV continues to sink slowly into oblivion with more people finding other forms of entertainment.

News Report Mar 5, 2018 – Australians overall are watching less television on their in-home TV while teenagers and 18-to-24 year-olds increasingly are viewing on connected devices.

 Racial tension will continue to grown, especially in Victoria, with strong conservatives demanding a white Australia, without actually saying so.

 Murdoch tabloids continue to publish racist opinion column by high profile conservative commentators such as Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and Ray Hadley. Andrew Bolt repeatedly claims that Australian is being swamped by non-English speaking migrants who refuse to assimilate and accept our values.

 A cyclone will form of the northern tip of WA later summer and will cause major flooding through to Queensland.

 This prediction was slightly out. Cyclone Owen formed in the Gulf of Carpentaria in early December 2018 and headed south east towards Queensland. Current the cyclone is due to reform, so the story hasn’t ended yet. The rains from current ex cyclone Owen has caused major flooding to the people in the Gulf country and in northern Queensland.

 Queensland with have two cyclones forming late summer with one fizzles out and the other grows erratic as it heads for the Pacific Islands.

 In March ex-Tropical Cyclone Linda passed within about 300 km of Fraser Island and then fizzled out. In April Tropical Cyclone Josie formed off the coast of Queensland and headed for Fiji, causing major damage and killing 4 people.

 There seems to be a similar occurrence happening in the northern Pacific Islands as happened in 2017 in Porta Rico…..serious cyclones and earthquakes.

 This has happened. Hawaii had major earthquakes, a volcanic meltdown, and in June the effects of six ex tropical cyclones caused the most destructive season the Island has ever suffered.

 The Winter Olympics has a scare that is possibly terrorist related. A bus or shuttle transport service area is in strong focus.

 There was an outbreak of norovirus at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics which forced organisers to draft in hundreds of soldiers to replace security staff hit by the bug. Claims were made in some conservative circles that this was a deliberate act by North Korea, till North Korea joined in the games.

Concerns for Donald Trump’s mental illness increases as he makes more erratic statements, undermines America’s credibility in the world and sacks, or tries to sack, important people in and outside of the White House.

 At the time of this prediction, I had reservations as to whether I was receiving Their message and not my own thoughts. It was definitely Theirs:

1) Concerns grew throughout the year as Trump became more erratic, especially when he refused to undertake a complete medical test with a team of independent doctors. He had chosen a medical report the previous year from his own doctor, and then made that doctor a member of his Presidential team.

2) Not one of his official statements, twitters or claims can be considered wholly truthful, according to the majority of media commentators, independent officials and politicians from both sides of the political agenda.

3) In two years of his Presidency, Trump has fired so many people that there is no record currently kept, due to the fact the firings are ongoing and the records can’t catch up.

 It will be found in time to come that the White House was in total chaos through most of Trump’s reign with inadequate staff left to run the country.

Again when I wrote that, it seemed likely it could be the case, but many years after he left office. Currently only a fool would claim this isn’t the case now.


In March I was given further predictions as expansions of what I had already received:

 As March comes towards it’s end, matters heat up in the US in the areas of politics, (Trump and Mueller), finances and tariff fall out, and the gun issue. 24/25th March is the scheduled anti gun rally in the US and though I’m not getting anything specific on that day of a major matter, I certainly see action following over the months from the pro gun lobby. April 15th and 18th have been shown to be very strongly since the beginning of the year, but without clarity.

April 9, 2018 — FBI raids the home and office of Michael Cohen, Trump’s long time personal attorney.

 I’m seeing major civil unrest in the US, especially during the summer months. The youth fighting for gun restrictions will be triggered again by a serious shooting incident and that will have a very powerful effect on the greater America psyche.

The March for Our Lives rallies across the US and across the world on the 25th of March was a peaceful one, with no serious events happening. However, according to ABC Action News in the US, there have been more than 300 mass shootings this year. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/national/mass-shootings-in-us-when-where-they-have-occurred-in-2018

However the NRA and pro gun lobby financiers will rouse the pro guns supporters with lies and Fake News. Donald Trump will weigh into the debate in favour of the Fake News story that claim the protesters want to remove all guns. This will build into a perfect storm.

Technically this hasn’t happened yet, or at least it hasn’t reached it’s conclusion. There is an on going legal challenge happening in New York between the NRA and the NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. The media speculated that the final decision on the case could cause serious consequences.

 I see the killing of innocent protesters and it will get quite ugly.

 I feel this is still coming, and most probably within the next two years.

Conservative religious extremists will grow aggressively over the next few years. Fundamental Christians in the name of, but with very little in common with the teachings of Jesus, will take a more active roll in the US pro gun debate while strongly supporting Donald Trump.

There have been numerous stories, with photo shots, of Trump and the Evangelicals praying in support of his many stances this year, including the gun issue and his Mexican Wall.

 At east one killing of an anti gun supporter will be done in the name of Jesus.

I haven’t been able to confirm this for 2018. Possibly still to come.

In May the Mueller investigation begins to impact seriously on American politics, especially with the Republicans, their party supporters and the up coming mid term elections for November. There is calls for something to be done urgently.

April 30, 2018 — The New York Times lists forty eight questions that Mueller’s team has for Trump. The topics include Comey’s and Flynn’s firings, the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, potential real estate deals in Russia and potential obstruction of justice. While Republicans continue to publicly support Trump, many are privately concerned of loosing the Mid Term elections.

Mueller’s verdict/report seems to be delayed or deliberately slowed down and taking longer than anticipated. This is a tactical move because he is working to some kind of timing that will enhance it’s release.

 Many had speculated that he would file a major and damaging case against Trump before the Mid Term Elections. Many were disappointed when this didn’t happen. Then on the first day of December, after weeks of silence, Muller hit with a rapid fire series of court filings, including the re charging of Paul Manafort and a new deal with former top aide Michael Cohen. And there are currently other incidents unfolding as I write up this report, so more to come.

  Natural disasters, in many nations in the world, will increase over the next two to three years, starting from the middle of this year and on into 2113. This will include the long anticipated earthquakes in California and the West Coast of the USA generally.

 This is still to come.

I’m told there will be massive earth shifts from Mexico down to, and including, the Panama Canal.

All year there were major quakes and volcanoes right along the fault line in South America from Mexico to the Tierra del Fuego archipelago.

