Back in early July 2017 I posted this Blog which best explains all there is to know for a beginner when it comes to meditation as I have been Taught.
I’ve repeated it again for you all, and hope you enjoy.

So you’ve sat in the Lotus position, chanted or worded some phrase or mantra and all you’ve ended up with is a dry mouth and criticism for saying the wrong words.

Or you’ve sat up to an hour or more in total silence, either alone or in the comfort of others, and the best you have achieved is a snore that distracted the other members, or in the case of on your own, ended up having an early night’s sleep.

Does one meditation style suit all intentions?

It stands to reason that if you are using meditation to relax, clear the head and bring you into a state of mental peace for a mind that urgently needs calming, then the long hour or more meditation is perfect.

And if you wish to meditate in a Buddhist or Christian exercise, then again another meditation is at call. In the middle of one meditation I gave, to which a woman follower of drumming was invited by her well meaning friend, her sudden and very loud percussive din was the last thing appreciated by the other participants for that particular meditation.

What if you want to meditate to interact with the Higher Realm, be it the Virgin Mary through to Jesus himself, or to simply learn psychic development? What meditation is best suited.

For more than thirty years I have been teaching what Spirit gave me as the best means of interacting with the Highest Realm. It’s called the Three Five’s Meditation.

Like any meditation, of the quieter type, you start with a calm and peaceful environment and with the least possibilities of interruptions. With eyes closed and in as comfortable a seating position as suites you, start the meditation.



Breath in a long slow deep breath, hold the breath without straining, and slowly release the breath. Do this five times, each time relaxing your mind and without any intentions or expectations other than you are quickly calming your mind.

Once you have completed this exercise, open your eyes and be conscious of how you are feeling, how the room looks and how at peace you are. It is very rare that you’ll feel any changes at this point, but you are at least conscious of the observation.

Once you feel ready for the next step, you re do the meditation. The five breaths in, holding without straining, and release the breath. At the end you again open your eyes and observe if you feel there has been any changes. This time, you just might feel a small sense of a peace you didn’t notice before.

Again when you’re ready, try the same meditation a third time. At the completion again ask yourself how you are feeling. For beginners, on their first run through this Three Five’s Meditation there won’t be anything sensational happening. But you are on the road to disciplining peace into the deepest crevices of your mind. You’ve begun.

Often in our busy lives we don’t get much time to spend on regular meditations, so an ideal time, especially in the mornings, is when you have made yourself your first cuppa. Take a sip or two before each step, or after completion of each step, and don’t be concerned that your cuppa will go cold. It doesn’t take that long.

Even if you’re not into the psychic or spiritual side of life, the meditation is excellent at mine discipline and a great beginner for any other forms of meditation should you wish to try them.

That’s it. Easy. Once a day is ideal but at least three times a week is the bare minimum, especially in relation to the next step in Spiritual Development that I’ll show you in future blogs.

I would love to have you email me with questions, concerns, or any other comments arising out of this meditation, or meditations generally and I’ll answer them in a future blog, if there are enough of them.

Enjoy the meditation,



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