Over the year I receive complementary comment, statements of opposing belief and sometimes opinions that are not fit for print.

The kind comments are listed at the end of the main pages in the comments sections and I very much appreciate them, especially from you regulars.

There is other correspondence that comes in emails and that is questions relating to the particular Blog. I happily reply to all of them and also encourage you to send me more.

I have delayed printing them in the Blog till I had enough for a page. Hope you enjoy.


Q. Does everyone have a different destination when they die?

A. We determine where we go when we pass over in the sense that if we pass over in a state of contentment, then we find our passing over quite pleasant. If we have no belief of a life after, as was the case of Sam, then there is a ‘tumbling time’ or time of confusion. We are the power of our own destiny when we pass over, so it is important for us to be in such a state of peace as is possible.

Q. Where are the Spirit Guides, past family members, Higher Spirits, Temple builders etc?

A. That is a very broad question and can be answered in so many ways. When a person passing over in a state of peace, there is a tumbling sensation. This confusion is where you are finding your ‘new feet’ as it were. Assuming you have an open mind spiritually, you will soon ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ a state of contentment and peacefulness. Within that peacefulness will appear those loved ones, friends and those souls you know to bring you contentedness. Include in that appearance will be your Spirit Guides.

Q. In the Sam encounter, was he earth bound?

A. Temporarily yes. His stubbornness and contradictions confused him. He kept dismissing the belief that there is life after death and yet expecting his wife to be waiting for him. With his Guides using Danny and I as basically mirrors of his contradictions, and there were others, he was able to come to terms with those states he had created before he could move on.

Q. Are the Spirit Guides you contact a reflection on your own knowledge and advancement and as such, couldn’t you reach the Higher Realms?

A. Guides, Angels, Holy Souls, or Advanced Spirit are all the same. They are the Highest available to us at our particular level. There are billions of Them acting as One Voice to assist and guide us. We can ask for specific Guides, or holy Icons, however is it our need that dictates the Team best for us at any given time. They don’t remain with us forever, but constantly change as our needs arise. Some psychically gifted people can sense a change in Guidance, but most don’t feel any difference at all.

Q. I spent mostly all night and morning reading Sam’s Encounter. Fascinating. Now I want more. Hoping maybe you have other Blog posts maybe of other psychic encounters with other spirits. And any Blog posts about the things you know about the afterlife because you seem to be really well educated in it.

A. Thank you O. To be totally truthful, I have no idea what is coming next. Today, in less that 4 hours, I’ll be linking up for a meeting with ‘Danny’ and another psychic friend to discuss the matter. Thank you again for you interest.

Q. Thank you for writing Sam’s Encounter and sharing it with us. Will this be in a book form someday?

A. The cost of publishing books in Australia is prohibitive, hence why I prefer to give my material free to those who appreciate it. Thank you for your kind words.

Q. I was concerned that readers may think their destiny is the same as Sam’s. Maybe you could express that for them in future works.

A. Sam’s story, and stories I plan to share later on, are not the case for all who pass over, and I’m sure the reader’s understand that. The encounters I’m publishing are individual not general ones. In the case of Sam, as was explained, he refused to believe in a life after passing over, yet he was expecting his wife to be waiting for him. That contradiction alone held him back. If we work now to sort out what we believe in by reviewing our moral values, our purity of self and our admitting to our faults and failings but continuing to create a better self, we have absolutely no need for concern when the time comes.


Q: I’m wondering why the souls were trapped by the old apple tree?

A: Aboriginal belief was that when we passed over, we became a part of nature, usually embedded in a tree. Hence why I made reference to the first visitation to that property having happened around old trees that would have been there before white invasion to Australia. Just like Sam’s encounter, what we believe when we pass over is where we stay till we ‘wake up’ to the fact that our belief wasn’t true. Again as in the Sam encounter, time in Spirit is nothing like time as we understand it. Spirit has no way of knowing a year to a hundred. They think they’re sleeping, as Sam thought in those first few months.