 The US will also be split in places where the sea will intrude on what is now coastal land. This disaster will cause massive tsunami’s which will wipe out many islander nations, especially in the Pacific and also in the Caribbean.

Over the next ten years land masses currently under the ocean, particularly the Pacific, will rise up to create new nations. By that time, the remaining population of the world will have realised that waste, greed, and misuse of resources was what killed of the billions of people around the world. Money, taxes, pyramid structures as we currently know them in economic terms will completely disappear.

This is yet to happen.


In the beginning of the year I asked members of our meditation group to offer their thoughts for 2018. On the 17th January Helen sent me these predictions:

 1) I see a landslide of events with corruption exploding.

This was obviously America and it is still evolving.

2) The imagery was of lava running down back streets and burn out all the marketeers.

Initially Helen thought this was a metaphor for the corruption in the US spreading through the country, right down to the lowest of people. Of course it could also refer to the unexpected explosion of the volcano in Hawaii.

3) I feel world finances in trouble, and especially saw China, Britain (I saw the Thames where England’s Parliament and finances are based), and the Cayman/Caribbean Islands off shore money loss.

 Because of Trump’s trade wars, where he has broken the rules of the World Trade Agreements, many nations are suffering badly financially. China is the obvious one, and Britain is undergoing major pain financially as she sorts out Brexit. The Cayman/Caribbean Island and off shore money loss matter is still a possibility, or has happened but not yet reported.

4) I see a changing of the guard for Buckingham Palace. Not sure if it’s because of the Queen stepping down or something happening to Prince Phillip.      

 The Queen and Prince Phillip have been handing regal responsibilities to other members of the Royal Family, which started this year.

5) I have Prince William or Harry’s partners either having twins or being born under water signs. I had a strong feeling of Water Babies and Princess Dianna.

 In October, the media speculated the possibility that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be expecting twins.

6) In Australia, I see a politician go missing in similar circumstances to how PM Harold Holt disappeared all those years ago. I felt it would happen near cliffs in one of the Southern States.

 To this point that hasn’t happened. Unless the events of PM Turnbull being replaced in extraordinary circumstances, and then leaving politics, is Spiritual humour. Many media outlets referred to the event as the ex PM being pushed under a bus. Could it be, in this PM’s case, They see him as having been pushed off a cliff? And Canberra is a ‘Southern State’.

7) I sense a fire on an island North West of Broome, and possibly to do with immigrants or an immigration island up that way.

Oct: An area larger than Perth has been torched as an out-of-control bushfire burns in the country’s north-west. Volunteer firefighters, Indigenous rangers and pastoralists are battling the fire approximately 150km south of Broome, using helicopters and strategic backburning to contain the blaze: ABC News.

 I see extremely high temperatures effecting central Australians indigenous communities.

I cannot find a report to confirm this, but I’m sure I heard of heat stress being a problem to some Central Australian communities in late October through to mid November. The heat was definitely there.

I see bodies found along a West Australian highway indicating a serial killer.

Helen showed me a story of a woman’s body being found on a stretch of highway in Northern West Australia, but I can’t find it on line. It was linked to other murders in other states.

Antarctica is shrinking at an alarming rate.

 Helen actually captioned the headlines that would appear months later:          Jun 15, 2018 – Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate. The rate of melt has accelerated threefold in the last five years and could contribute 25cm to sea-level rises without urgent action. The Guardian.

I see a bulls eye over North America. North Korea and Russia are primary suspects, with a possible German connection.

 There was a focus on the US with first the North Korean saga, then the continuing Russian investigation, and then the major flare up at the G10 meeting where Angela Merkel upstaged Trump.

I feel an important discovery of some kind in Scotland,

September: A major gas discovery off the Scottish coast, west of Shetland, could potentially deliver one trillion cubic feet of recoverable resources.

 And an explosion in Russia.

 A large fireball asteroid exploded in Russia in June

I see an explosion and people running and burning, same feeling as was 9/11 scenario.

March: MOSCOW A blaze stormed through a crowded shopping center in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, killing 64 people. An entire class of schoolchildren died in Sunday’s fire, some having had the chance to make desperate, futile phone calls to parents or relatives before succumbing to the smoke and flames.

Raging floods and mudslides cause small communities to washed away in a third world country. A feeling of India or a similar place came to mind.

 There were two major events that fit this prediction:

1) 15 people were killed in Vietnam from floods and landslides in June

2) 8 people killed in Japan from floods and landslides in June.


1) Major snow storm this winter (US),

Helen received this prediction two days before it happened: 3rd January 2018:  A North American blizzard has caused severe disruption along the East Coast US and Canada, dumping snow and ice in places that rarely receive wintry precipitation, even in the winter, such as northern Florida or southern Georgia. 

2) Flooding and earthquake but not sure when.

In late June through mid-July 2018, excessive rain in Japan created widespread, devastating floods and mud flows. 225 people were confirmed dead across 15 prefectures with a further 13 people reported missing. Earthquake references I’ve covered in my predictions.

2) Iceberg near or under a major bridge in the US. San Francisco/New York?

This prediction is interesting. In June, scientists videoed a huge iceberg breaking away from the Helheim Glacier in eastern Greenland. The iceberg was 6.4 km long and was reported as being ‘three times the size of Manhattan’ in most media reports at the time.

3) Major catastrophe in New Orleans.

This hasn’t happened yet, as far as I can research.

4) Tragedy befalls Prince Harry and his fiancé Megan.

This hasn’t happened that we are aware of.









I have combined two parts of the same encounter here so as to beat Christmas  and the holiday season generally.  As I said with the last encounter, there is some sadness and cruelty included in the telling of this yet, if you persist to the end, you find a Wisdom that should be an encouragement for any one who wants to bring Peace and Good will to our current and damaged world.

Also I have added both these encounters to the end of the continuous page at: https://petemediumspsychicteachings.wordpress.com/my-spirit-world-interactions/





Due to other commitments, it was a few weeks before I made contact with the people who owned the farm on the other side of the ridge to the last place I had visited.

When I arrived, I was quite surprised at how flat the ground area was over quite a few acres, considering the outer surrounding land up to the base of the hills was covered in rocks and boulders.

When I commented on the fact, the wife said the area had been all rock and boulders throughout the area until gold was discovered in the 1850’s, and the land was flattened.

