For weeks, via emails and phone calls, Danny and I shared our serious concern for Sam. We hadn’t heard from him for quite awhile and both of us felt extremely uncomfortable about his statue in ‘his world’.
In particular, that he was slipping into a ‘place’ we both felt was anything but safe for him.

We had both tried contacting him at various time, but with very little result of a positive nature. Numerous times Danny had mentioned he felt we might get through to Sam if we got together, in the one place, and try to contact him as one voice.

So on the 18th May I travelled down to Hervey Bay and stayed overnight with Danny and his wife, with the intention of trying to see if the two of us together, in the same place, may have a chance of ‘bringing Sam around’.

To this point neither Danny or I had personally chatted, face to face of Sam, what we each were encountering or the little bits which are hard to transmit via emails or Messenger.

I had gathered a great deal of chat with Sam, because I had typed it as it happened in a trance state.

What Danny was getting was passed onto me via the emails, so I was unsure if Danny even believed what I was receiving, let alone what he may have got that could have been contradictory to what I got, but may have chosen not to share for fear of hurting my feelings.

All this was in my mind as we prepared for the night’s encounter.

Danny probably has a similar preamble to his thought that night, but I don’t dare ask him.

Anyway as the evening progressed and we sat around his wood burning heater, enjoying a glass or three of our favourite beverages, we mentally prepared ourselves for whatever may occur.

Initially there didn’t seem to be much of a ‘spark’ and I wondered if we had lost Sam altogether, never to hear from him again.

Again Danny reminded me of how Spiritual activity seemed to happen with him after sundown, and as we were in Danny’s Sacred Space, I affirmed to him that would make sense.

We joked that if Sam was going to join us, it would be then, because we were having Pizza, one of Sam’s favourite foods.

With the Pizza consumed, a few bottled ‘spirits’ under the belt and a wood fire at full capacity, we concentrated on connecting with Sam, or with Spirit if Sam didn’t show.

As we sensed the intensity of Spirit, in different ways, we both confirmed to each other that something was going to happen, and it felt like Sam’s energy was increasing.

I can remember Danny first made contact with Sam but Sam was reluctant to interact, as if he was simply there for the Pizza and drinks.

I can remember Spirit trying to encourage Sam to interact with us but it was hard going, all round. Both Danny and I felt a little low because we thought, after all the encounters we had had over the months, that Sam would have moved on a little more by now.

I remember Danny repeating to Sam, apparently what he’d said to Sam before, that it was a 50/50 thing and that Sam had to do his part.

It was at about this point that I started to go into conscious trance. I can recall Spirit through me saying Sam had to take the first steps, but then after that I have very limited recollection of what happened next. Of course we didn’t have a computer for me to record the interactions, so I’ve asked Danny for his remembrance of the events from this point on:

Danny’s Recollection: So as we sat having a sip or three, I got a glimmer of light and said to you “we have company”. 

You tuned in and quite quickly we both felt Stew’s presence. The Spiritual Energy was incredibly peaceful and strong.

You started to talk to him, to ask him questions so as to get a conversation going, but he was agitated and confused.

You were in trance state and you said to him, “Look around and tell us what you see?” He said he was still alone in a room, indicating he had shared this with you before.

You say to him, “Make this room into whatever you’d like it to be. Use your imagination and it will become the place of this image.”

He was very reluctant to do this, but with our coaxing, finally started to give it a try.

It was a very slow process and I think we both wondered if it wasn’t grinding to a halt.

You then said to Sam “Is there a window in this image you’ve created?”

He said there was, but was reluctant to go there.

I don’t remember much more, because I was getting distracted by Sam, who was in my ear. He said he was getting confused with what you were suggesting, about the window and the scenery imagery.

Pete’s Recollection: I have vague memories of Spirit, through me, encouraging Sam to try going to the window again, or maybe just getting motivated.

At the point where Danny was being distracted by Sam, I had an awareness that reluctantly, Sam had gone to the window and had been blasted by a beautiful view of a place like Switzerland or similar.

He could see high snow covered mountains, and specifically a steam train wandering through the valley far below as it wound along it’s track on the side of a mountain stream. It was a beautiful imagery that I could actually see as well. Sam was shocked and quite emotional, and then he seemed to fade.

Danny Continued: I could feel Sam fading and so I told him I’d be there to help him latter on if he wished. Not long after that he was gone.

You (Pete) and I went back to having another sip, and stocked up the fire. You thanked me and we thanked Spirit and you mentioned that this was a first for you for two to be interacting with someone in Spirit in this way.

It was to be the beginning of Sam’s release into his Heaven, but you’ll have to wait another two weeks for that part of the story.

Pete and Danny

9 thoughts on “SAM, DANNY AND I

  1. thanks Pete and Danny, i have been following your story for about a month or so, it has been fun and helpful. i especially love your movement into confirmation with each other. Pete can i ask how you distinguish between mind and spirit?
    loving always


    1. Hello Kira, and thank you so much for your kind comments. It takes quite a lot of practice and I’m constantly self doubting, because Spirit uses our imagination to communicate through. So it means getting used to the feelings when receiving info. A good means of practising is listening to some one giving out information. A news source is a good example. And then in your mind you ask your Self, if that is a truth, a falsehood or somewhere in between. This encourages discernment and perception. Of course you MUST start off by doing a regular Commitment meditation to your Guidance Team. In the very early posts at this very Blog, I gave an example of the one I use. Feel free to use regularly. It brings you closer to your Guidance Team, and Them closer to you. Again thanks for your support. I know Danny will read this later and will also wish for me to pass on his thanks. Pete


  2. Yep, I get a confirmation as a glimmer of light to know when I am on track, but will still check with Pete at times just to see if we are on track, and this is what we have been doing for years.
    I also thank you for your kind words. Danny


    1. Kira, this is Danny’s reply to your request. I messed it up when I tried to re post it to you. Anyway it’s the same Danny and what he says is how he and I confirm what we get from Sam.


  3. Yep, I get a confirmation as a glimmer of light to know when I am on track, but will still check with Pete at times just to see if we are on track, and this is what we have been doing for years.
    I also thank you for your kind words. Danny


  4. thank you muchly for your advice too. i am sure your aware but just to reaffirm this is a great guide.. guidance i feel it came just in time and confirming is maybe a step i will take in future times dependant on how far i move regards opening up. I hear a lot to trust your self and spirit, this can sometimes be hard when my mind is reaching for logic and something physical. i suppose light is physical. I can’t wait to hear how your mates doing!? sending love


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