My humble apologies for the delay in my posting this Blog. Being winter and shorter days down here in Australia, combined with a backlog of activities I must complete before we get a really cold snap, has me forfeiting some activities, and preparing this Blog has been one of them.

This is a short one that I hope will sustain you the regular readers until I can put in time for the more detailed ones I’ll be posting as soon as I get them completed. Enjoy Pete

It was April 1997 and I was biting at the bit, because for five years I had been told by Spirit that I’d be moving to Maryborough in Queensland. “You will be living where the whales birth their young”.

As it turned out, the whales birth their young in Hervey Bay, where I eventually lived for a few years, but I made my living doing psychic readings in a health food store in Maryborough, the next town.

A few years earlier I had given my friend Sharon a reading in Mudgee saying she would be moving to Queensland, and that somehow I’d be ‘involved’ with her up there.

As it turned out, she met the man Spirit had promised in a reading I’d given her, and early in 1997 they invited me to visit.

And so on that day in April, with a totally over packed yellow Lite Age van (that I called my Yello Peril), I left Gulgong for Bundaberg in Queensland where I stayed with Sharon and Mike till I moved to Hervey Bay in the July.

Not long after arriving in Bundaberg, in fact only two months later, my family contacted me to say my dad’s health was slowly deteriorating and to be prepared for the worst.

One morning, around 7.00 am, I was sitting on the toilet, or the Tardus as Mike, Sharon and I call it, so named after the British Dr. Who TV Show and because, just like that Tardus, we seemed to enter a different world whenever we went there. It

was quite common for us to return back to the others after a visit there, with a lot of psychic information.

In my state of meditation, I had this feeling that dad was around me in a spiritual way. I spoke to him in my mind and asked him why he was there. “I can’t raise the flamin’ nurses” was his reply. Flamin’ was a common expression of dad’s. I could visualise him walking up the corridor of the hospice where he was staying, using a support frame, and dragging his intravenous drip and looking lost. I said, “Dad go back to bed and I’ll send a nurse to you.” He said OK but that I’d better hurry up, as he was busting to go to the toilet. He seemed to slowly fade away from me.

Surprised at that encounter, I asked my Guides what that was all about, and though I didn’t ‘hear’ Them in reply as I do now, I just knew instinctively that my dad had passed over, or was in the process of passing.

My suggesting he go back to bed and that I’d call the nurses for him, was Spirit’s way of reassuring him that all was well with his passing.

When I had finished my business in the Tardus, I went out to Mike and Sharon, without giving them any details and asked if they could get any information relating to what had just happened. They both became emotional and shivery and said they felt my dad had just passed over, or was in the process of passing over. I hadn’t told either of them what I had experienced in the Tardus. Around 10.00 am I got a phone call from my family to say dad had passed over peacefully around the time I had encountered him in the Tardus.

I was never close to my dad, or at least he was not close to me. He and I had clashed on almost every topic, though we both had tried to find common ground, which I had hoped one day we would.

With his passing came the reality that there could never be a reconciling of our differences.

Even the fact that he had come to me psychically before he died, and not to my eight siblings, I had thought would bring a new ‘contact’ between us after his passing. But other than that one encounter with him, I never had him visit me again.

The gap that was created between us is extremely difficult for me to deal with, even now.


  1. thank you pete for sharing this with us. try to reflex, what your dad has taught you!..everyone is a teacher, if we are smart enough, to learn from everyone. the best lessons were from very horrible people, which I didn’t learn the lessons, at THAT time, because my emotions were so upset, overtime and reflexion, I was able to revist ,and the lesson,came rushing back, with the knowledge as well. think how MUCH inner straight you have now, you cant develop it with going thru stuff, ESPECALLY, at a young age, when the body is developing and not yet adult.


    1. Hi Allen. You bring up a very personal churning from deep within me that I rarely share. Yes, you are absolutely right that basically we must forgive those who have grieved us with their actions. The question is, did those who aggressed us do so for intentions of good, that is, they consciously intended to help us in our life, or were they totally unaware of their actions? And if so, haven’t they, intentionally or unintentionally, lowered themselves in the ‘cycle of future lives’?
      Was he used by the Creator Force or God to be the aggressor he was, or was it another power that he had tapped into?
      Or put another way, and from the perspective of us who can’t possibly know the source of the aggression, how do we, who love those that aggressed us, help those aggressors to find that Higher Truth, now that they have passed from the possible physical interactions we had with them?
      From the many attempts I have made to interact with my father, to bring us to a state of reconcile or at least a state of interaction, now that he has passed over, he has refused.
      And I have had this confirmed with a number of well established external psychic sources, who also tried to reconcile us, even via the most passive of connections.
      Yes, I have been hardened and affirmed in my commitment to the Creator, or God, as a result of his cruel actions, but at what cost to him?
      I guess the most obvious question I ask the Universe/Creator/God, in relation to my father, is was that fair for him to pay for my gain at his expense?
      Questions, questions, questions er?
      Thank you so much, and with much sincerity, for your original posting. It has allowed me to express to you and those interested, my sadness and my deep felt loss, at not having been able to have told my father that I was on the Creator/God’s journey, not the one he had demanded of me. Pete


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