The family had a very, very large enclosed race where they kept a pet fox, and further away and towards machinery sheds, they had a huge enclosure for a wedged tail eagle that had been injured as a baby, and which they cared for.

As we neared a particular place, where a stand of old Apple gum (angophoras) still remained, I got an overwhelming sense of dread.

Because I didn’t immediately sense my old Aboriginal Spirit friend, I excused myself to the woman and went into meditation. I immediately felt the overwhelming peace and tranquillity as my Indigenous Spirit Friend drew near. I sensed that He was building a cushion against whatever was to come.

As I came out of the meditation, the owner was smiling at me and said I was definitely gifted.

When I asked what she meant, she said that this was the exact spot where she had felt pain and discomfort any time she ventured into this area. She then excused herself, as she had the feeling she shouldn’t be there, and headed back to the house.

As I moved slowly towards a particular old Apple gum (angophora) tree, my arms voluntarily started to reach out with my palms facing forward, a similar occurrence to when I had been used by Spirit back at the Cobb and Co Inn in Mudgee.

I could feel the different sensations as the old Aboriginal man, using my palms as direction finders, lead me past the old tree. Then came the strange sensation as he left me and moved on ahead. I could sense him, spear in hand, walking almost in a hunting crouch, listening and looking attentively. I just followed.

Nothing was said between us as I followed him towards a clear spot closer to another stand of old iron bark and box wood gum trees.

He stood there for quite some time, perfectly still, one leg resting on the other, the spear seemingly steadying his balance.

Then he quietly started to sing a gentle chant as he slowly lay the spear on the ground, it’s tip aimed in the direction of the trees. Clapping two sticks in time with the increasing volume of his chanting, he began to stamp his feet onto the ground as he moved forward ever so slowly. It was then I heard it. Over towards the back of the clump of trees, I could hear a distant didgeridoo. As the old Spirit man moved towards them, clapping the sticks with a passion and increasing the chant, others in Spirit, close to the old Spirit Elder and myself, began clapping sticks and chanting in unison. It was like a calling from Spirit to the lost souls encased in the ground, the trees and surrounding landscape.

In my mind I could feel the souls of Aboriginal children and their mothers hiding behind the trees.

The enormity of the emotion, even relating it now, after so many years, makes it very difficult to tell.

It was like I was watching a movie, seeing in my mind a replay of what had happened so many years ago.

Young men on horses had rounded up women, children and adolescents and had got them to dig separate holes in the sandy soil of what had once been a creek way. They then forced each Aboriginal person, and children, into the holes, and they then buried them up to their shoulders so that only their heads remained visible.

Using swords, axes and any cutting implement they had at hand, they sliced off the heads of their victims, and used the heads as polo balls.

I tried desperately to clear my mind of the images, but the more I tried, the more intense was the event.

It wasn’t the killings so much as the raw hatred expressed by the murderers, which affected me the most. It was far deeper than racism. And it was beyond hatred.

Finally the old man called a stop to the images, and I sat on a rock and sobbed.

“Gotta be strong.” He gently admonished me. “Godda fight dis. You special person. We gotta stop dis nightmare.”

“I don’t think I’m strong enough.” I blubbered.

“You? No. Me? No. But togedder, brudders and titters in Spirit? We more strong enough. You gotta believe.”

I wasn’t strong enough. I left, my tail betweens my legs, and drove straight home, sure I’d let my old Spirit friends down. How could I ever return to that place again? How could I right the wrongs of the past with just a vivid imagination, an imaginary Aboriginal friend and a very tentative spiritual psychic belief?

It was that night that I had my old Aboriginal friend visit me, even though I didn’t do a meditation. He showed himself to me firstly as the old man, then he morphed into the young warrior I knew from the Gulgong gum tree.

Hearing him in my thoughts he said that a chain reaction had started but that it had to be completed and I had to be there. I said I didn’t think I could take any more. The cruelty was way too emotional for me.

He said the Great Protectors had sent massive energy to the area and it would be a totally different encounter. I knew I’d be going back, even though it was the last thing I wanted to do.


It was almost a week later that I returned to the property, after contacting the owner.

I was surprised to find her down near the area that she swore she would never go near, the last time. She said that since my last visit, she had felt changes around some places, and particularly this spot.

As I passed her on my way to a natural causeway on my left, I asked if this area was on her property. She said it was, and that it was down around that area that major gold deposits were found in the old days. I thanked her and, because I didn’t know what emotional trauma I’d be facing this time, indicating I needed to go alone. She understood and returned to the house.

The causeway lead into a wide open space where I could see the road, on which I had arrived, quite some distance away. By now my Spirit Guide was back, but this time as the young warrior from the gum tree in Gulgong. He did not speak as he lead me to the right and into a much larger crop of native gums. They were nowhere near as old as the ones at the last place I’d visited the week before, and I realised that these had grown since the ground had been dug up in the gold rush days.

With the warrior again using my hands as sensors, I began to advance slowly towards these trees and as I drew closer, I heard the didgeridoos and clap sticks beginning again in my mind. I had dread for what was to come.

As the sound of the didgeridoos and clap sticks intensified, I noted they weren’t coming from within me as much as from the site itself. Still in my head and in my thoughts, but projected.

“The Great Protectors are here.” Though the warrior didn’t speak, I knew the elation I was feeling was from him.

The imagery wasn’t as vivid as the first time I had visited the property. It was like I was getting basics with the least amount of visual.

The killings here weren’t done by the ‘timber getters’ of the previous visit. They were scraggly dress, simple men of many nationalities, who were shooting with no intention of killing, so much as maiming seriously, so that the victims died an excruciatingly painful death. The same way they killed nuisance animals. The Aborigines had been trying to prevent the gold diggers because they believed the earth, trees and all growing things were a part of the Great Spirit and their Sacred Dreaming. The clashes were inevitable.

I sat on a rocky outcrop and listened as a stream of thoughts were passed onto me in my mind.

“Hatred has found another corner stone in the world to embed itself. It’s not the killings, although they were bad enough. It’s the energy that has been left behind here at this terrible place, and at the other place. There are places like this all over this country, and all over the world, and that hatred is growing and festering and feeding on itself. It manifests with anger and reprisals as people connect to this energy, in their minds, the opposite to the Spirit Energy you have chosen. They draw low spirit energy and thoughts and simply manifests the very thing We are trying to prevent.”

