Before starting on this fortnight’s Blog, I’d just like to note that already a number of the predictions I posted the last two times have already occurred, but I don’t intend to indicate them to you. I have found from other sites that ‘interpretations’ can often be more distracting than if they are left to the reader to determine.

Feel free to re read what has been presented and if you wish to enquire on any of them, I’d be more than happy to respond.

If you have had premonitions, predictions or any psychic experience of a predictive nature and would like them posted at my site, please contact me via ‘comment’ section and I’ll happily post them for you.

Also Helen, from our group, has had another insight and with her permission, I am posting it as received. Thank you Helen:

“I see a war being fought in the woods, a combat involving two sides.

Throats being cut.

People creeping thru tall grass.

Hand to hand combat, all very unexpected, very quiet.

l don’t see to what end this is.

It seems senseless to me cause they are not after land.

They are moving toward something.

I feel it may be the US sneaking up on someone.”

As I began to put this Blog together the US Senate had blocked the budget, freezing Government money, and for a short time only the barest of essential services continued to operate.

Republicans decried the Democrats as if they were the wall stopping the truly elected President from carrying out his official duties by blocking the passing of this bill.

Yet the President, Congress and the Senate, which blocked the budget, are all controlled by the Republican Party. Had the group of Republicans not crossed the floor and voted with the Democrats, this bill would have been passed and money would have flowed immediately.

Wired into every aspect of the US Government, inclusive of members of both Houses, and in fact in all aspects of world Governments, are legal men and women advising, coercing and bending the will and wishes of what the people originally intended.

They don’t do this for free.

A week doesn’t go by that the American President isn’t in the news and mostly for outrageous comments made in relation to, well almost anyone who opposes him.

Recently, when accused of serious misconduct by a number of women, including claims he entertained prostitutes on a regular basis, it was said he had been advised not to comment on the matter, other than to say they were lying.

Who were his advisors and how much does their service cost the American people?

Shouldn’t the Head Of State of the US be setting an example of honesty, integrity, moral values and astute business practices, rather than paying huge sums of money to protect himself from being sued for defamation, lying, and undermining the prestigious position of President?

A few years ago Australia’s then Prime Minister Tony Abbott was questioned by an ordinary citizen in a Letter To The Editor column concerning whether Abbott was a dual citizen. Under Australian law, if you stand for political office you must show that you are not holding dual citizenship with any other country.

A number of stories were published in papers concerning the matter, but the PM dismissed them as a prank by an opposition party supporter.

The one group that should have jumped all over this matter was the Opposition Australian Labor Party, but they didn’t

During most of last year, quite a number of Parliamentarians were found to be dual citizens and so they lost their Seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Included in that list were members of all Australian Political parties, including the ALP.

When asked why they chose not to declare their illegal status under our Constitution to the Australia people via our Parliament, they all claimed they were legally advised not to.

Even when members of supposed honourable institutions are accused of wrong doing, as was the case involving clergy of Christian Churches charged with paedophilia, they were advised to seek legal advice and admit nothing.

Can you see the pattern I’m alluding to?

We have destroyed the very elements necessary for an honourable society.

Thieve, murderers, rapists, and every aspect of criminality now know that honesty is not the way of this new society. Admit nothing, seek legal advice.

Even the most honest of citizens, those who may well be innocent, are advised not to be truly honest for fear of the legal ramifications. Admit nothing, seek legal advice.

Had George Washington been a boy in today’s world, he would have been pilloried by the media, the authorities and the Churches, not for admitting to chopping down his father’s cherry tree, but for not seeking legal advice.

Aren’t we living in a time when the lie is more believed than the truth? When no one is encouraged or praised for being honest, forthright, genuinely sincere or righteous in the pure sense of the word?

A time when liars run countries, world economies and business houses, and who manipulate people, destroy God’s creation in it’s many forms claiming to ‘Praise His Name’, while creating their Anti Christian world with the support, advice, guidance and direction of the ‘the legales?

A time when those who make fortunes at the expense of those born into poverty are praised with awards, trophies and even made Citizen Of The Year in some instances?

A time when, if the Pharisee in Jesus’ Parable were here now, would not only be bragging his claim of being honourable to God and sin free, but be freely admitting to supporting tax collection, while gleefully admitting how he has stored his wealth in tax free havens all around the world.

Yes. We are truly living in the time of the Liar and the time of the Anti Christus.

Jesus and his teachings are long time gone.

He has truly ‘left the building.’

So who are people really praying to?

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