After my visit to Danny’s and our encounter with Sam, as recorded in my last Sam’s Blog, all went quiet.

I had expected an encounter from him on my way home, but nothing happened. Danny didn’t hear from him either.

It was a week later, Thurs 24th May at 5.30pm, as I was enjoying my Quiet Time with my Guides as the sun set that I felt his presence.

I checked with my Guides to see if this was actually Sam and They confirmed that it was him.

Pete: Hi Sam.

Sam: Hey Pete, is that you? (Very jovial)

Pete: Yeah mate, how’s it going?

Sam: Ah it’s wonderful. I took your advice and experimented with ‘imagination’ and it opened the doors for me. Just want to say thank you so much.

Pete: Oh mate that’s awesome. So very pleased to hear you’re as jovial as you are.

Sam: I had to let go of quite a lot of baggage, but knowing that it was weighing me down, it’s worth the release.

Pete: Great news Sam. You know that I couldn’t possibly have known what to say or what to suggest to you. It was my Friends up there in your wonderful new home that really did it all.

Sam: I’m not quite to that point yet. So if you say so. (Pause) Just wanted to say thanks to you and Danny for helping me. You have no idea how much you helped me.

Pete: Thanks Sam, and I’ll pass that on to Danny. He has man flu at the moment.

Sam: Yeah I thought there was something amiss with him. Tell him I’ll send some ‘magic’ his way (Laughs)

Pete: My God Sam, don’t tell me you’re into our shit? (Laughter)

Sam: (Laughter) Don’t know what I’m into. I took your advice and built my own ‘heaven’, you know, the Swiss scenery?

Pete: Yeah I remember.

Sam: Well I kept expanding on that imagery, and it became as real as if I was there.

Pete: So how is Switzerland?

Sam: Don’t know. (Laughter) Right now I’m on the Riviera, cruising in this magnificent boat, blond bombshells all around me. (More laughing)

Pete: Seriously?

Sam: Yeah. But it’s ok. No one’s complaining and I’m not being naughty….how could I be (The laugh I know Sam by without a doubt).


Sam: I’m burning out all the desires I was unable to have when I was alive, after Jill…died…. passed over. It’s like having everything you could possibly want or could dream of. Eventually the thirst dies, so I’m told.

Pete: Whose ‘telling you’?

Sam: Oh I forgot, I have lots of friends who came into my imaginary world. Some were no hoper’s but others are good people. Funny that when I wasn’t sure who I should trust, I had you three there in my mind, and without a word I knew which ones you’d recommend, that I could trust.

Pete: Three? Who were they?

Sam: You, Danny and Jill. (Pause) I’ve tried to chat with you and Danny, but They said you were both too busy, so I chat with your clones up here instead (Laughs).

Pete: Probably because we were sleeping.

Sam: Yeah that’d be right (laughter). You both have your strange sleeping patterns.

Pete: Yeah, except when certain persons, who will remain nameless, would bash on my mobile home and ask if I was awake, when that certain person knew I would have been having my Poppy Snooze. (Laughing)

Sam: (Laughing) Wonder who that could have been?

Pete: So to Jill. How’s that going?

Sam: Like I said, I’ve got to burn out all my desires and fantasies, a bit like a teenager leaving school and then partying till going to Uni. I’m heading to a kind of Spiritual Uni after I’ve cleared the slate and had fun.

Pete: Do you still have the feelings like when you passed over, or do you feel different? You sound different, like a pubescent adolescent.

Sam: (Broad laughter) Do I ? I never thought about it like that. (Pause) I guess I’m like a 18 or 20 year old, around that age. It’s not sexual or anything like that. Just the feeling of something new, like when you’re that age as a teenager. Very optimistic, keen, and alert.

Pete: Sam I’m so amazed. You doesn’t sound anything like you were when I last chatted with you.

Sam: Really, I guess that’s time for you.

Pete: Last time we chatted you were very low and quite adamant that you would have nothing more to do with  Jill.

Sam: Oh shit, that was years ago.