“Could it create wars?” I asked.

“Wars come from hatred manifest. This hatred here made one people see themselves as superior to another, in both instances. Even in your time, that same hatred is strong in rural areas, and of rural areas in most countries. And where there isn’t invader hatred of the indigenous, there is the hatred of the poor by the rich or hatred of the minority belief/religions by the more dominant ones. All wars are fed by these atrocities.”

“Then how the hell is a simple person like me going to stop this, and therefore stop future wars?”

“You can’t and you won’t. Today the energy will be released from this place, that’s all we can do. These souls released today, and from the last time you visited, will amass in the Highest Place with other souls, and over time the warring energy will be confronted by the Creator Force, with the protection of The Great Protection. It is only then that peace will eventually reign in the physical world.” Knowing my next question as to when this might be, I heard, “It won’t be in your life time, and probably not in your next life time. However, while you are in Spirit, you’ll be part of The Peaceful Force bringing the Plan into fruition.”

The thought continued that Spirit doesn’t have the power of will that we have in the physical plane, and sadly, very few people now have a mind set that concentrates on the ‘Thy Will Be Done’ creed given to all native peoples of the world from Spirit long before it was voiced by Jesus. The Kadaicha Spirit, The Holy Spirit, The Great Spirit and The Spirit under so many names, always need a collective of dedicated people, living in the physical world, to Act through.

Mesmerised by what was going on in my mind, I hadn’t noticed that the Spirit warrior had morphed back into the old Spirit Elder. It was he who seemed to be telling me the story, and he continued as he formed in my consciousness:

“Last time, I separated from you and went ahead at that other place, when I did the dancing and chanting alone, because you weren’t strong enough. To today we will be standing as One. The Kadaicha Spirit, The Holy Spirit, The Great Spirit.”

As I went to protested, a flash of thought had me thinking that, in a past life, I had some awareness of this Knowledge. And anyway, what a wonderful experience it would be for me to share with others.

Suddenly, and most certainly involuntarily, I stood up, and as One, ‘we’ walked forward to where I sensed a number of Bora rings had been prepared around both this area and the one I had encountered the last visit a week ago.

As ‘we’ approached the first area of massacres I could sense a deep respect, from the Spirit energies gathered at these circles, towards ‘us’ and in anticipation of what was to come.

As had happened before, my arms involuntarily raised themselves out to head height as I walked slowly towards the centre of the first painful area.

I could feel a huge energy vibrating through me, as if my entire body was in a state of spasm, and I felt like I was being separated into two.

Suddenly a sound, like cannon fire, brought me back to reality. I stood there stunned and mesmerised, dizzy and totally confused. As my awareness returned, I realised the old Spirit Elder, who was starting to move back from me, had created the explosive sound by bringing my hands together in a massive clap.

With his leaving I collapsed to the ground in a giggling stupor. I was elation but I couldn’t fathom why. Then in my mind the old Spirit Elder told me that I had been removed from my physical form and left floating in a Place of Peace, while He cleansed both areas of hatred, with the support of The Great Protection, using my physical form. The hand clap bought me back.

By now I was starting to get my ‘legs’ back and I tentatively started to stand.

I don’t remember saying farewell to the owner, or going back to my car. And I certainly don’t remember driving home. Can Spirit Guides drive?

For weeks and months, after that encounter, I wondered if I should talk to someone to share my experiences to. But who? A priest or a religious minister? Last time I’d tried that I had been pressed savagely into a chair as a Pentecostalist couple tried driving Satan out of me.

Circumstances, and my Spirit Friends, intervened to cause me to move from New South Wales and up to Sunny Queensland. But that part of this continuum is much father ahead in the scheme of things.


As I have previously mentioned, the next two encounters were quite painful and emotional, not only at the time, but at the retelling. Please be aware that it may cause emotional feelings to the reader also.

Also I have linked all current stories, of these encounters, on a separate page: https://petemediumspsychicteachings.wordpress.com/my-spirit-world-interactions/

Weeks turned into months as I steadily continued my daily meditation, in which the face of the young Aboriginal man from the gum tree, now with two distinctive white markings on either cheek, would appear spasmodically. I would ask him questions or try and pry information from him, but he would never answer.

During one meditations, while conscious of a presence that I assumed to be this same warrior, I had a visit from a different Aboriginal spirit. He was older and just oozed wisdom. At first, using my voice in my mind, he asked me to create an imagery of a Bora ring. He was quite specific to the area I was to imagine, even though I had no idea where this place was in reality.

He said soon He would bring me to this place where He, through me, would help released lost souls from their earthly bondage.

It was like I was preparing a release in advance by creating this Bora ring, placing the lost souls into the ring and then turning it into a cocoon of Pure Light. Though He didn’t say, I had a sense that I was to embark on a side of this work that would be quite unnerving, upsetting and emotional.

The meditations became quite deep and with an air of seriousness about them. Some times, as the meditation’s ended, I began to feel, as oppose to see, swirling hues of deep blue and dark purple colours slowly creating a vortex from which faces would begin to appear. First came the old Aboriginal man who slowly morphed into the young warrior and then morphed back to the older man again.

The reality was They were one in the same person.

As the morphing expanded, I could see this huge collective of multiple nation’s Souls, Healing Souls, beginning to present as one entity. It was far too difficult to describe, but I realised that what They were showing me was this massive collection of Souls, appearing as One, who would be with me for this future work I was to undertake.

The night before the event the old Aboriginal man told me he’d be taking me to a particular area in the back woods of Mudgee the following day. So armed only with a sandwich and a bottle of fruit juice, I did as I was requested and followed his directions.

On the day, he lead me half way down a dirt road where I had the sensation to slow down, get out of the car and walk towards a group of iron bark gum trees. They were very old and on the border of the roadway. I had no idea what I would encounter on this road and in fact was expecting to meed another Spirit Warrior with more souls to be released, as I had at Gulgong.

As I slowly walked along the road, I became enveloped in a state of nauseousness. The more I walked, the stronger it became, till I was at the bottom of an incline to my left.

In my mind I could hear the screaming of women and children, the sound of thuds, and the screaming suddenly stopping. I was reliving the event when they had been clubbed to death many years earlier.

Any thoughts that maybe I had a very vivid imagination, went out the window with this event. I knew these thoughts and feelings weren’t from my creation. I jumped back in my car and drove home, stopping at least twice to walk around in an attempt to get rid of the nauseousness and emotion.

