On Thursday morning the 19th of July I received an email from Danny to say he had been in contact with Sam:

Danny: I got a message from Spirit to say that Sam would be with me at the time I started up my wood heater (Danny calls it Mr Squiggles because it looks a lot like the Australian kid’s TV character under the same name.)  They were right. He came right on dusk just as Mr. Squiggles puffed it’s first smoke. He started with an apology, and to thanks me for all that I had done for him in his life and wished he had taken more notice of what I had offered him Spiritually before his transfer to spirit. Then he complained because I had confused him with the windows:

Sam: I was in a hell of mix up with those windows Danny. I had no idea what widow I was supposed to go through. Did you mean Gooroolba, did you mean the Friendlies. What did you mean?

Danny: (I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what he was talking about.)

Sam: So for future reference for others you might be trying to help come across to here, best if you leave the windows out. They are right there with us when we’re talking to them so just give it to us straight.

Danny (I was totally in the dark. I thought I did give it to him straight, but I don’t think he was listening to me to much so I changed the subject and brought up the subject of love and relationships): So how’s Jill , do you have contact with her?

Sam: Yes, but it’s different now.

Danny: We never own anyone or their soul, they are free spirit like you. And Sam, as you know I’ve had many relationships and I still love them all in different ways. And I am thankful to them all for there involvement with me.

Sam: Yep I fully understand that now. I’ve leant a lot. It’s like a factory here and we are all in different department’s learning different sections of life. We see things different from here, looking down where you guys are. And there is a lot we do not see and just as well. Some of it is very dark.

Danny then continued his email to me:

Sam did say he sees me differently and is humbled with the light that surrounds me. He said he’ll be paying you a visit soon, if he hasn’t done so all ready, and looks forward to chatting to us both again some day soon. Jill and I chat from time to time and she thanked us very much for our work. She said we both knew her in another life, quite some time ago, and looks forward to working with us again.


After reading Danny’s email, which was first thing that morning, I became concerned that maybe Danny was hinting to me that the ‘window thing’ was, in so many words, a make up and that he may have doubted what I had said to Sam, but was being polite. So my plan, after my morning ablutions, dressing and breakfast, was to check with my Guides as to what to do next. I was sitting on the ‘throne’, so to speak, when I got a message from my Guidance that Sam wanted to chat. As soon as I’d done my ‘deed’, I returned to the computer and typed this session:

Pete: Good morning Sam

Sam: (Bit difficult to hear at first, then he ‘cleared his throat’) That you Pete

Pete: Yeah Sam. How are you?

Sam: Ok, but still a little confused. Nothing like I was though.

Pete: So glad you’re peaceful and rested.

Sam: Yeah that was a rotten time to go through. That definitely was hell. 24/7 reliving the same shit over and over. Like in a foetal position, not wanting to move. Just existing 24/7

Pete: Had an email from Danny, just finished reading it. Seems like you had a chat with him last night.

Sam: Yeah, I was telling how sorry I was for how I treated him. He was direct with me and I didn’t like it. But he was right.

Pete: Yeah, he mentioned that. He also said you didn’t like the windows cause it confused you.

Sam: Yeah, you could have done without that. Didn’t know where I was supposed to go. All confusion.

Pete: So was it the window at the hospital or the window to Switzerland?

Sam: No, no, no. Those other windows that you and Danny kept throwing up. Didn’t know where I was going.

Pete: As far as I know, Danny didn’t talk about windows. It was me.

Sam: (Quite adamant) No, no, it was Danny too.

Pete: So can you explain the windows. Can you expand a bit more?

Sam: He wanted me to step through into another place, but I wanted to stay where I was. It wasn’t the Switzerland one, and he wanted me to leave the room.

Pete: Did you stay where you were?

Sam: No cause he kept insisting I go to another window. You know how when he gets a bee in his bonnet he won’t let go.


Sam: I really wanted to stay in that same place. In that room. I could make it Bavaria or somewhere like that. Really pretty. Why would I want to move?

Pete: I am willing to bet my Kubota, and you know how much I’d miss that little machine, that the voice/person you had, driving you to move on, was neither Danny nor me.

Sam: (A little sparky, but friendly) What, are you saying I don’t know who I’m talking to.

Pete: Both Danny and I have given Angels, high level Spirits or Guides, They’re all the same, permission to use our voice and imagery if it will help you move on from that lonely place you were at when you first passed.

