Joyce had been so taken by the encounter we had with her nephew, from the last Encounter, that she went searching for, and found, an old friend who used to do medium-ship work in Sydney. Joyce and her husband Mark invited this medium to visit for a few days and on her arrival, I was invited to join them for a meal and a Circle.

I arrived in the late afternoon of the day the medium arrived and Joyce, Mark and myself shared our interpretation of the encounters we had been having, especially the encounter with Joyce’s nephew.

This medium explained that she had never come across such a ‘system’ as we had encountered, rather she would go into a full trance and then she would allow a particular soul’s energy to enter her.

This medium had also brought along with her a female friend who hero worshipped this medium, to the point that it became uncomfortable as we moved into the evening and then dinner time.

After the scrumptious meal Joyce had made for us all, and with some gentle coaxing, we opened up a Spiritual Circle. As we had gained more confidence in forming our Circles, Spirit would inform me when the Circles were fully attuned or when we may have been a little off our guard. This night the energy was definitely off guard, thanks to the medium’s friend, but after almost a half hour extra meditating, the Peace necessary was created. I could sense the energy gradually growing in the Circle and noted that though it was quite good and no hairs were standing out on my neck, it certainly was a different sensation in the room to our usual circles.

I watched as the medium slowly drifted into a tranced. Her breathing was very slow and she was definitely in a peaceful and still state. Then slowly she began to rise slightly in her chair as she changed from a very quiet and sombre, middle aged woman, into a very youthful and almost hyperactive young man. In trance state, she took on this teenager’s personality, scratching and itching constantly, moving about in the seat, eyes darting around frequently and distracted when the questions didn’t suit him. I was convinced that this was a definite trance. Not just because of the woman’s ‘acting’ but because I had my Guides telling me so. Though I was uncomfortable with the process, I was also mesmerised by it.

Initially the medium’s woman friend started to ask trivial questions of the lad, like what’s the weather like in Heaven and had he met God yet, to which the youth stayed silent.

Then Joyce, sensing the uncomfortable situation, asked this youth his age, his country and could he describe for us the landscape. From these questions we were able to gleaned that he was from either rural France or England at the time of the Black Plague. He was about thirteen or fourteen, didn’t have family and lived in the fields to escape the authorities. He would sneak into the towns late at night and eat the scraps that were left in the streets for the rats. He said he had pet rats and they helped him find food. He wore cut down left overs that were thrown out from the rich as clothing, but mostly ran naked. In the winters he would find open windows in basements or barns and would keep warm there. It was also obvious, from the way he dodged some of Joyce’s questions that he wasn’t a complete innocent. Robbing and pick pocketing were his forte he said, especially amongst the very rich who owned carriages. He said his greatest trick was to steel the oil out of the lamps at the back of the carriages, where they had them, and use the oil to stare fires to keep warm in the winter.

It didn’t take too much of an imagination to understand how he died. The incessant scratching would have been from his flea infestation, the carrier of the Black Plague.

I felt uncomfortable with the whole event because there was no attempt made to release the lad, who I was sure was a lost soul. I was a guest in the presence of a medium whom was placed well above our encounters and our statue, simply because she had ‘been very big in Sydney’. Such was the insistence of the medium’s friend.

It’s true that I went with an open mind and was hoping this medium might give me a few pointers, but as the reality hit me, I realised that I was the ‘Knowledged One’ in the room. At least the Guides instructing me were.

The session ended, the medium came out of her trance, the youth returned to his bug ridden rats and we had a cup of tea as the medium’s friend rattled on incessantly about her friend’s channelling.

The next morning I returned to Mark and Joyce’s for morning tea and a general chat with the medium. I asked her how she had felt, after she had come out of the trance and she said she was very drained and tired, hence why she had gone to bed early the night before. She said she hadn’t been doing much trance work because of the after effects from some of the ordeals she had to go through. I asked in my innocence, should she feel tired and drained if her protecting Highest Guides had sanctioned the source she was channelling, for which I was severely admonished by her bubbly friend?

Later, when Joyce and Mark had taken the bubbly one out into the garden, the medium approached me and we had a very good and long chat.

She asked me how much I knew of trance work and I embarrassingly said very little, other that what came into my head.

She asked me what I thought of the encounter the night before and I confirmed my belief to her that the event was genuine, but that I was concerned at how she would know which souls were genuine and which ones were lower level entities.

She said that she has always used the White Light in her Meditations before such encounters, but that over time she wondered if she was fully protected. I blurted out (Spirit through me often does this) that her Guides weren’t strong enough against the energies people brought to her performances asking for a ‘show’.

I also voiced my concern that we didn’t ask the lad, or at least his Guidance, if he wished to be released from that repetitious past. She said she hadn’t ever thought about that, and added that my ‘Knowledge’ wasn’t coming from human sources. At her request, we went into the meditation that Spirit had previously showed me, which I call the three fives Meditation:

It is a series of five deep and slow breaths. The first five to relax, the second five to attune to the Highest Spirit Energy and the third five is the state of total openness to Spirit of the Highest Order.

Being a quick meditation means that lower entities soon get a short shift from the Higher Angels that are called upon to Guide us.

After exiting the meditation, she seemed to be a totally different person with more vigour and life than before.

She then said she could see a huge positive energy around me when I spoke, and that I would be doing a huge amount of psychic work within a few years. She also said I would be moving further north, though she didn’t specifically say Queensland, which is where I ended up.

The last I heard of her was she had not only stopped doing trance work completely, but that she had stopped doing all psychic work, which is quite sad as she was a very good medium.



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