I have read accounts of what was done to Aboriginal people by the early settlers, but actually being right there, in the immediate, feeling and sensing fully what was happening, it was something nothing could have prepared me for. It is impossible to believe people can be so cruel to other people, simply because of their way of life and the colour of their skin.

Not having anyone to share the experience with, (who’d believe me anyway other than to contact the mental health unit of the local hospital) I embalmed myself with more than a few nips of Bourbon and went to sleep.

I had decided not to do any meditations for a few nights, because when I tried, these memories came back and I needed to move as far away from them as I could, if only for my own sanity.

It was weeks later that I sat for my first meditation. The memories were replaced by a beautiful feeling of serenity, peace and belonging. The old Aboriginal man in Spirit, came to me gently and offered me some herbs and native medicines.

Though I obviously didn’t eat or drink anything physically, the change in feeling that overcame me was as if I had actually taken some numbing potion of some kind. He then stated the following that I noted down at the time:

“What you experienced the other day at that terrible place was an atrocity that repeats, over and over, preventing the spirits of those slain, and the slayers, from finding peace. It’s like what you’d call a tape loop. Over and over and over.

With your help we can stop this constant re-enactment but there are strict rules you must adhere to.

You can’t have a judgemental attitude to this, you can’t entertain any emotions, one way or the other. You must have an open mind and heart. It is not as black and white a scenario as it first seems. Both sides had some responsibility for this slaughter, and it’s far larger than “my people versus your people.’ The world atrocities, over hundreds of years, have been drawn into this ‘tape loop.’ It is the guilt from all concerned that is the engine driving this pain. You can’t have an opinion, judging right and wrong. In order that a healing takes place, you must be completely open to our instructions, requests, and suggestions. You cannot allow your feelings into this matter.”

With that he faded from my mind, leaving me with a word that sounded like Dr’gnge but sounded like Durragundger. When I asked what it meant, I heard, way out in the distance of my mind, ‘The Way.’

It wasn’t till many years later, when I accepted reincarnation, that I understood what the old man meant. Many of those that were the slayers, became the slain, here in Australia, and in other nations. And visa versa.

A few weeks later, wondering what had happened to the old Aboriginal man, while shopping in Mudgee, I bumped into a friend whose daughter was a local radio announcer. He asked if I was free that coming Friday night, which I was, to join him and his family for an evening meal.

Present at the dinner were he and his wife and daughter, a friend of his wife, and my son and myself. I was introduced to the woman as the sister of our local TV news presenter. She and her husband had a property in the same direction as I had been taken to when I came across the massacre. The friends both new I was psychic and mentioned it to this woman.

She asked me did I know anything about ghosts, particularly Aboriginal ones, and the hairs shot up on the back of my neck. This was more than coincidental. I said that I knew a little and she asked if I’d come around some time to check out what she felt was a haunting.

I arranged to meet her at her farm in the middle of the following week, and the moment I turned into the same dusty road, I knew where I was heading.

The driveway to her house was about a hundred metres this side of where I had encountered the slaughter in my previous visit.

This was beyond coincidence.

After pleasantries, I was taken up the back of her property to the base of the ridge that bordered onto the local National Park.

I didn’t feel quite so emotional as I did last time and as I stood up on the hill. Looking back down towards the house, and then to the left toward where I had encountered the massacre, I could distinctly feel pockets of antagonistic energies reaching from that lower point, up to the right of where I was standing behind the house. As I looked in the direction of that point up on the right side, I could sense that that was where the main antagonism was coming from.

“That’s where you’ll be going next.” I felt the old Aboriginal man in Spirit saying.

With the old man’s instructions, we formed an imaginary Bora ring reaching right across the woman’s property and into it we called on the Healing Team to spread Light, Love, Concern, Caring and all the Higher Values one would expect for Healing of such a place of hatred.

All in all the healing of the property took a little more than an hour. There seemed to be no resistance to what the old Man and I did, and very quickly after, as the woman and I were walking down the hill, I could feel the massive change from when we had first gone up.

A few days later, the woman contacted me to say how amazed she felt after the release, and how a number of places around her property had been so different to how she had felt there before my calling.

She then mentioned in passing that she had been in contact with the people who owned the farm on the other side of the ridge, the place where the Old Man in Spirit had said we’d be going to next.


After a few years in Mudgee, and after receiving my entitlement from the winding up of the holiday hostel at Wollar, I bought a petite historic cottage in Gulgong, around twenty minuted drive north west of Mudgee. The residents had all moved into other accommodation and I was now living with my foster son, after my disastrous marriage, divorce and settlement, left us destitute.

Yes a lot happened in between the last Blog encounters and the ones now to follow. However, as they have nothing to do with Spiritual matters, I have left them out.

As a means of keeping my sanity, and also conserving my money to pay off the debts we were left, I’d walk out on Old Barney’s Reef Road Gulgong, a road that once repeatedly heard the call of ‘gold’ in the gold rush days, past a cottage on the right and across a bridge to a junction, then return back on the other road, passing the cottage on my left and heading back home.

One particular time, I glanced off the bridge and saw a circle of painted stones. They were a bit weathered, but the white paint was still visible. Intrigued after many times passing the stones, and in view of the recent events in my life of an Aboriginal nature, I called into the house and met the owners Mark and Joyce.

They were a couple with an Aboriginal heritage, who had set up the Bora ring on the creek near their property, as directed by an old, wise Wiradjuri Spirit Elder (the Aboriginal name for that particular country) to draw to them a wise teacher.

I ended up arriving instead.

I told them of my psychic encounters, but not of Bindi at that stage, and they were extremely interested in forming a regular psychic circle.

Not having a car, I’d walk the two or so kilometres journey to their place, taking the road on the right, instead of the road to the bridge, for our once a week special time, and the slow combustion fuel stove meals Joyce would make for me.

On my original visits to their place, I would be instinctively drawn to, and mesmerised by, certain very old gums trees growing on the stretch of land that branched off on the right side to the distant hills. These trees would definitely have dated back to a time before white invasion of Australia. As I approached, I would have this strange flash back feeling, like I had been there those many long years ago.

This particular day, as I passed a particularly large gum tree, I had this very strong desire to stop. There in my mind, to my right and to the left of this old tree, I had the sensation of a very thin and wiry Aboriginal man challenging me.