Q. When the Aboriginals were murdered, why didn’t other higher souls come to rescue them, especially the children?

A. Again using Sam’s encounter, my Guidance and Danny’s Guidance came to him on numerous occasions. They used our imagery to try and move him on. But his belief, and his confusion, held him back. This happens with those souls who have a specific belief and strongly hold to it. In the case of the Aboriginal children, they would have clung to their mothers, unaware that both they and their mothers were decease. Attempts would have been made by Higher Entities to help them ascend, but the belief of the parent would have been too strong. In this instance a Powerful Force was used, that the souls would have believed in, that caused the release. As the old Aboriginal Elder indicated, there needs to be more people offering to release these souls. We here in the earth plane have the will. Prayer was a means, but those have become more wistful rather than the determined ones necessary to start Spirit rolling.

Q. A lot of excellent psychics say that angels, guides or higher realms spirits will meet you at the moment of your death, others say they come to you just before you die.

A. They are right, but again, if the soul doesn’t believe in Them, or have different expectations, nothing changes. Hauntings and ghosts are real. Low level Orbs floating around cemeteries are real. Strange spirit happenings that cause fear in the living are real. Eventually those lost souls will move on to a more peaceful state and place. It just happens in a different time frame to our time frame here in the earth plane.

Q. These souls by the apple tree, had to be more advanced than we are now spiritually, but they were trapped.

A. Again this relates back to time. Earth time and Spirit time are totally different. My friend Danny has had encounters, out at sea, with pirate Spirits. He has called on his Guidance to help to release them a hundred or more years after they ‘died’. To them it would have felt like weeks or months.

Q. It does scare me to read souls could be trapped, as the ones around trees, and not be freed to reach their spirit home.

A. Your perception is based on the premise that those souls were conscious of their status for the past hundred or more years. Most trapped or lost souls have no concept of time … no sunrise and no sunset means time there is totally different. What we know as a very long time, to them seems very short.

Q. I felt a lot of emotions as I read your encounter of the Apple Gum trees and the souls locked in them. I think it is so sad that other humans couldn’t set those souls free. You have made me realise just how big a problem this could be. Thank you so very much for your posts!

A. Yes it was an extremely hurtful experience at the time, and less so but still hurtful sharing it in the Blog. As to why other humans couldn’t set free those souls, too often we hear the ‘thoughts and prayers’ mantra when there have been tragedies. Though it is a nice sentiment, it would be far better if we could sit quietly in meditation, after any tragic event, and concentrate on sending Good Will healing those souls that have passed at that time, and to the bereaved families. Spiritually, it creates a chain reaction to other souls who are also locked in the earth plane, not just to the ones we may be concentrating on. The Healing Energy manifests and spreads. That was what the old Aboriginal Elder meant about lost souls being locked into other places in the world, and how the Cleansing of those ones We were working on, can spread that Healing to other places as well. Basically, and in our ignorance, we send out far more bad will on a regular basis than we do Good Will. This ‘non positive’ energy, in turn reduces the level of Higher Level Goodness available to us all. Which is why we have to concentrate on the Greatest Good/Creator Force every time we meditate or call on Them for help and assistance in our daily lives. It is like we have to rebuild the Channel every time as a form of protection from the anti energies.

Q. Hi Pete. Can a spirit attach itself to someone, when they are very young, and not
know it?  I know, all thru life, that I had a lazy brain,  never could concentrate, nor can I visualize, but sometimes, thoughts come into being, that are a little neg, and not on the subject, that I am thinking of. I really appreciate, your posts, as I do learn so much from them. 

A. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, spirit energy can negatively influence a person’s thinking or feelings. However, it is how the living person deals with that thought or feeling that determines if it will grow to a control or possession
status or whether is will be dismissed.
For what it’s worth, I was exactly the same as you when it comes to ‘lazy brain’ and lack of concentration. The same with visualisations, Danny from the Sam story can actually see psychically, but I’m more feelings and ‘imagination’.
I believe some of us who are gifted are usually using up large quantities of the brain area that normally holds short term memory. I could NEVER remember names, phone numbers etc. And what was worse, I had no idea that I was psychic. My suggestion to you is assume your thoughts are good thoughts, that is they are coming from a good Source. In this way you are actually reaching out to Good, and Good will come to you. Jesus said “What Father, when the son asks for bread, gives him a stone. The inference being that The Creator Force/God is always attentive and listening. So by putting out trust, even thought you don’t know what you’re trusting, that Trust will come to you. ‘I know mine and mine know me’ …. another of Jesus’ saying relevant here. Do you do regular meditations? And if so, are they deliberately geared
to connecting to the Highest Source? Hope this helps.

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