Pete: (I was about to ask if he meant in real time or just an expression when Spirit interjected)

Spirit To Me: Pete, in the physical world the days are determined by the rising and setting of the sun. In spirit, time is totally irregular. When Sam first entered his new world here, what he thought was a day was actually a month to you. Then this past week, where the intensity of learning, having fun and generally expanding in a more positive way, he feels like he’s experiencing years.

Pete: Sam, it’s less than a week from when I was with Danny and chatting at his place.

Sam: (Shock) Shit no. That was at least a year ago.

Pete: It’s the 24th of May, the same year you ‘died’. You ‘died’ the end of February and so to Danny and me you’ve only been gone less than three months.

Sam: (Totally Shocked) Bull shit.

Pete: True. But up there you have a different time zone and system, so I’m told.

Sam: Shit.  (Strange laughter, like the confusion has him completely off balance).

Pete: That’s why I was asking about Jill.

Sam: (After a long pause) She would be around me but only when I have bad days. Well, I haven’t had bad days for quite awhile. She’d be at a distance and encouraging but not as I had hoped she’d be. After awhile I’d start hearing her voice, encouraging me, confirming what you and Danny said and that I should trust you both. Sometimes when it seemed too much, she’d disappear for awhile. Then when I’d least expect it, she be back. Her voice that is. But it was more than a voice. It was that feeling I remembered her by, before she dies.

Pete: So is she there with you now?

Sam: No, she said she’d catch up with me once I start “Uni”. I think she may be one of my teachers, but I’m only guessing at that.

Pete: Teacher’s pet eh?

Sam: (Laughter)

Pete: Mate, I can’t believe you are so happy and contented. You were so lost when last we chatted. Danny and I thought you were heading for lost soul status, that is a soul that just refuses to ‘live’ in this new world.

Sam: When Danny said that about the 50/50, and you about taking the first steps, I really thought you were bull shitting me. The effort of just making that first step, and believing I could do anything was totally overwhelming.

Pete: But you made the move?

Sam: Yeah, I tried the window a second time and yeah you were right, I did have expectations the first time.

Pete: I assume you’re referring to the first time I got you to go to the window, at the hospital, and you ended up on the veranda at Gooroolba.

Sam: Yeah, that cruelled it for me. When Jill kept away from me, I had no reason to do anything.

Pete: Yeah mate, that’s when we thought we’d lost you to the ‘wastelands’.

Sam: Then when I tried the window, the second time and ended up in Switzerland, I felt different. Something had changed.

Pete: Did you go to Switzerland many times after that first time?

Sam: Once or twice at first. Then on about the third or fourth visit, I was looking out in the distance, and I could see Jill calling me from a mountain top. It was from then that I had a reason to move forward.

Pete: So was it a ‘happily ever after’ scenario?

Sam: Oh no. At first she seemed to disappear every time I got close to her. But then there were these other surprises ‘just around the corner’, the trips to the Riviera etc that distracted me, and I wasn’t as concerned not seeing her.

Pete: Oh, sounds disappointing.

Sam: No, no, it was great. She started coming to me as a voice and in feelings and that was all I could ever possibly need.

Pete: Even when you were ‘playing up’?

Sam: Haha no! That was something else. (Laughter)


Pete: I’m getting the feeling that we’re at the end of this chat old mate. Not sure if I’ll be having contact with you again, considering you’ve passed ‘the gate’, that’s what my Guides are calling it.

Sam: Yeah that’s possible. They tell me the less contact I have with my old ‘reality’ for awhile, the better it will be for my future journey.

Pete: Would love to know more, but your journey is far more important that what I’d like to know.

Sam: Jill said you’ll get what you need, you and Danny, once I’ve moved to the next lever. It seems this is important to pass on to you both so others can know what happens to them when they ‘die’.

Pete: Would very much appreciate that Sam, as I know would Danny.

Sam: Ok

Pete: Hope the journey continues to grow immensely for you mate. All the best.

Sam: Thanks. Hope I catch up with you later, but if not, thank you and Danny so much for what you did for me.

Pete: Our pleasure old mate.

Session finished 6.40 pm

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