I couldn’t determine his age, but I assumed he was a young man, possibly in his mid to late 20’s. He had his left foot resting on his right knee, and supported his balance with a very long spear. Somehow I knew I was at an Aboriginal territory border from back in that time and that it was appropriate that I should ask his permission before I passing from one country to another. I did so, permission was given, and as I passed the spot he disappeared.

It goes without saying that, in my ignorance, I constantly checked behind me as I walked the rest of the journey, fearful that his spiritual spear might manifest into a physical one and end up in my back.

On arriving at Joyce and Mark’s place I asked them had they ever encountered this spirit, and they said they hadn’t. They said the Spirit that had appeared to them, to build the Bora Ring, had been a very wise Elder and the keeper of many secrets. Secrets they said he would only share with the one for whom they had been asked to build the Bore Ring.

In our meditation Circles we asked repeatedly for any information as to why this spirit was visiting me, and got nothing. It seemed he was only interested in appearing to me, and only on some occasions.

Each time I passed the tree, in my mind I show my respect to the fact I was moving from one country to another, before proceeding.

Almost a year later, as I showed my respects at the tree on my way home, I was distracted by a sensation in my mind that indicated activity happening to my right.

I stood quietly in meditative state and waited.

The young warrior had returned, and this time was leading a small band of Aboriginal women and children towards me, and he was asking me for my help.

He said they had been waiting a long time for a sacred man to release the souls of those that had been slaughtered in his country many years before.

By this stage, thanks to the Circles at Mark and Joyce’s, I had become more comfortable and adapt at communing with Spirit in my thoughts, but not so with the concept of releasing lost or embedded souls, especially as I knew nothing of Aboriginal rituals and customs on this matter.

On my next visit to Mark and Joyce, I told them of this encounter and that I didn’t think it appropriate I should be meddling in Aboriginal matters. They agreed and suggested we created a Special Circle.

It was a deep and long meditation, and I couldn’t help feeling that there were contradictory feelings emanating from each of us. At the end as we shared what we had received, Mark said he had doubts and confusion concerning some information he was receiving, and asked Joyce, to seek confirmation.

After returning to the meditation to seek clarity, she said she was told it was Kadaicha business, and somehow I was to play an important part. She said she was told that the Aboriginal Spirit at the tree was the same one who had told them to build the Bora Ring and that I would be called upon soon to do some special work.

Mark then revealed that was the same message he got, but politely stated he felt the meditation had been contaminated. He found it wrong that a white uninitiated person, as I was, could be called upon for such a sacred matter. Joyce also said she had doubts concerning the messages. I also said that there seemed to be some discrepancies, because they were seeing an old Elder, and I was seeing a young warrior.

Heading back home, and with the concern that I’d be passing this place again, with the possibility of another strange happening, I went into a deep meditation as I slowly approached the tree.

Out as far as the eye could see, in my mind, were Aboriginal Spirits. Mostly women and children, but scattered amongst them were native people of other nations. They seemed to be moving towards me, like starving people pleading for food. I felt fearful because of the unknown, but also because of where this was all leading.

“Hey brudder, you scared shitless?” That laughter could only be Bindi.

“What’s going on?” I asked, relieved that there was a Spirit near me that knew I was nuts.

“Get used ta it brudder, there’s more ta come.” She laughed, and then in my mind I heard her talking to the Warrior, in language, and then to the Elders and other souls, and then after a little while, they all, including Bindi, faded from my consciousness.

I stood there wondering if I should go, or stay, and finally, because it was starting to get very cold, I headed home.

From time to time Bindi would appear in at my meditation sessions at home, but they became less and less till finally she stopped coming.

On Sunday 18th November 2018, in our regular Circle in Gin Gin, the two women in the group and myself had Bindi visit us, primarily though for one of the women. As Bindi seems to appear to initiates of a higher level, I’m wondering if this person isn’t about to start her journey.


This is the first of four encounters I will post here at my front page every two weeks. These involve some very painful experiences, as a learning curve, but more on that when I post the others. As I have done with Sam’s story, I will post them all on a separate page, oldest down to the newest, for easy reading. I will add this one, and the poem, to that page in two weeks time.

If you’re looking for the links to Sam’s story, please scroll down below this encounter.


Moving into the housing commission home in Mudgee gave all four residents, including me, stability, but then came the questions.

What was it that spooked us in the old Cobb and Co pub?

Where did it come from, and where did it go, if it actually did go?

How did I know to trust the Voice in my head, that I refer to as my Guidance and who moved my arms into making that frightening hand clap?

There were obviously a lot more questions without answers and so I started to put out feelers to see if I could find the answers.

While visiting a newly opened health food store in Mudgee, I came across pamphlets advertising an astrologer who was drawing up birth charts for people. I had had an astrology chart done many years earlier, but because my exact time of birth is unknown, the information on that chart seemed inaccurate.

I phoned this woman, who I’ll call Sheree, who also claimed to be a psychic, and made arrangements to meet her. I explained of the psychic happenings in my life and said that many years ago, when I had been invited by a friend to visit a Beginner’s Circle at a Spiritualist Church in Enmore Sydney, that I’d been told I had great psychic abilities. She suggested that she would do a astrological chart for me for free and that she would try and help me develop my psychic skills.

She got me to show her how I had dealt with the entities at the Cobb and Co home, and so I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and explained that things just seem to happen after that. She was mortified. You don’t use dream catchers, she exclaimed? You don’t burn Sage, or hang garlic cloves around windows or start with a ritual chanting? You don’t form a Sacred Circle of salt? No I winced. Well no wonder you drew in such entities, she chastised, and set about preparing for a circle as she claimed it was meant to be.

None of what she offered seemed right to me; too many rituals that didn’t seem necessary.

I tolerated these circles, even when she was visited by some very weird and worrying spiritual entities, one or two I was convinced were imaginary.                I was slowly moving away from my Catholicism and experimenting with what had previously been unheard of for a good Catholic boy, so it goes without saying that she wasn’t helping me at all. In fact, over time, I realised that she was picking my brain more than I was learning from her.

This particular night, after my ‘brothers’ with disabilities had settled down for the night, I had this very strong feeling to try meditating alone for the first time. With a lighted candles, no garlic or dream catcher but with much apprehension, I prepared myself.