Sam: So who am I talking to now?

Pete: It is me and you should be able to tell the difference because when you’re actually chatting with Danny or me, we will seem more distant and unclear to the other ‘Pete’ and ‘Danny’.

Sam: Shit now you’ve got me confused.

Pete: When we seem clear and strong and you just know we are right, then you can bet you’re chatting with those ‘Communists’. (Laughter)

Sam: Damn I’ll never be allowed to forget that one. (Laughter)

Pete: Mate, I know nothing about the windows other than the hospital to Gooroolba, and the Switzerland ones. I had nothing to do with the Riviera one, and I’m sure Danny had nothing to do with any of them.

Sam: Well I was on this yacht, the Riviera, a very swanky place with topless girls, and partying, and drugs and all sorts of stuff. It was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. But Danny kept appearing and telling me I couldn’t stay there, and that I had to go through another window. He was really forceful about it, and stubborn as well. You were there, but not as forceful. You were leaving it to Danny because you were saying I was more likely to listen to him than to you.

Pete: Sam, this is what Danny and I have been doing for a long time now. We have been learning how to listen to ‘voices in our heads’ and discerning which ones are Truth and which ones were lies. It wasn’t your calling this time round, but maybe it will be in your next life.

Sam: Not sure I’m into any of that stuff yet. I just want to rest and enjoy this new existence up here.

Pete: I doubt you’ll be going anywhere fast for quite some time. Too much sorting out to do. But it is important for you to know that when Danny or I, or others that may come to you, make suggestions to you, like that ‘Danny’ on the boat, it’s probably not who you think it is at all, but Angels who are there 24/7 caring for you.

Sam: How do I know I can trust them?

Pete: From when you passed over from the Friendlies to now, how far have you come?

Sam: Oh a hell of a long way. I tried to explain that to you last time we chatted I think. It’s hard to explain. It’s not distance but growth. Knowing things, realisations, stuff like that.

Pete: You are opening your mind to other options compared to when you were down here?

Sam: Yes, definitely. Wouldn’t have gone anywhere near that stuff down there.

Pete: And do you think you did that on your own?

Sam: No, that’s where you and Danny and others kept prodding me.

Pete: Well I can guarantee you it wasn’t us. Keep listening to those ‘others’. They are leading you onwards and upwards.

Sam: So any of those that come into my head or appear to me, they’re all good and I should trust them?

Pete: To put it simply Sam, any voice or feeling that has you wanting to go against that moving on, wanting you to stay where you are, those voices are the ones you must ignore. They will have you feeling sad, feeling lonely and unable to brighten up in any way.

Sam: Then why did the one mimicking Danny, have me wanting to leave the Riviera? I was happy there.

Pete: Because you had to move on. Thinking back, I’ll bet you’re mind was not interested in expanding in those thoughts you mentioned earlier. The areas you wouldn’t normally have ventured into?

Sam: No way. I was happily enjoying a carnal wonderland (Laughter). Wow, got a lot to think about then haven’t I. Should have known coming to you I’d get bombarded with stuff (Laughing, but I felt Sam fading.)

Pete: I feel you’re starting to tire old mate. Do you want to continue?

Spirit: He’s gone, but he left very happy and smiling. Thank you Pete for your patience, and please pass this on to Danny. He needs to know he is the greatest friend Sam could ever have known.

Pete: Ok I will, my Friends in Spirit.

Oh and I had wanted to ask Sam if he’d been in contact with Gunther Nurse, and if he was the one moving the curtains, but I guess that will come next time, assuming there will be a next time.

Thank you all for what you’re doing for Sam.



  1. Hi, its Donna here, (Erics board)he sounds a lot better! Sounds like when you die you go to school! Thanks for the update interesting stuff


    1. Hi Donna, and thanks for the contact.
      Yes we’re getting to the end of the encounters with Sam for now. Not sure if we’ll hear much from him after the next two posts I have to go on him. Danny hasn’t heard from him for awhile either.
      In a way, yes we do go to a ‘school’ of sorts, but it is more like a debriefing process. We don’t have external teachers or schools, but instead, loose a lit of the info we’ve accumulated that wasn’t strictly true from a Spiritual perspective while we were down here. Things that are necessary for us while we are in the physical world, but not necessary for us ‘over there’.
      Very much appreciate your comments and glad you enjoyed the interaction between Sam, Danny and myself.


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