Those of you who have been following my Encounters, will recall from The Wiradjuri Man that those happenings started after my visits to a couple out on the Old Barney’s Reef road in Gulgong NSW back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Because of the sensitivity of the Aboriginal man at the gum tree, the releasing of the lost souls and the whole Kadaicha matter, and in respect to the couple, who were of Aboriginal heritage, we rarely discussed Aboriginal subjects.

Joyce, her husband Mark and I would regularly hold a psychic circle in their home and often received interesting instructions from Spirit, particularly as to how to hold a Spiritually Guided Circle.

On one occasion, while visiting Mark and Joyce I psychically sensed there was a spiritual presence in the house, particularly around Joyce. We asked Spirit to checked her aura and were told she had an angry and aggressive male spirit energy around her. Joyce was mildly shocked to think there had been interference, considering she prided herself in her particular White Light protection.

It was when I started to describe the character in spirit that she really was shocked. The description Spirit was giving was of a young man who Joyce said sounded like her brother’s son who had been killed some years earlier in a bike accident. Joyce had heard that both her nephew and his girl friend had been decapitated in the accident in New Zealand.

Joyce began to address her nephew as if he were there in the room, and instructed him to go to the White Light. When he became more aggressive, she backed off.

Being confused and upset, she asked me to try and communicate with him. After entering a very deep meditative state, my Guides through me started to talk to him.

They asked him to explain where he felt he was, how long he’d been there and why specifically he’d come to Joyce and Mark.

I was sensing, from Their questions, that They were trying to get him to sort out his ‘thinking’. It was as if his confusion was due to his having separated matters into individual boxes, and none of them were making sense to him.

We were almost into a hour of this interaction when Joyce noted a strange energy build up. I didn’t sense anything till suddenly I received this incredible sudden jolt that had me dazed and a little shocked.

I looked over at Joyce and in total amazement she said, “My nephew. He just punched you.” Though I was aware something dramatic had happened, there were no serious side effects.

Unsure what to do next, the three of us immediately moved away from him, back to the Circle protection, and waited further instructions from Spirit.

Joyce got the message that ‘Peaceful Souls’ around her nephew had told him They were happy to help him, but if he wasn’t interested in cooperating, They would have him removed from contact with us till such time as he was willing to behave properly.

She then said that we were to break the circle, have a cuppa and to wait Their further instructions.

About a half to three quarters of an hour later, the three of us felt we were to re open the Circle.

Joyce’s nephew was there and far more settled than he had been, but still angry. It was suggested that I stay away from him, and I left the encounter to Joyce and Mark.

He told Joyce that he couldn’t go to the Light till he had found his girl friend. Mark said he could hear the girl friend from somewhere in the Light calling to him, but he was still chatting away to Joyce.

Joyce interrupted her nephew and asked if he could hear her calling to him,

“Of course I can. Her voice had been driving me mad. I search and search but I can’t find her. That’s why I talk over her cause it’s so painful not being able to find her.”

“Have you looked up?” Mark asked.

“Don’t you think I’ve already tried that? Don’t you think I would already have looked up there for her? It was the first place I looked.”

“Didn’t you see her there when you looked up?” Joyce queried. How could he not see her?

“Well of course not,” He replied angrily, “Or I’d have gone to her.”

“Then why is it she can see you, and you can hear her, but you can’t see her?” Mark asked simplistically.

“How do I bloody well know,” his anger increasing, “You’re the one with the answers, you tell me.”

“It is your anger,” My Guides, through me, stated quietly. “Her Guides won’t let you anywhere near her while you are in a state of anger. You would unintentionally damage her.”

It was the first time my Guides, through me, spoke to him after his attack on me. I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

At first he stayed silent, then replied, “Well I have every right to be angry. One minute she is there with me, the next thing I know, I have lost my bike and she has gone.”

“Are you aware you were both killed in a biking accident in New Zealand?” Joyce interjected.

“What? Bullshit,” he replied angrily. “If I’m dead, how come there are no angels around me, just this pitch black night.”

“It is because you won’t accept the obvious.” Joyce, who had slipped into a trance state continued. “I’m your aunty, Mark is your uncle, Pete is a friend. We are all psychics. We are channelling the very Angels you’re looking for. They can’t get near you until you accept you’re no longer in the physical world. Stop fighting them, in your thought, and you will be free.”

“The darkness is of your own making.” My Guides and I.

“We’re in Australia now, not New Zealand, and it is now five years since you lost your bike and your girlfriend.” Mark interjected.

“Is this true?” He asked Joyce.

“Yes it is.” She replied with tears in her eyes. “You both died in that tragic bike accident in New Zealand.”

He went silent.

“It is definitely true.” Mark added with genuine reassurance. “Why would we all be lying to you?”

“OK, then what am I supposed to do?” He said finally.

“Close your eyes and take some long, deep, peaceful breaths.” Joyce copied the very same meditation we had both been given by Spirit that we used when starting our Circle Meditations.

For at least a half hour, both of us in trance form, worked with him as he started to let all his fears, hurts, and sadness lift away. It was slow, tiring and quite a few times repetitive, as he slowly trusted that we weren’t ‘leading him down a strange path’.

At times we wondered if we wouldn’t have to come back another day, and do this all over again, so redescent was he.

I then had the sensation he was starting to slowly open his eyes and look upwards.

That was when we both felt a tingling sensation and a deep emotional feeling.

Joyce burst into tears, and it was all I could do not to join her.

“He can see her, he has found her.” Joyce blubbered, tears rolling down her cheek.

Slowly we felt him ascending towards her in the light, till he had finally gone.

The room was electric with emotion and there wasn’t a dry eye amongst the three of us.

A week later, I called back to their place and during the discussion Joyce sensed something was happening in spirit and so we opened a Circle and tuned in.

Her nephew was back holding the hand of his girlfriend. She was nursing a baby. They were both dressed in white and we were told they had just been married.

Joyce didn’t known that the girl had been pregnant when she had passed over from the accident.

It was not unlike the encounter in the movie Ghost where Patrick Swayze’s character leaves Whoopee Goldberg and Demi Moore for the last time.

Some weeks later, Joyce phoned her brother and the father of this young man, who was quite sceptical of psychic matters, to tell him of our encounter. He hung up halfway through the conversation.

It was almost a month after that phone call that her brother’s wife wrote Joyce and Mark to say the phone call had shocked her brother so much that he couldn’t talk to anyone about it. She told Joyce it wasn’t common knowledge the girlfriend had been pregnant when she had died.

She further said that two days after Joyce, Mark and I had our final encounter with Joyce’s nephew, the young man had visited his father to say all was well.

Joyce’s sister in law said that since then there had been a massive change in the ‘air’ in their place. A sense of anguish, dread and sadness had completely lifted and that she and Joyce’s brother were working on slowly starting to re build their lives again.

If you wish to read the Continuance of My Encounters, and this one has been added to the bottom of the list, please go to:

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