Sheree had made it quite clear that unless I could see or hear a spirit entity, then it’s not psychic. Even though I’d had the encounter at the Cobb and Co pub, I still wasn’t psychic in her eyes because I didn’t see or hear anything. I assumed she was right because I only felt the psychic encounters as a part of my imagination.

So it was with great trepidation that I began. It took some time for me to relax and calm enough just to reach a simple meditative state. As I slipped a little into this peacefulness, I had the sensation of someone, way off in the distance, chattering away to no one in particular. I put it down to my imagination and tried a couple of times to dismiss this distraction from my mind. The more I tied the dismissing, the stronger it got. Assuming I’d blown the meditation, I decided to let my imagination, and this imagery, have it’s way with me. That’s when I slipped very quickly into a beautiful state of peace. The sensation of the person being there increased. I could hardly make out the voice let alone what was being said. There was a happiness in the voice, and lots of laughter.  

As she drew closer in my mind, I could sense that she was a naked, short but very large, Aboriginal woman. As she laughed boisterously, her breasts bounced in time with her laughter. I distinctly felt her saying, in a voice wonderfully peculiar to Aboriginal people,

“Brudder, ya missin’ de garlic, crucifix and holy water.”

To which she then burst into an infectious deep belly laugh, which I couldn’t help but following. I asked her what she meant and she said,

“That shit’s not gonna help ya keep away badies. If ya think ya gonna have bad spirits around ya, that’s what you’ll get. If ya think ya gonna have good spirits round ya, then that’s what you’ll get. If ya fearful, ya get fear.”

She explained that Sherrie’s personal protections were fear based, and though it may have been necessary for Sherrie and her particular journey, it wasn’t for me and mine. She introduced herself to me as Bindigala and said she was my teacher in the ways of initiation.

“Ya got a special callin’ brudder, ya got a lotta work to do, so ya’ gunna have to trust us.” She replied.

Over time I got to know her as Bindi and many was the nights I finished my meditation totally doubled up from laughter. I learned that though she presented as one person, of Aboriginality, she was a reflection of billions of Souls who were knowledgeable of the matters I was to learn over time.

It is interesting to note that a number of my friends, in their early development, had Bindi present in their development. On person was Shazza, a friend of Sherri who ended up being my reason for moving to Queensland.


It was a year or two later, after my regular meditations, and just before I headed off to bed, I had this imagery come to mind that later I converted into a poem.


First written late 1980’s, completed Feb 2000

Peter Lyons ©

In the latter eighteen eighties there had been a massacre

Forty thousand natives killed by the English settlers.

The elders were defenceless against this brutal force

The secret sacred magic, and its use, their only course

Towns built on sacred land were touched by this great curse

English settlers and their offspring felt the curse the worst

Until the country recognised that slaughter had been done

Not a single town would grow, until forgiveness had begun

The old black man sat in the shade on this hot and dusty day

His bark and wattle humpy meant that for a while he’d stay

It was the early seventies and a change of special note

Meant the aboriginal people for the first time now could vote

He’d come from deep inside the land once called Wiradjuri

He’d been sent by his elders that the cursed land be set free.

This man they sent was special, he knew the sacred ways

And what he said determine if the cure would go or stay

One night while he was sleeping, two men with evil minds

With courage from a six-pack and a racially prejudiced blind,

Into the old man’s camp they drove a stolen rusty truck

Killed the elder and the peace this old man could have struck.

The Central West of NSW began its slow decline

With loss of precious business

As the companies closed their mines

Towns reduced to villages and villages into dust

And homes once prized in those past times,

Reduced to rubble and rust

Still no one said I’m sorry, for what they knew was done, so

The cure remained to plague the folks the old man’s death begun


Then in the early 80’s, someone was sent back,

A white man sent by Spirit to heal the singing track.

He didn’t know of Spirit ways, nor that he had been called,

Till one night in his dreaming, the Elders showed him all.


They showed him Secret Knowings almost lost to time

And how to use them wisely, and where to draw the line

He travels through from town to town, and no one knows he’s there

Except the wise old elders who know they need not fear


He sets the wheels in motion of this ancient sacred plan

That only wise folk in the know will fully understand.


In view of the response I received to the story of Sam, I decided to reach back into the archives of my life to share with you other encounters of a similar vein.

My plan is to start with the original encounters and then run them chronologically to the current time. I will follow the same as I have done with Sam’s separate page so that the original story will be at the top and the newly added ones below them. I hope to add a new encounter every three weeks and hope you enjoy reading what I have encountered in my life.

Here is the link:



In two weeks time I will be posting a link to a complete Sam Transcript.

This Blog will include all of the interactions between Sam, Danny and myself, including the unpublished last encounter we had with him on the 11th August 2018.

It will also include all relevant emails that Danny and I shared on our experiences with Sam’s.

Most of what I have published in the Blog has been my encounters with Sam. The emails are where Danny got to share his experiences. It expands the story and is very much worth the read.

Hope you enjoy.




It  was Sun 29th July when Sam unexpectedly called on me again. I had been battling with a persistent cold and feeling quite run down since the first week in June, so I really wasn’t looking to made contact with him. As was said in the last Blog, Sam came to Danny and a day later he came to me, but other than that I’d had no contact. I assumed Sam had moved on and that I wouldn’t be hearing from him again.

At around 1.30pm, when I usually head down for a Poppy Snooze, I felt he was around me and I checked with my Guides. Yes, it was Sam and they said he’d be back around 3.00 after I’d woken up.

Pete: Hi Sam.

Sam: (Quite weak.)

Pete: You there Sam?

Sam: (A little stronger) Yeah

Pete: You know you’re supposed to get close to the microphone, or I can’t hear you.

Sam: (Laughter)

Pete: So how are you going?

Sam: Heaps better. Found my niche, as it were. Don’t know what I would have done without you all helping me. I really owe you my life, even if I didn’t realise it back then.

Pete: Well you know I’m going to say it was the Spiritual help that did it. Neither Danny or I could have done a thing if it wasn’t for that ‘Conduit’.

Sam: Yeah, I don’t know what you call it. It’s not the God every one tries to stuff down your neck down there. Its unconditional, non intrusive, care and kindness. That’s what saved me. And Whoever it is or They are, They use friends and family to help me through. Like (my brother) and other members of  my mob. You guys as well. Even Danny’s wife chatted with me at times when the last thing I wanted to do was chat.

