At one of my regular session in Hervey Bay, a woman asked me questions concerning her family, in particular her 13-year-old daughter. I said I could see the daughter had isolated herself in a darkened room, almost as if the walls had been painted black. The mother said the daughter had painted the walls and the windows black, and rarely left the house. She said she and her husband had taken the daughter to the family doctor, who referred her to a psychiatrist, but nothing really changed. I said to the mother that I could see a dark young man in spirit who had befriended her daughter about 12 months previous to this visit, and the mother confirmed that the daughter’s condition had started around that time. She added that the daughter’s condition was getting progressively worse and asked if I did house calls. I said that I did but she would have to asked for her daughter’s permission first. I explained that though the mother and father had legal rights over the child at that age, I would need the daughter’s permission because I would be getting her to remove any negative or unwanted spirit energy that may be causing interference in her life. The mother said she would try.

The next day I received a phone call from the quite surprised mother to say the daughter had consented to me visiting. I set a time for the following weekend.

I arrived at the semi-rural property, about 15 minutes out of Hervey Bay, around three o’clock on the Saturday afternoon. The home was an old Queenslander, built on polls above the ground for both ventilation and monsoonal flooding, I was greeted by the mother and introduced to her husband and eldest son. Though the male members of the family were cordial, I could sense their reservation with my kind of work. After pleasantries, a few obvious questions, and a cup of tea, the mother took me to meet the daughter. She lived in a small ground level add-on to one side of the entry steps to the main house. As we approached her door, I could hear the sound of music coming from within the room. The mother rapped lightly on the door, called her name, and cautiously opened the door. Though it was a bright sunny day outside, there was little to no light in the room, and it took quite a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. The mother asked the daughter’s permission to turn on one light, but it was more of a command as the mother didn’t wait for the daughter’s reply before turning it on.

The girl was surprisingly pretty and well developed for her age. Had I not known her true age, I would have assumed she was at least 18. She was dressed in a black sleeveless tank top, black shorts, a black studded dog collar, and was wearing very dark eyes shadow and mascara, which matched her dyed black hair. Her Gothic appearance was reflected in the poster that took up two thirds of one wall. They were of the deceased actor Brandon Lee from one of his darker movie scenes, and from the same movie in which he was accidentally killed. Brandon Lee was the son of Bruce Lee, the Teo Jeet Kune Do master and actor. Both were accidentally killed while making movies. We chatted for a few moments, mostly on trivia associated with Brandon and his life, which she knew much about. She was totally convinced that he was in the room with her, as the protector. Psychically, however, I was seeing another, totally different, energy around her and in the room. It was an energy of death, lacking life or a life force. The energy in the room was so overpowering that I had to leave the room, her mother follow closely behind. Once outside, the mother said she rarely went into the room and was stunned at what she felt when she was in their. I suggested she go make us a cup of tea, and then when she left, I call on all that I knew in the Spirit world of the Highest calibre to come to my aid. I immediately felt Peaceful Energy building within me, and spreading out into the girl’s room and the surrounding property. After what must have been about two minutes, I went to re enter the room. She was coming out as I was going in. She was very concerned that when I had left her room, it may have been that she had upset me. It had been the first time she had left her room in daylight hours in 12 months, and the fear of being outside show on her face. We went back into her room but I left the door open.

I explained to her what I was psychically sensing, seeing, and feeling, and suggested she followed me in a simple and exercise, one which I use regularly for people who are not fully in control of their mind, thoughts, or action. It took quite a few attempts before she was relaxed enough to continue. With the aid of a visualisation exercise, I got her to remove all energy around her that was not of the highest and purist, and to replace it with the energy of peace, serenity, goodwill, and honesty. In other words her highest guidance. As she awoke from her self induced, trance-like state, she looked around the room like she was in a new place.

Almost on cue, her mother arrived with 3 cups of tea and a small plate of biscuits. She was stunned as she watched her daughter pull back the shades and curtains, and made a quick attempt to find a place for us to sit.

Some months later, the mother came to visit me with news that the daughter had returned to school, cleaned up her room and was interacting with the family again.

In an aside, she said she had taken the daughter back to the psychiatrist for a reassessment. When the psychiatrist stated that the daughter’s recovery was ‘miraculous’, the mother told him of my intervention.

She laughed as she told me “The psychiatrist seriously warned my daughter and me to stay clear of such psychic mumbo jumbo as it would only cause her harm further down the road.”

Sadly, the psychiatrist is a well respected member of the medical profession in that field, treating hundreds of cases of people with a ‘possession’ he refused to believe exists.

2 thoughts on “THE DARK WARRIOR

  1. Well that was a huge turn around. For the family, who knows what would have happened to this girl if the family hadnt called on you and your spirit team.


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