Mark: I just read the copy of what will be your next Blog Pete and it sounds great. Don’t see myself as a Mark, hard to get used to that *lol*. It all rang true to me as if it was just yesterday. It also reminded me of my first ever Healing I had with you and Sue, when I almost fell of the lounge laughing my head off from the effects. I tell a lot of people about that kind of Spiritual Healing and what a great feeling it was. Go for it Pete with my blessing. Nothing I’d change or add to it. It’s just as I remember it happening.


It was the late nineteen nineties when I received an invitation from Sue to visit her in Queensland. She had been living in Mudgee and had moved up to where family were living, not far from Bundaberg. She had met Mark and they became a couple.

My moving, with all my bare essentials stuffed in or strapped to my Lite Ace van, is a story in itself. I called the van my Yello Peril because on arriving at Sue and Mark’s place, we discovered fuel had been spraying all over the motor. I shouldn’t be here.

Sue obviously knew of my psychic gift, but Mark was initially sceptical, but totally polite. As a means of stripping away the sensationalism of what I did, I suggested we have a regular Circle, based on the Three Fives relaxing meditation that Spirit had shown me down in Gulgong.

After a couple of weeks as the Circles progressed and a comfort zone was reached between us three and Spirit, Mark quickly began to show signs of medium-ship, with tingling sensations around the back of his neck, a feeling of euphoria, and an overpowering light headedness. Assurance by both Sue and myself that all was well and that he had no need to be frightened, Mark started to allow his Guides to expand this gift for him. It was during one of these sessions that Mark had his first full trance. We had been meditating as per usual and not really expecting anything as nothing much had happened for quite a few of the previous meditation sessions. Suddenly Mark started to act in a restless manner. Sue and I both looked to find him with his eyes closed, and his hand holding his neck and we both knew he was in trance.

From questioning Mark, we ascertained this soul was from a period in Fascist Italy of the 1940’s. I was transformed back to visualise a dark and narrow cobblestone alleyway, winding between old stone or brick buildings. In this imagery I could see a young man, possibly in his mid twenties, sitting in a small corner of this alleyway. He was holding his hand high up to his right shoulder, near his neck. He kept telling us he was OK, that he just needed to get his breath back. He knew he had been shot, but that he would be OK as soon as he had rested. From what we gleaned from our conversations with him as he spoke through Mark, he had been an active Fascist, but had then realised how wrong the Fascists were, and had tried to change camp.

He had been accepted by the underground resistance till someone recognised him, and assuming he was still with the Fascists, took him to this spot and shot him. He still believed he was alive, and that he could reconcile himself with the underground, just as soon as he got his energy back. My guides told me he had refused to move on to the light till he had put things right with the underground members, as he didn’t consider himself worthy of the Serenity and the Light that They offered, till that reconciliation had occurred.

It took quite a time to convince him he was in spirit, and that the war had ended more than fifty years earlier. Finally, and this would have been because Mark’s own guides would have reassured him what we were saying was the truth, his soul was released from his locked-in status, and we saw him heading towards the Light.

Mark returned to his physical form, and like anyone who has tranced for the first time, experienced the unique emotional aftermath of such an awesome occurrence. It was the one and only time Mark has had such a trance session that I know of. He has had many encounters with lost souls, but not coming to him in such a manner.

Mark and Sue moved to South Australia a few years back and he is now a well respected psychic medium in his own rite, with a well worn track of clients to his ‘computer’ door.


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