Pete: Do you mean the actual people? Like your actual family?

Sam: No. Its was like you said last time. Its like They superimpose peaceful thoughts, and kindness in Their attempts to motive me, through family and friends. I know now that They used you and Danny a lot. That time when I was actually talking to Danny, I had a go at him for his persistence. He had no idea what I was talking about. (Laughter)

Pete: I think that happened with me too.

Sam: Oh was it you too? I can’t remember.

Pete: You’re asking me to remember?

Sam: (Laughing)

Pete: So what’s new? How’s Jill. Figured that bit out yet?

Sam: Yeah. I was a bloody goose. I was so hell bent on having her there, just like she was when she died, that I bloody well blocked her our of my life.

Pete: But you’ve reconciled now?

Sam: Yeah definitely, but in a different way. That human thirst to want to possess, that security, that’s not there. No need for that. We have picnics by the river, even paddle around in a tinny. Jill hated boats, unless they were really big, but now we go out on lakes, and even rivers. It’s so different to what I thought it would be up here.

(Note: I didn’t know about Jill and her fear of water so after this chat with Sam, I contacted Danny to see if he knew that Jill disliked water and he said:  “Not sure if Jill was afraid of all boating, but I do recall one time, hearing her say ‘you won’t get me out in that bloody boat, no way.’ So I guess that sums that up. She was more of a land dweller.”)

Pete: So what happens next for you up there? Do you just blissfully float along or are there things you have to do?

Sam: Don’t know a lot about all that yet. Getting used to accepting the information that’s coming to me. Everything I believed has been shaken. I’ve certainly ‘grown up’ in a very short time. (Laughter).

Pete: So would I spook you if I mentioned reincarnation further down the track?

Sam: No, it’s ok now. You wouldn’t want to have brought that up when I was in the doldrums. But now, well what will be will be is the way for me now.  

Pete: Last time we were chatting, I forgot to mentioned that Tammy (the name I’ll give to a very close friend of us all who cared for Sam at the Retirement Village before he left for The Friendlies Hospital, where he lived his last days) thinks you may have visited her and other staff while you were going through that rough time, in the early days of your passing over. Was that you? Do you remember?

Sam: Oh I have no idea. Did I spook them? (That unmistakeable laugh)

Pete: They were on night shift and the curtains moved noticeably on at least two occasions.

Sam: (Laughter) Well at least they wouldn’t have been sleeping on the job after that I’ll bet.

Pete: (Laughter)

Sam: I had some strange encounters when I was going through that rough patch. At least once I actually felt I was walking down a hallway or corridor of either a hospital or similar building, and I was looking for someone to give me directions, but that was very fleeting. Like a flash or a dream.

Pete: The curtain movement I thought might have been very early in the rough patch when I got you to walk to the window in the Friendlies, but Tammy said their incident happened at least a month or two after that.

Sam: I don’t know. It was hard to figure out what was dreams and what was real. Even now, trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not has me in a spin.

Pete: I thought that would have settled down by now?

Sam: It’s not as intense. Imagine you’re living permanently in a dream state, but knowing it is now the primary state, and the real world you’re living in, is now the dream state. It’s all back the front. (Laughter)

Pete: So how are you getting on with those bloody ‘Communist Labor’ mob?

Sam: (Laughing loudly) They’re great. They were part of the team that got me out of that ‘chair’ and to the window. I didn’t want to go and I fought it. One of those people appeared to me as Danny. He didn’t say much, but what he said really bugged me.

Pete: Poor Danny. No wonder he felt you didn’t love him any more. (Chuckle)

Sam: Yeah that’s what I meant when I said I blew the crap out of him, and he knew nothing about it.

Pete: You certainly helped both Danny and I understand so much about what goes on up there, old mate. You have us talking and sharing on what we knew very little about. Thanks so much for that.

Sam: If I hadn’t been so bloody stubborn, I wouldn’t have had to go through any of that. I’ve since told Danny I’m sorry and extremely grateful for his help.

Pete: Yeah, Danny understands. We all did a lot of learning.

Sam: I suppose so. We all went to school.

Pete: Yeah. Well I thought I’d have heaps of questions to ask you, if I encountered you again, but it’s like all my questions have been answered somehow.

Sam: Yeah, that’s how it is here. You just seem to have the answers even before you ask the question.

Pete: Do you think you’ll be back to visit me or Danny again, or are you moving on further down your new road.

Sam: Don’t know. Want to keep in touch, but not up to scratch with that stuff yet. Still trying to find my Guardian Angel, if I’ve got one (Laughter).

Pete: All those souls, or spirits, or ‘Labor party’ people in the next room are Angels. They guide you, so we call them Guides. So you are obviously flooded with Guides, Angels, Spirit Friends of the highest calibre. God knows you don’t deserve Them (Tongue in cheek)

Sam: (Laughter) Ha you’re right there.

Pete: Well looks like we’ve come to the end of our encounter Sammy baby. It’s been an extremely interesting and fascinating encounter with you. I’d even say I got more out of you since you’ve been dead than when you were alive. (Chuckle)

Sam: (Belly Laughter) And the same to you. (Both laughed out loud.)

Pete: The door to me is always open Sam. Don’t be a stranger. Visit me any time you like, cause you’ll always be welcome.

Sam: Thanks mate. You’re not the person I thought you were, but then I couldn’t have handled what and who you are when I was alive. You would have scared the beejesus out of me.

Pete: Yeah, I know. I tried a few times. The last time I saw you, in the hospital on the Wednesday before your passing the following Sunday, I had intended to bring up the subject of the ‘after life’ if I could. But as you may remember, you family were there that day, so it didn’t happen.

Sam: You know, I thought you were going to say something the time before. That’s why I offered you those chocolates someone had give me. Sort of a distraction.

Pete: Well I’m at least glad one of us got a surprise. (Laughter)

Sam: (Laughter. Then more seriously) It would have been good had I been able to hear what you and Danny had tried to share with me. But as it is, you’ve had my full and undivided attention since I moved here.

Pete: All the best to you Sam. Don’t be a stranger.

Sam: Enjoy your life down there Pete. You outlived me for sure.

Pete: Maybe you’ll be the ‘Conservative’ in the room next door when I pass over.

Sam: (Laughter) Bye Pete.

Finished 4.30pm