Friends of Mark and Joyce who lived in Gulgong would visit from time to time while I was there and sometimes, Linda would join the Circles.

She said she was pretty impressed with what I was getting, especially a message I gave her concerning entity interference at her sister Sue’s home at Bellingen, coastal northern NSW.

Some time later, Linda and her husband said they were planning a holiday over to visit the sister, would my son and I like to join them.

The two of us had been keen to get away from the peering eyes of my ex wife who was looking for any opportunity to ruin me in my local community, and so without hesitation we took up Linda’s offer.

The journey was a long but pleasant one, and it was a wonderful sensation, not just the arriving, but to be confronted by such an amazing home.

Sue’s husband Graham built alternative style homes in rural settings, and had used their place as an example of his work. It was in every sense of the word unique.

It was constructed on the side of a hill, with five levels and a central stairway from the first and lowest room to the top, and back, of the home. It was made of recycled timbers, glass, and other materials he had scrounged from building sites in a number of places in and around Sydney many years earlier. The first room was a large general room that served as lounge, kitchen and study. The next levels, separated up the centre by the steps, contained two large size bedrooms, the left room being Sue and Graham’s, and the right room where Linda and her family bunked.

Next came two smaller rooms, with a spare on the left side and the one my son and I shared on the right. Above these was the wet area level, with the bathroom on the left and laundry on the opposite side, and above that a storage area on the left and a firewood stack on the right. At the top of the stairs, was a door that opened out onto the top of the hill.

It was an extraordinary building and one I took to the minute I saw it.

Sue mentioned in passing that she would be sleeping in the room opposite the one my son and I were in.

Linda asked her sister if she was still having troubles sleeping in the main bedroom, a level below. She said she was convinced it was haunted. She said there was never any problems while her husband was home, only when he was away.

My friends looked at each other with a knowing glance and then said,

“We’ve never been comfortable in that room, any time we’ve stayed there.”

Sue said that when her husband was away, she would have doubts about his fidelity, yet when he was home, she had no doubts about him at all.

Knowing of my psychic skills, Linda asked if I could sense anything.

Though I had done psychometry and sensed areas of land where aboriginal people had been massacred, I had never done anything like this in the presence of others.

Using my outstretched hands as antenna, I slowly stepped into the room. Immediately I felt like I was back in Sydney in the 1920’s. I could feel the presence of some very nasty women and men. The women had total disrespect for the men, and the men were extremely cruel towards the women.

I was confused. This house was only a few years old, and nowhere near Sydney. I asked Sue did she know where the main timber beams, the main beams that held the weight of the rooms further up the incline. She said they had come from an old three story building from around the docks area in Circular Quay Sydney. I asked if she knew what the building was used for, and she said originally it had been a bond warehouse, then converted into accountants offices, and then a brothel.

I felt, but didn’t say, that the brothel had been a particularly nasty place catering for the worst of bestiality and similar.

I asked my Guides if there was anything I could do to remove the remnant energy. Suddenly I started raising my hands out on either side and slowly moved around the room, as if I were ushering an unseen force to gather. Then without warning, my hands came together in a mighty hand clap, as had happened in Mudgee some years before. I actually felt the building vibrate, but it was a psychic not physical, vibration.

Linda, who was standing at the door, let out a loud exclamation while her sister Sue let out a scream.

I immediately felt light headed and dizzy and went to lean against the wall. The wooden wall was electric, like it was charged with an electric current. Not bad for wood.

As I walked unsteadily back down to the kitchen for a much needed cup of tea, I could psychically hear a faint crackling sound around different sections of the building as I descended the stairs. It was a most extraordinary feeling.

A few days later, as I was strolling around the hill country where Sue and her husband lived, my Guides told me that the dormant energy of the souls from that time in the brother, were re energised when Sue, who was psychically gifted, dwelt on doubts or concerns she had about herself as worthy of the relationship, and of her husband’s possible infidelity. It was like a light switch.

While her sister, husband and the kids went down town to get takeaways, I shared what I had received from my Guides to Sue.

She confirmed that she didn’t feel worthy of her husband and that she was sure he was having more than one affair when he was away. The day we were to return home, she called me aside and said that for the past few nights, something had definitely happened for the better. Not only had she gone back into her bedroom and slept soundly, but she had lost all concerns of her husband being unfaithful.

A week after we had returned to Gulgong, Linda phoned me to say she had just heard from Sue. Sue’s husband had come home a day or two before, and they had had a huge sharing. After Sue shared what she had thought, concerning her husband’s unfaithfulness, he confessed that he had prepared an apartment down towards Newcastle because he was convinced that Sue was having an affair, and had planned to leave him.

Sue had told Linda that after that sharing, she and her husband returned to the bedroom like they were newly weds.

From that time on, Linda informed me, they had no further events of a negative nature.

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